Winners 2012

In June 2012, Alex Emslie won £10,000 for his short 'The Boss', in the third RSFC. The competition challenged filmmakers to make a short film about 'The Boss'.

"It's an incredible feeling to have won the Short Film Competition. I'm massively happy that everyone's hard graft on the short paid off, it was a great shoot and I hope this means we can work together again soon."  - Alex Emslie, Grand Prix Winner

Grand Prix

The Boss

by Alex Emslie

"One 9-to-5er turns to office supplies to exact revenge on her boss."

The Boss is a really ambitious project, which takes an original idea and combines it with well judged editing, superb use of special effects, stunning cinematography and incredible attention to detail. The end result is a short film which manages to create a real sense of drama and wow its audience - a stunning debut and a deserved winner.

Judges' Commendation

The Devil's Apricot

by Jonathan Brooks

People's Choice

Going Up

by Francis Annan

Best Animation

How to Be Boss. What Plato Says!

by Tim Wilson


Boss Boot Camp

by Paul Cook


by Tom Edkins


by Alex Hinx

Man Up

by Carolina Giammetta

Mourning Rules

by Daniel Castella

Moynihan and The Boss

by Mat Laroche

My First Time

by Steve Lennon

Park Life

by Lee Parker

The Boss

by Mohan Subramaniam

The Wireless

by Mark Fitzsimons

Spider & Fly: Private Eye

by Oliver Smith