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VOCAL WARM UPS: Your Complete Vocal Warm Up Program

Simpliv LLC


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About this Course "This course contains all that you need to get going with vocal warm ups. It contains videos explaining what to do and why you need to do it plus the actual exercise warm ups (on a TVS training page which makes it easier!). These warm ups will not only prepare you for singing, they will also give you great voice training, they also have healing properties too. I like the idea that this course addresses the grey area on how to and how much to warm up your voice. It is simply organized and I am finding it easy to navigate through Some of the videos are different/new, they are more focused on the warm up process You do not have to wade through a lot of stuff just to understand what you need to do Already, I have an idea about what I need to do to be able to sing without tension/strain Thank you Coach Robert for doing this course, I think it is just what we needed. I hope that I am in the first 100 reviewers as I would love your full ebook" - Amanda Yates "I really enjoy the way you present the lessons. Your approach to vocal training is very easy to understand and to put into practice. It is unlike any vocal training I have had. I was a bit hesitant to join an online vocal training program, but I am so glad that I did! This has been such a pleasant and pleasing experience. Thank you Robert xxx" - Tambra Tiffany "Robert is a genius in vocal pedagogy. There's so much noise and BS in the vocal industry. But Robert is the real deal. He is so knowledgeable and effective in teaching voice. You can trust my opinion on this because I am a professional singer and vocal coach myself. If you love singing and wants to become a great singer, follow his method. You won't be disappointed." - Robert Sparks "There something distinctively refreshing about your training and coaching style with such passion and encouragement I haven’t seen this before , sets you miles apart from the rest . I really wanted to give up , but I can see glimpses of light now . Thanks for "kicking ass” see you Friday." - Wendy Dykes "After having been enrolled in another course instructed by Robert Lunte, I was thrilled when this second course Vocal Warm Ups: Your Complete Vocal Warm Up program was released. I am the first to admit that I am a timid singer, that without a good warm up I will squeak and break my voice left and right. This course, as well as the other have been godsends for me learning the right ways to warm up my voice! Robert is a great instructor who not only explains what you're trying to do but the why, leading to a course that is both informational and practical with exercises that will help more and more with every time I practice them." - Lisa M. Rice VIEW THE TESTIMONIALS FROM STUDENTS IN THE CURRICULUM BELOW. ( FREE PREVIEWS ) STOP PUSHING & STOP SQUEEZING ON HIGH NOTES! SET UP YOUR VOICE CORRECTLY! GET THE 4 MOST POPULAR VOCAL WARM UPS USED AROUND THE WORLD INCLUDES AS A BONUS, SPECIAL WARM UPS FOR VOCAL DISTORTION, GRIT, RASP AND VIBRATO! SPECIAL WARM UPS FOR CLEAN SINGING! GET A FULL 119 PAGE EBOOK FROM THE FULL COURSE OFFERING! CLEAR VIDEO EXPLANATIONS AND VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS FROM THE CREATOR. WEEKLY FACEBOOK LIVE Q&A FOR STUDENTS! REAL-TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAT SYSTEM! PERFECT ENGLISH CAPTIONS (NOT BOTS)! The TVS vocal training method is widely considered to be the most comprehensive and complete home study vocal training system ever developed for singers of all styles and levels of experience. Sold in over 175 countries. Enjoy this comprehensive vocal warm up course from the famous TVS vocal training program, now available to Simpliv students at an amazing price! With very clear, step by step instructions and video demonstrations of how to train your singing voice, VOCAL WARM UPS: Your Complete Vocal Warm Up Program is for any student that needs a quick access and effective vocal warm up system. We Train Vocal Athletes. This is high performance vocal training with effective results, no matter what your starting point is. What You Get When You Enroll: Real-Time customer service chat system where you can communicate with the course creator in person! Access to 119 page eBook inside the course. (Only Simpliv Singing Course with a Book) Training Workflow diagrams that give you a visual step by step guide on how to do the warm ups 53 High Definition videos of Robert Lunte demonstrating ALL the vocal workouts. Train over the videos! Vocal workouts that offer BOTH slow and fast versions Vocal workouts that offer BOTH male and female versions Guide files that allow you to train over a pre-recorded MIDI track to learn how the exercises go Notation of every workout for those that can read music and follow notes Learn the 4 most popular vocal warm ups used in the voice training industry.


This is not just our vocal warm ups, this is EVERY vocal warm up used in most vocal training studios The course includes a unique, quick access, external training page for the required workout files for training This is the world's most complete vocal warm up "toolbox". Enroll now, start following through Robert's explanations, and apply the practice techniques. See you on the inside! Basic knowledge Students need to have a basic understanding of English to understand the lessons in the program Students need a place where they can practice where they will not be distracted; home, car, training room, etc

What you will learn Vocal Warm Up techniques & routines How to set up your voice correctly for singing (STOP PUSHING & SQUEEZING ON HIGH NOTES) Special Warm ups for clean singing, distortion, grit, rasp and vibrato! This course will establish a foundation for all your voice training and singing that follows

Prepare for Your Training Establish a Foundation Cry Vocal Mode Your Primary Warm Up Routines Other Kinds of Popular Warm Ups Onsets Sirens Breathing Workouts View Testimonials From Students Extra Value!

Who is this course for?

Singers that are training vocal distortion, rasp, grit, high screams and vibrato effects, Students that need a warm up routine that they can train in the car, Baritones that need a foundation to begin training for high singing, Singers that need to improve their breathing for singing, Public speakers who want amplification and authority in their voices.

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