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If you’re interested in working as an Ultimate Photographer or want to learn more skills on Ultimate Photography but unsure of where to start, then this Ultimate Photography (All in 1) course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident Ultimate Photographer and develop more advanced skills.

The Ultimate Photography (All in 1)course will set you up with the appropriate qualifications and experience needed for the job and is ideal for both beginners and those currently working as an Ultimate Photographer.

Whether you are self-taught and you want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, this Creative Photography Masterclass course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident Creative Photographer and develop more advanced skills.

This comprehensive course is the perfect way to kickstart your career in the field of Creative Photography. This accredited course will give you a competitive advantage in your career, making you stand out from all other applicants and employees.

As one of the leading course providers and most renowned e-learning specialists online, we’re dedicated to giving you the best educational experience possible. This course is crafted by industry experts, to enable you to learn quickly and efficiently, and at your own pace and convenience.

How Will I Benefit?

  • Boost your career in Creative Photography
  • Deepen your knowledge and skills in your chosen field just in hours not years!
  • Study a course that has been designed by industry professionals.
  • Save money and time by studying your convenient time
  • Have access to a tutor whenever you are in need

So, what are you thinking about! Start getting the benefits by enrolling today!


20 CPD hours / points
Accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group

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Ultimate Photography (All in 1) Course Accredited By Qualified Professionals

Why Choose Lead Academy:

  • Lifetime Access
  • High-quality e-learning study materials
  • The UK and globally recognised qualification
  • Self-paced, no fixed schedules
  • 24/7 customer support through email
  • Available to students anywhere in the world
  • No hidden fee
  • Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform

This Ultimate Photography (Course is a popular training course, ideal for anyone who is looking to kickstart their career as an Ultimate photographer, as well as professionals who want to test their existing skills and knowledge. If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of Photography, then this program is perfect for you.

Our online courses come with lifetime access with no time limit for completion. Each course is fully accessible from a tablet, mobile or laptop, as long as there is a secure internet connection.

We pride ourselves on our supportive network of dedicated instructors and attentive customer service team who are dedicated to assisting you through your learning journey. Contact them at any time via email should you have any questions or queries.

Course Syllabus:

We have divided the Ultimate Photography course into 280 user-friendly modules, covering all fundamental areas of Ultimate Photography (All in 1) to provide learners with the relevant skills and industry knowledge to take their career to the next level.

This comprehensive Ultimate Photography Course includes the following modules:

Introduction To Photography

  • Introduction to the Photography Masterclass
  • How Does a Camera Work
  • Lecture Types

Photography Exposure

  • Intro to Exposure
  • What is Aperture
  • What is Shutter Speed
  • What is ISO
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Reading a Histogram
  • What is an Exposure
  • Exposure Modes

Digital Photography Masterclass

  • Intro to Composition
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Negative Space
  • Leading Lines1
  • Symmetry and Balance
  • Perspective and Angles
  • Backgrounds1

Focus and Depth of Field

  • Intro to Focus and Depth of Field
  • Understanding Depth of Field
  • How to Get a Blurrier Background
  • Manual vs Auto Focus
  • Auto Focus Modes1
  • What is Bokeh

Camera Anatomy

  • Intro to Camera Anatomy
  • The Main Camera Features
  • Camera Scene Modes
  • File Types and Formats
  • DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras
  • The Sensor
  • Continuous and Burst Modes
  • Resolution and Quality

White Balance and Color in Photography

  • Intro to White Balance and Color
  • What is White Balance
  • The Kelvin Light Temperature Scale
  • Automatic Balance Modes
  • Using Colors Creatively
  • Black and White Photography
  • Advanced – Custom White Balance

Lighting - Photography

  • Intro to Lighting
  • Using Natural Light
  • Using Natural Light a Window
  • Using Artificial Light
  • Using the on Board Camera Flash
  • Using an External Flash
  • Using a Light Kit
  • Creative Lighting

Mobile Photography

  • Intro to Mobile Photography
  • Using a Smartphone Camera
  • Exposing Properly With the Smartphone Camera
  • Mobile Camera Accessories
  • Using Portrait Mode

Photography Equipment - Cameras

  • Intro to Cameras
  • Camera Types
  • What is Your Budget
  • How and Where to Buy a Camera
  • What is the Best Beginner Camera
  • How to Build Out Your Camera Kit
  • Introducing Our Chats

Photography Equipment - Lenses

  • Intro to Lenses
  • A Deeper Dive into Focal Length
  • A Deeper Dive Into Aperture
  • Primes vs Zooms
  • Lens Stabilization
  • Filter Demonstration
  • Speciality and Creative Lenses
  • How to Clean Your Camera Lens

Photography Equipment - Accessories

  • Intro to Camera Accessories
  • Memory Cards
  • Batteries
  • Stabilization
  • Flashes and Lights
  • Camera Bags
  • Hard Drives

Photo Scenario - Portrait Photography

  • Intro to Scenarios
  • Intro and Tips for Portrait Photography
  • Portrait Photo Demo
  • Photo Scenario - Long Exposure Photography
  • Intro and Tips for Long Exposure Photography
  • Daytime Long Exposure Demo
  • Nighttime Long Exposure

Photo Scenario - Landscape Photography

  • Intro and Tips for Landscape Photography
  • Landscape Photo demo

Photo Scenario - Product Photography

  • Intro and Tips for Product Photography
  • Product Photography with Lights
  • Adding a Reflection
  • DIY Light Box
  • Editing Product Photos

Photo Scenario - Low Light Photography

  • Intro and Tips for Low Light Photography
  • Low Light Demo

Photo Scenario - Sports & Action Photography

  • Intro and Tips for Sports and Action Photography
  • Sports Photography

Photo Scenario - Macro Photography

  • Intro and Tips for Macro Photography
  • Macro Photography Demo

Photo Scenario - Street & Architecture Photography

  • Street Photo demo

Photo Scenario - Events Photography

  • Intro to Event Photography
  • A Chat About Event Photography
  • Bring the Right Tools
  • Be Aware of Your Surrounding

Photo Scenario - Aerial Photography

  • Intro to Drone Photography
  • Our Recommended Drone Equipment
  • Drone Tips
  • Drone Demo

Photo Scenario - Night Photography

  • Intro and for Night Photography
  • Night Photo Demo

Intro to Photo Editing

  • Intro to Editing
  • Activity – Photo Editing

Photoshop CC in Photography

  • Intro Photoshop
  • Opening Photos in Photoshop CC
  • Cropping in Photoshop CC
  • Tone Curve in Photoshop CC
  • HSL and Grayscale in Photoshop CC
  • Split Toning in Photoshop CC
  • Lens Corrections in Photoshop CC
  • Full Portrait in Photoshop CC
  • Cropping in Photoshop CC

Lightroom Classic CC in Photography

  • Intro to Lightroom Classic CC
  • Crop and Rotate Lightroom Classic CC
  • White Balance in Lightroom Classic
  • Exposure in Lightroom Classic CC

Lightroom CC in Photography

  • Intro to Lightroom CC
  • Import and Organize in Lightroom CC
  • Crop and Rotate in Lightroom CC
  • Color Mixer in Lightroom CC
  • Effects in Lightroom CC
  • Split Toning in Lightroom CC
  • Details in Lightroom CC
  • Full Edit – Portrait in Lightroom CC

Mac Photos in Photography

  • Intro to Mac Photos
  • Importing and Organizing Mac Photos
  • Cropping and Rotating in Mac Photos
  • Exposure Adjustments in Mac Photos
  • White Balance in Mac Photos
  • Color, Saturation, HSL in Mac Photos
  • Exporting in Mac Photos

Google Photos - Photography

  • Intro to Google Photos
  • Importing and Organizing in Google Photos
  • Downloading and Sharing in Google Photos
  • Full Edit – Macro in Google Photos
  • Full Edit – Landscape in Google Photos

Photoshop Express in Photography

  • Intro to Photoshop Express
  • Editing Photos in Photoshop Express
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Saving and Exporting in Photoshop Express
  • Creating Collages in Photoshop Express

Snapseed in Photography

  • Intro to Snapseed
  • Cropping
  • White Balance
  • Details and Sharpening
  • Tone Curves
  • Rotate, Perspective and Expand
  • Snapseed Photo Styles
  • Text and Frames
  • Saving and Exporting
  • Full Portrait Edit

Sharing Your Photos in Photography

  • Intro to Sharing
  • Online Platforms for Photographers
  • Having Success on Instagram
  • Creating a Portfolio with Wix

Starting a Photography Business

  • Intro to Starting a Photography Business
  • Starting a Photo Business
  • Finding Your First Client
  • Payments and Accounting

Selling Stock Photography

  • Intro to Stock Photography
  • The Best Stock Photos Sites to Sell on
  • Selling Stock Photography on Your Own
  • How Licensing

Printing - Photography

  • How to Print Your Photos
  • How Big Can You Print Your Photos
  • Framing

Wildlife Photography

  • Intro and Tips for Wildlife Photography
  • Wildlife Photography Demonstration
  • Photo Chat – Sam’s Archipelago Trip


On successful completion of the Ultimate Photography (All in 1) course, you will be eligible to obtain a verifiable certificate as proof of your new qualification. This means that you/your employer can verify your qualification through our website. Certificate can be obtained in PDF version at a cost of £10, and there is an additional fee to obtain a printed copy certificate which is £24.

Who is this course for?

Ultimate Photography (All in 1) Course Accredited By Qualified Professionals

This comprehensive course is suitable for anyone looking to improve their job prospects or aspiring to accelerate their career in this sector and want to gain in-depth knowledge of Ultimate Photography (All in 1).

This Ultimate Photography (All in 1) course is felicitous for those, who want to be the best in their jobs.

Whether you are completely new to the field or are an aspiring professional, the Ultimate Photography (All in 1) course will help open doors to a wide range of professions within your chosen field, helping you to stand out to employers with an accredited qualification that can be used to enhance your CV.


Ultimate Photography (All in 1) Course Accredited By Qualified Professionals

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this Ultimate Photography (All in 1) course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.
  • As long as you are aged seventeen or over and have a basic grasp of English, numeracy and ICT, you will be eligible to enroll.

Career path

This Ultimate Photography (All in 1) course opens a brand new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also provides you with the chance to accumulate in-depth knowledge at the side of needed skills to become flourishing in no time. You will also be able to add your qualifications to your CV, enhance your career and become more competitive in your chosen industry.

Questions and answers

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peter asked:

Can this course be printed at home or is it only online.


Dear Peter, This ultimate photography bundle is a self-paced online course and it comes with lifetime access with no time limit for completion. Each course is fully accessible from a tablet, mobile or laptop, as long as there is a secure internet connection. Regards, Help Desk

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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