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End date: 26/04/2020

Additional info: two blocks of four days Manchester module 1 January 9th, 10th, 11th 2020 January 12th 2020 Manchester module 2 April 23rd, 24th , 25th 2020 April 26th 2020

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The NLP Master Practitioner Coach is the ultimate course in NLP, offering advanced NLP techniques that can help you excel in every area of your life.

The NLP COE Master Practitioner certification is one of the most comprehensive and in depth Master Practitioner courses in the world, thus offering tremendous value to you as a learner.
NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION Becoming a Master of Perception – See Inside the Minds of Others

Advanced Body Language – being able to read and sense minute shifts in emotion, thoughts and feelings
Spot dishonesty and internal conflicts in others
Spot in congruence
Micro Expressions – read micro expressions, masked expression and emblematic expressions on the face
Reading group dynamics. Who is alpha, who is peacemaker who is the outsider?
Meta Programs, Values and Beliefs

Predicting behaviour and reactions of others with consistent accuracy
Tailor your communication to have maximum effect.
Learn how to use other people’s beliefs, values and meta-programs
Freeing Yourself from the Past – Time Line Re-patterning

Techniques to remove any kind of negative feelings and imprints from childhood
Techniques to change your relationship to yourself, to increase compassion, self-love and self-esteem
Techniques and tools to change negative behaviours and habits
Advanced Anchoring – installing powerful emotional states in yourself and others, collapsing negative emotions, controlling your emotions,
Belief Change Methods and Techniques
Conflict negotiation – creating harmonious and happy relationships.
Creating a Compelling Future – Priming the Unconscious Mind for Success

Tools and techniques to program the unconscious mind for future success, happiness and personal power
Advanced NLP & Coaching Skills

Have the flexibility to operate within different frameworks to achieve the desired results (spiritual, biological, conceptual, neurolobiological, and psychological) and switch according to the clients’ beleif system
Moving away from set techniques and practice free-flowing, creative and intuitive NLP work.
Learn how to put together whole-form coaching sessions
How to work based on the client in front of you – not based on the manual or book of techniques or scripts
Develop your unique individual style as a coach
How to be a powerful coach that makes a difference to people’s lives

Discovering your personal life metaphors and metaphors of identity
Understanding how your metaphors are intimately connected to your life path and your personal destiny
Understanding what impact your operational metaphors have on your behaviour and personality
Alternative realities – psychoactive metaphor work (shamanism, guided journey) for those who are interested

Discovering Your Personal Hero’s Journey
Helping others change through an understanding of their Hero’s Journey
Understanding our personal life challenges and why people show up in our lives. Both good and bad.
Discovering your personal dominant narratives
Learning how to release dis-empowering narratives and replace them with a different story – a story that will help you be authentic, true, empowered and happy

Exploring your life contracts – why you have the experiences you have, and meet the people you meet – what they are here to teach you and how to finally release suffering from your life
Discovering your Archetypal Guides and how they inform your personality, and shape your destiny
Working with archetypes to develop powerful new skills and abilities

Leadership modules, including the matrix of leadership

Learn to see what unconscious leadership styles are in place (collaborative/ coercive / self/ other and what meta-programs are dominant)
Understand how to tell the unspoken hierarchies of any group within a few seconds of entering the group (bar, meeting, boardroom, office, pub)
Know how to adapt within seconds to operate within that style
Understand to position yourself in the hierarchies to give you most success
Systemic understanding of groups and group culture
Evolution of systems of behaviour, beliefs, and values creating societies –
Systemic thinking – enabling you to gauge which one is operating in any organisation or group and adapt accordingly to get the best results from that group


What you will learn

NLP Modelling

Modelling as the foundation skill of NLP

The modelling state for unconscious uptake

Transfer patterns of excellence through a personal modelling project

Set filters for efficient and safe uptake of patterning

Code patterns of excellence for teaching to others

Advanced Linguistic Models

Updated sleight of mouth patterns for masterful linguistic reframing

Linguistic re-sourcing to activate resources purely linguistically

Temporal language to layer change

Logical levels for maximising leverage

The ‘Beyond Words Model’ for linguistic interventions

The language of meta programmes to work with filters

Unconscious sorting

Values/criteria and how they influence everything we do

Values intervention - elicitation and creating interventions at a values level for powerful change

Pattern detection and meta programs - calibrating and utilising deep rooted patterns that people are unaware they have

TimeLine Re-Patterning

Working with spatial and visual TimeLines

Working with the metaphors presented by clients in their personal history

Re-imprinting process – for helping the client to move on from deep rooted issues

Utilising the unconscious mind for tracking and working with past orientated representations

NLP for presentations

How to use NLP to engage an audience with confidence

Peak states for presenters

The Breakthrough Sessions and Coaching models

A coaching model for working with a client on a ‘life chunk’ e.g. career, business,

Taking a personal inventory from a client and understanding the leverage points for change

How to create a major life change in four hours

How to create follow up sessions and a maintenance schedule so the changes are long lasting

Who is this course for?

employees seeking advancement

business and life coaches

business management consultants


business owners and entrepreneurs

senior managers and directors

sales professionals and business developers

HR and L&D professionals

sports coaches and athletes

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