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The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home

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Take a Video Tour of my Home Room by Room. See the Inside Story. Discover How I Create Calm & Focus Despite my ADHD. Learn Tools to Create Your Organised Home.

Tackle Your Clutter & Get Organised. Tour my Home and See How I Create a Calm & Grounded Home with ADHD Friendly Tools

  • Are you a creative ADHD business mum struggling to stay afloat, and sinking too fast?
  • Is your home in a constant state of disorganised chaos?
  • Do you beat yourself up why you cant get your act together like everyone else?

I know that you spend ages and ages searching for stuff that seems to disappear into thin air. I know how much you beat yourself up. I know how anxious you are when you can't find your stuff, and when you go out and buy yet another duplicate item...and find what you were looking for just after you have thrown away the receipt…

I know because these things happen to me every day. I know what goes on inside your home because I have ADHD just like you. Us ADHD women are a unique tribe. I have struggled my entire life to become just like everyone else. I have failed miserably. I learned the very hard way that I need to accept who I am, and work with my unique ADHD deficits to become the best version of myself. Its sink or swim, no other way.

In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn the fundamentals of getting organised with your ADHD.

In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn tools to tackle your clutter & get organised. In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will come and visit my home. You will see how I have managed to create a calm & grounded home even with my ADHD.


On the outside I look the picture of efficiency and organisation. Only another woman with ADHD understands the truth. Only I know the mammoth herculean effort that I need to put in to reach at least the same level of organisation as "those efficient women" out there, EVERY DAY.

In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will NOT learn how to create a spotless, immaculate and spartan home! Those homes don’t exist…Those homes exist only in the film sets.

  • In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn how to get rid of your lifelong guilt and shame surrounding your clutter and mess.
  • In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn how your brain development affects your clutter.
  • In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn ADHD tools to declutter and organise your home.
  • In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn how to create your calm and grounded home environment.


  • Exceptional video training from world renowned Industry Expert
  • Neuroscience underpinning every ADHD tool
  • Proven ADHD methods not found anywhere else
  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • Email support Monday -Friday
  • Learn at your own pace – anytime, and anywhere


As an ADHDer you live daily with the intense pressure of being expected to excel, and constantly expecting to fail. You live with the crippling shame, and intense guilt and anxiety; feeling frazzled, and being clueless how to explain why your ADHD brain won’t focus to those who need to know is totally draining. In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will learn how your brain development contributes to your difficulties. In The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home you will be empowered with tools access your potential. Success is easy when you have learned the The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home.



4h 9m
    • 1: Lesson 1. An Expert Makes Their Subject Sound Easy 01:33
    • 2: Lesson 3. Its OK to Live in a Mess 01:32
    • 3: Lesson 4. Your Behaviour is Brain Based 27:02
    • 4: Lesson 5. The 3 Levels of Clutter 13:31
    • 5: Lesson 6. Clutter Basics 28:51
    • 6: Lesson 7. How to Get Started 14:12
    • 7: Lesson 8. Kitchen Facts 17:29
    • 8: Lesson 9. Tour my Kitchen 23:38
    • 9: Lesson 10. Create More Space 01:51
    • 10: Lesson 11. Store Items at Their Point of use 00:24
    • 11: Lesson 12. Mini Rubbish Centres 00:34
    • 12: Lesson 13. School Bags 00:25
    • 13: Lesson 14. Food Containers 00:30
    • 14: Lesson 15. My Space Creating Solution 02:13
    • 15: Lesson 16. Being Organised Saves Space and Frustration 00:30
    • 16: Lesson 17. Label Baskets and Shelves 00:17
    • 17: Lesson 16. Paperwork Facts 11:55
    • 18: Lesson 17. Watch how I Sort my Papers 10:52
    • 19: Lesson 18. Stationery 02:17
    • 20: Lesson 19. The Stapler 01:51
    • 21: Lesson 20. Your Post 00:30
    • 22: Lesson 21. Keep Wires Sorted 00:29
    • 23: Lesson 22. Label Baskets and Shelves 00:17
    • 24: Lesson 23. Mini Drawers 00:26
    • 25: Lesson 25. Clothes Facts 13:48
    • 26: Lesson 26. Intro 02:45
    • 27: Lesson 27. My Children's Clothes 13:25
    • 28: Lesson 28. Simple Baskets 00:21
    • 29: Lesson 29. Use all Your Cupboard Space 00:24
    • 30: Lesson 30. Drawer Dividers 00:40
    • 31: Lesson 31. How to Keep Clothes Separate Inside the Cupboard 01:15
    • 32: Lesson 32. Store Each Family Member's Clothes Separately 00:23
    • 33: Lesson 33. T-Shirts 00:33
    • 34: Lesson 34. Socks 00:46
    • 35: Lesson 35. Accessories 00:26
    • 36: Lesson 36. Scarves 00:28
    • 37: Lesson 37. Children's Underwear 00:28
    • 38: Lesson 38. Pyjamas 00:28
    • 39: Lesson 39. Bedding 00:23
    • 40: Lesson 40. Pack to Support Your ADHD 09:15
    • 41: Lesson 41. Watch how I Pack 01:44
    • 42: Lesson 42. Holiday Grounding Tips 00:58
    • 43: Lesson 43. The Handbag 04:05
    • 44: Lesson 44. Why I use 3 Handbags 02:09
    • 45: Lesson 45. Storage Facts 11:31
    • 46: Lesson 46. Your Family Needs Space 00:48
    • 47: Lesson 47. How I Hide my Mess 00:40
    • 48: Lesson 48. Conclusion 03:38
    • 49: Free ADHD Resources from Focus with Faigy 05:00 PDF
    • 50: Sample ADHD Coaching Topics 01:00 PDF
    • 51: Try - Creative Tools to Declutter & Organise With ADHD 07:39

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Tour my Kitchen




How I Fold Clothes





"Incredibly insightful and well structured presenter. I am so grateful for this course." Ann Kash

"Lovely course. Very simple and useful to me." Bushra Alnoman

Who is this course for?

ADHD MUMS - The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home is tailored as a self-help course for those who have ADHD and want to boost their mental health and increase their productivity at home and at work. The ADHD knowledge and tools found in

ADHD PROFESSIONALS - The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home supports professionals involved in the professional ADHD sector or who are interested in training as an ADHD Professional. The knowledge that you will learn in The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home will enhance your understanding of the daily struggles of ADHD mums. You will learn tools to support ADHD mums to lead successful lives.

The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home is designed to enhance your existing ADHD knowledge and expertise and boost your CV. Learn key ADHD skills and strategies in The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home and gain a certificate of achievement to prove your newly-acquired ADHD knowledge and skills.


The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home is appropriate for all students. There are no formal entry requirements. To study The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home all your need is a love for learning, a good understanding of English, numeracy and IT skills. You must also be over the age of 16.

Career path

The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home is the right course for anyone who wants to pursue their dream career in a professional career supporting women and mums with ADHD. Learn the ADHD skills you need to boost your CV and gain the confidence to pursue the ADHD niche that you are looking for.

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