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*** Teaching Mega Bundle | Premium Study Materials Included ***

*** Lifetime Access | Limited Offer ***

If you’ve always dreamed of working with children and want to learn the complete skill set which will help you succeed in a range of teaching roles, the Teaching Mega Bundle course has been designed by our training experts to help you on the path to career success.

The Teaching Mega Bundle course includes the 20 essential courses, all bundled together for one bargain price. By enrolling on the Teaching Mega Bundle course, you will gain the professional skills and knowledge needed to become an amazing teacher and follow your dream career path.

Whether you’re interested in teaching English, teaching phonics, primary teaching, nursery teaching, working with SEN students, or just improving your general teaching skill set, the Teaching Mega Bundle course will teach you everything you need to become a first-class teacher. The Teaching Mega Bundle course will teach you all about classroom management and control, sports first aid training, and will provide you with a greater awareness of dyslexia and ADHD. The Teaching Mega Bundle course also covers lesson planning and assessment training, anxiety management, and IT skills. Enrol on the Teaching Mega Bundle course today, and learn everything you need to fast track your teaching career with this amazing 20-course bundle!

Skills You Will Gain on the Teaching Mega Bundle Course:

After completing the Teaching Mega Bundle course, you will learn the following skills:

  • Phonics skills
  • SEN teaching techniques
  • English teaching skills
  • Online teaching skills
  • Classroom management
  • Sports first aid
  • Lesson and assessment planning
  • Anxiety management
  • IT skills

This Teaching Mega Bundle course includes:

  1. TEFL (TESOL) Masterclass
  2. Teaching Phonics Level 3
  3. Teaching Assistant
  4. SEN Teaching Assistant
  5. Primary Teaching Diploma
  6. EYFS Teaching
  7. Teaching English Level 3 Diploma
  8. Nursery Teaching
  9. Teaching Online Advanced Diploma
  10. Teaching Support Worker Training
  11. Classroom Management and Control
  12. Early Years English Teaching
  13. Sports First Aid Training
  14. Dyslexia Awareness
  15. ADHD Awareness for Teachers
  16. Lesson Planning and Assessment Training
  17. IELTS Complete Course
  18. Anxiety Management
  19. Level 5 Teaching in Special Needs Schools
  20. IT Skills

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Why Study Teaching Mega Bundle with Teachers Training:

Here are just some of the reasons why our students enrol on the Teaching Mega Bundle course:

  • Access the Teaching Mega Bundle through our dedicated online learning platform
  • 24/7 access to tutor support
  • The Teaching Mega Bundle course is packed with interactive course content
  • Affordable prices and high-quality training
  • The Teaching Mega Bundle course is accredited by the UK’s top awarding bodies
  • Complete the Teaching Mega Bundle course 100% online, from any internet-enabled device
  • Flexible course deadlines with full access to the Teaching Mega Bundle course for one year

Course Curriculum

**** Teaching Mega Bundle ****

***Teaching - TEFL (TESOL) Masterclass***

  • Teaching - Introduction to English Language Teaching & Learning
  • Teaching - Linguistics
  • Teaching - English Pronunciation
  • Teaching - Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Teaching - Language Methodologies
  • Teaching - Receptive Skills: Reading
  • Teaching - Productive Skills: Writing
  • Teaching - Receptive Skills: Listening
  • Teaching - Productive Skills: Speaking
  • Teaching - Lesson Planning and Creating Materials
  • Teaching - Technology in Second Language Teaching & Learning

***Teaching - Teaching Phonics Level 3***

  • Teaching - Introduction to Phonics Education
  • Teaching - Role of Early Phonics Teaching
  • Teaching - Career as Phonics Teacher
  • Teaching - Phonics
  • Teaching - Jolly Phonics
  • Teaching - Involving Parents and Carers
  • Teaching - Speaking and Phonological Awareness
  • Teaching - Meeting Individual Needs
  • Teaching - Cognitive Approaches in Dyslexia
  • Teaching - Phonics for Deaf Children
  • Teaching - Higher Level of Phonics

***Teaching - Teaching Assistant***

  • Teaching - Teaching Assistant Overview
  • Teaching - Professional Developments for a TA
  • Teaching - Working with the School and Its Policies
  • Teaching - Providing the Best Learning Environment
  • Teaching - Child Development and the SEN Support
  • Teaching - Understanding Behaviour & Relationships as a TA
  • Teaching - Career Prospects for TA in the UK

***Teaching - SEN Teaching Assistant***

  • Teaching - Special Education Needs (SEN)
  • Teaching - SEN Support
  • Teaching - High Quality Teaching for Pupils with SEN
  • Teaching - SEN Teaching Methodologies
  • Teaching - Communication and Interaction
  • Teaching - Cognition and Learning
  • Teaching - Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
  • Teaching - Sensory or Physical Needs
  • Teaching - Working in Partnership

***Teaching - Primary Teaching Diploma***

  • Teaching - Teaching Kids English
  • Teaching - Child Literacy & Language Development Diploma
  • Teaching - High Quality Teaching Techniques
  • Teaching - Child Psychology & Child Care Essentials
  • Teaching - Babies from Birth to One Year
  • Teaching - Language and Linguistic Skills Development

***Teaching - EYFS Teaching***

  • Teaching - Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • Teaching - Importance of Early Years Development
  • Teaching - EYFS Teaching Techniques
  • Teaching - Working as an EYFS Teacher
  • Teaching - Promoting Learning & Development
  • Teaching - Children Having Special Education Needs or Disabilities
  • Teaching - Welfare Requirements
  • Teaching - EYFS Framework in 2021

***Teaching - Teaching English Level 3 Diploma***

  • Teaching - Possession
  • Teaching - Spelling
  • Teaching - Conditional
  • Teaching - Demonstrative Pronoun and Adjective
  • Teaching - Exploring Adjectives
  • Teaching - Making offers and suggestions
  • Teaching - Expressing Time
  • Teaching - Phrasal Verbs
  • Teaching - Adverbs of quantity
  • Teaching - Prepositions
  • Teaching - Verbs of the senses
  • Teaching - Kinds of Adverbs
  • Teaching - American and British English

***Teaching - Nursery Teaching***

  • Teaching - Introduction to Nursery Nurse
  • Teaching - Curriculum and Developing Early Learning
  • Teaching - Safeguarding, Protection and Welfare of Young Children
  • Teaching - Health and Safety of Children in the Early Years
  • Teaching - Nutrition and Healthy Food for Children
  • Teaching - Play and Learning in Children’s Education
  • Teaching - Working with Children Having Special Needs

***Teaching - Teaching Online Advanced Diploma***

  • Teaching - Build a Business Teaching Online
  • Teaching - Discovering Sales Channels
  • Teaching - Student Engagement
  • Teaching - Copywriting
  • Teaching - Coaching

***Teaching - Teaching Support Worker Training***

  • Teaching - Introduction to School Shadow Support
  • Teaching - Benefits of Inclusive Education System
  • Teaching - Role of a School Shadow Support
  • Teaching - Importance of Fading and Promoting Independence

***Teaching - Classroom Management and Control***

  • Teaching - Classroom Management
  • Teaching - Planning
  • Teaching - Assessments and Grading
  • Teaching - Relationship Management
  • Teaching - Conclusion

***Teaching - Early Years English Teaching***

  • Teaching - Introduction
  • Teaching - Studying top tips

***Teaching - Sports First Aid Training***

  • Teaching - Introduction to Sports First Aid
  • Teaching - Initial Assessment
  • Teaching - Life-Saving Priorities
  • Teaching - Common Injuries
  • Teaching - Major Injuries
  • Teaching - Environmental Injuries
  • Teaching - Medical Emergency
  • Teaching - Things to Keep in Mind

***Teaching - Dyslexia Awareness***

  • Teaching - Introduction to Dyslexia
  • Teaching - Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties
  • Teaching - Dyslexia in the School
  • Teaching - Cognitive Approaches in Dyslexia
  • Teaching - Law for Dyslexia

***Teaching - ADHD Awareness for Teachers***

  • Teaching - Introduction to ADHD
  • Teaching - ADHD in Young and Adults
  • Teaching - ADHD in Family Settings
  • Teaching - ADHD and Attention Difficulties
  • Teaching - Cognitive Approaches in ADHD

***Teaching - Lesson Planning and Assessment Training***

  • Teaching - The Critical Importance of Planning
  • Teaching - How to Plan an Effective Lesson
  • Teaching - How to Plan an Effective Units
  • Teaching - How to Plan for the Whole Semester
  • Teaching - Creating Effective Assessments
  • Teaching - The Power of Formative Assessment

***Teaching - IELTS Complete Course***

  • Teaching - IELTS - Introduction
  • Teaching - IELTS - Listening
  • Teaching - IELTS - Reading
  • Teaching - IELTS - Writing

***Teaching - Anxiety Management***

  • Teaching - Introduction & First Concepts
  • Teaching - Understanding & Beating Anxiety
  • Teaching - More Anti-Anxiety Skills & Concepts
  • Teaching - Conclusion

***Teaching - Level 5 Teaching in Special Needs Schools***

  • Teaching - SEN Support Training
  • Teaching - Autism
  • Teaching - ADHD
  • Teaching - Dyslexia

***Teaching - IT Skills***

  • Teaching - A Transforming Technology
  • Teaching - Importance of Information Technology
  • Teaching - Communication and Network
  • Teaching - Technology as a Foundation Skill Area
  • Teaching - Word Processing Software
  • Teaching - Presentation Software
  • Teaching - Spreadsheet
  • Teaching - Information Technology Project Management

Course Assessment

To successfully complete the Teaching Mega Bundle course, students will need to complete a multiple-choice question assessment. All our assessments are online, and you will receive instant results through our online platform.


Certification from Teachers Training

After successfully passing the multiple-choice assessment, you will qualify for a Certification from Teachers Training.

  • Get instant access to your free PDF certificate after successfully completing the assessment
  • Order a hard copy certificate to be posted to you for only £8.99!

Your Teaching Mega Bundle course certificate will add new, exciting skills to your CV and allow you to stand out from the crowd when applying for teaching jobs.

Who is this course for?

This Teaching Mega Bundle course is ideal for anyone who wants to:

  • Pursue a career in teaching
  • Boost their teaching knowledge and skills
  • Add to the skill set needed to work in the teaching and child care profession
  • Make a career change and explore new career opportunities
  • Gain a formal, accredited qualification to improve their career opportunities


The Teaching Mega Bundle course from Teachers Training has no formal entry requirements. However, to study the Teaching Mega Bundle students must:

  • Have a strong passion for learning
  • Display a good understanding of the English language, as well as numeracy and IT skills
  • Have a desire for entrepreneurship
  • Be over the age of 16

If you meet these criteria, you can start studying the Teaching Mega Bundle course straight away!

Career path

Enrol on the Teaching Mega Bundle course today and discover the essential skills and knowledge needed to kickstart a career in teaching. Opportunities in this field include:

  • TEFL Teacher
  • TESOL Teacher
  • Phonics Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • SEN Teaching Assistant
  • Primary Teacher
  • EYFS Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Nursery Teacher
  • Online Teacher
  • Teaching Support Worker
  • Special School Teacher

Questions and answers

No questions or answers found containing ''.

Aaliyah Hunter asked:

Which courses are included in the Teaching Bundle course? Is there any age limit for taking this Teaching Bundle Course?? Thanks.


Hi Aaliyah. The minimum age limit to do this courses are 16 years and above. This is a bundle package of 20 courses, the courses that are included in the package is mentioned in the description. Thank you and have a nice day.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Sophia Arnold asked:

I wanna take this teaching bundle course. Is all the courses are free with this Teaching bundle course???


Hi Sophia. This is a bundle package containing 20 courses, all the courses are covered in the price mentioned. Thank you, have a nice day.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Poppy Adams asked:

Hello Is the Teaching Bundle Course for everyone or only for Teaching Assistants of SEN Teaching Assistants?


Hi Poppy. This course can be done by anyone. Thank you, have a nice day.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Sebastian asked:

1 On completion of the course, what qualification would the certificate mention? 2. Would there also be a detailed transcript? Thanks.


Dear Sebastian, You can obtain a CPD certificate after completing the course. A transcript is also available with certificate. Many thanks. Have a nice day.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Jade Kennedy asked:

Hey I wanna enrol to this Teaching Mega Bundle Course. Is there any prerequisite/requirements for completing those additional courses?


Hi Jade. There is no specific requirement to get enrolled in the course. Thank you and have a nice day.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Isabel Knight asked:

Are all the courses CPD accredited? How many points are there??


Hi Isabel. All the courses are CPD accredited and you will receive 200 points all together. Thank you and have a nice day.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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What are CPD hours/points?

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