Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant Level 5 Advanced Diploma. Endorsed by ABC Awards | CPD Accredited Certificate | 70 CPD Points

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Level 5 Diploma Teaching Assistant (Endorsed Certificate)
70 CPD points / hours
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Teaching Assistant

Diploma of achievement in Teaching Assistant Level 5. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 70 CPD points available without extra study. A career as a successful teaching assistant could take you places you never dreamed possible! If you’ve been looking for the ideal course to transform your career prospects for life, this exclusive Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma has your future written all over it!

Teaching assistants provide a range of crucially important services in the modern classroom. Along with supporting the teachers themselves, teaching assistants work directly with pupils - challenging them, motivating them and supporting their development. A good teaching assistant can help students fulfil their potential to an extent that would otherwise be impossible. The role of teaching assistant has evolved significantly over the years - the qualified Teaching Assistant has become a respected and sought-after educational figure like any other. Along with the challenges that accompany life as a teacher, teaching assistants also enjoy the same benefits as the traditional teacher. One of which being up to 12 weeks of paid holidays per year - more than twice the annual leave of the average job. Coupled with long-term relevance and unique job satisfaction, it’s an appealing field for anyone with a genuine passion for people.

This inspiring Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma is open to existing and prospective teaching assistants alike, with no prior knowledge or experience required. Build the skills, knowledge and confidence you’ll need to become a successful teaching assistant for life! Learn how to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom, guide and monitor students’ progress, provide administrative support in an educational setting and generally help every pupil reach their full potential. Discover the difference teaching assistants can make in the lives of the students they work with, as you work your way towards an endorsed Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma.

If you’ve got the drive, desire and determination to succeed, this Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma could take you the rest of the way - enrol today!


Level 5 Diploma Teaching Assistant (Endorsed Certificate)
Endorsed by ABC Awards
70 CPD points / hours

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Teaching Assistant

You’ll find the teachings of this course invaluable on your journey to becoming a confident, capable and qualified Teaching Assistant. Enrol online and gain access to a variety of benefits which include:

  • High-quality education at an affordable price, with all course materials and learning resources included in the initial fee.
  • Expert support and assistance throughout, provided by your personally-assigned tutor and our wider support team.
  • The freedom to study in your own time at a pace that suits your lifestyle, with no time-restrictions or deadlines to worry about.
  • Round-the-clock access to our exclusive digital learning platform, using almost any connected device in any location.
  • An opportunity to transform your career prospects and enhance your outlook, with an endorsed Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide candidates with a detailed introduction to the duties and responsibilities of the professional Teaching Assistant. Along with an in-depth overview of the teaching assistant’s working life, candidates study the knowledge, skills and character traits needed to become a successful TA. Ultimately, the course instils candidates with the confidence to step into the field for the first time, or take an existing career as a teaching assistant to the next level.

Our commitment to flexible education is total and we impose no deadlines or time-restrictions whatsoever. In addition, no prior knowledge or experience is required to gain maximum value from this course. Every student is assigned an expert tutor at the time of enrolment, along with all required resources and study aids needed to complete the course. Whatever your current position and objectives, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your potential with an endorsed Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma on your CV.

Essential teachings and concepts covered in this Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma include the following:

  • An introduction to the everyday life of the teaching assistant
  • Typical responsibilities and support services provided
  • The importance of effectively monitoring pupils’ performance
  • How to support students with special requirements
  • Guidelines for working effectively in a classroom setting
  • Common challenges and scenarios to expect as a TA
  • The cornerstones of a safe learning environment
  • Tips for taking a teaching assistant career to the next level

Course Outline

If you’re serious about becoming a successful TA, this Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma could be your ticket to the big time. The program is completed 100% online, including a series of end-of-unit assessments for submission to your tutor. The course is delivered over seven insightful units as detailed below:

Unit 1. Roles and Responsibilities of the Teaching Assistant

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • What is a teaching assistant
  • Characteristics of Teaching Assistant
  • Learning support assistant
  • Teaching assistant roles and responsibilities
  • Plus more

Unit 2. Working in the School

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • Supporting the Curriculum
  • School Types
  • The UK School System
  • School Terms
  • Structure of the school day
  • The National Curriculum
  • Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Time
  • Routine and Clerical Tasks
  • Plus more

Unit 3. Working in the Classroom

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • Responsibilities of a teaching assistant in the classroom
  • Supporting Pupils’ learning
  • The National Literacy Strategy
  • The National Numeracy Strategy
  • Behaviour Management
  • Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)
  • Plus more

Unit 4. Assessing a Student's performance

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • Reviewing your assessment strategy
  • Quantitative Assessment Standards
  • Evaluating Discussion Group Performance
  • Plus more

Unit 5. Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • What does SEN mean?
  • Types of Special Educational Needs
  • Cognition and Learning Needs
  • Behaviour, Emotional and Social Development Needs
  • Communication and Interaction Needs
  • Sensory and/or Physical Needs
  • Plus more

Unit 6. Personal Professional Development

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • Self-Actualisation
  • Approaches To Professional Development:
  • Developmental Relationships
  • Critical Components Of An Effective Professional Development Plan:
  • Difference Between Professional Growth And Personal Development
  • Plus More

Unit 7. Creating a Safe Learning Environment

This unit covers the following Key topics:

  • Creating a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment
  • Build a strong classroom community
  • Build self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Work On Yourself As An Educator
  • Plus more

Who is this course for?

Teaching Assistant

Our exclusive online courses are open to anyone looking to further their careers through quality online education. This Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma is ideal for passionate, patient and motivated individuals, interested in careers dedicated to helping and supporting others. Teaching assistants are often hired without formal degrees or university-level qualifications, though targeted studies are considered essential. Whether new to TA services or ready to take your career to the next level, this Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma could help you take that next important step.

With no deadlines or time-restrictions to worry about, our exclusive courses are suitable for even the busiest lifestyles. Enjoy the expert support of your assigned tutor from start to finish, as you work your way towards an endorsed Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma that could make all the difference!

Sign up for this exclusive Level 5 Teaching Assistant Diploma today, or contact a member of our admissions team if you have any questions!


Teaching Assistant

There is no particular entry requirement.

OPTION-I: Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards

At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £120 accreditation fee+postal charges.

Certificate of Completion

CPD(soft copy) can be claimed for £15. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25

OPTION-II: CPD Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, a fee is payable for a CPD Accredited Diploma in PDF format or hard copy.

CPD Accredited Diploma (PDF format)=£30

CPD Accredited Diploma (Hardcopy)=£95

Postage Charges:

National £9

International £15

Career path

Teaching Assistant

An endorsed Level 5 Teaching Assistant could open the door to any number of incredible career opportunities in the field of TA services. Typical roles and job titles the qualified teaching assistant may pursue include the following:

  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Teacher Assistant (Senior)
  • Preschool Teacher Assistant
  • Teacher Assistant (Part-Time)
  • Classroom Development Coach

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