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Human life is an uninterrupted and dynamic journey towards the ultimate truth. Tarot is basically a way of predicting the future by using a pack of 78 cards. The 78 cards are divided into four suits of 14 cards each, a trump suit of 21 cards and a single card known as The Fool. Tarot card reading is the practice of understanding the past, present and future of a person using the cards. The tarot system believes in the idea that the universe is driven by a spiritual force.

The intent of this course is to make its learners aware of the different ways of mastering tarot cards. The history of tarot, the fundamental concepts of tarot, the numbering systems as well as the importance of the symbols and what they suggest are included in the course.

Numbers have an important role in tarot. Each number has its own significance and meaning. The history of tarot is interlinked with the history of the great gods and therefore, to the ancient sacred texts.

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People are always concerned about their physical well being. But, their spiritual growth is also equally important. Mastering the tarot is a way to spiritual wellbeing. The course will be of help to each and every person who desires spiritual development. It will introduce new engagement avenues for those who are interested in the field and also be of help to those who are currently pursuing it. Even though an age old tradition, tarot is of value in the present times as well. It is the best guide which defines ways of acquiring knowledge about the events in a person’s life and how they can be maneuvered.


Unit 1 – History of the Tarot

Unit 2 – Tracing the Origins

Unit 3 – In Search of Spiritual Growth

Unit 4 – Sequence and Unison

Unit 5 – Numbers

Unit 6 – The Steps Forward

Unit 7 – The Major Arcana

Unit 8 – Yin and Yang – Positive and Negative

Unit 9 – Towards the Magus

Unit 10 – The Arcana and Symbols – Part 1

Unit 11 – The Arcana and Symbols – Part 1 (Cont.)

Unit 12 – The Importance of Numbers

Who is this course for?

The course will help learners gain an in depth knowledge of the ways of tarot reading and how to make a career out of it. The learner would be able to develop internal awareness and ultimately realize the rapture of enlightenment. The course also offers insight into the different types of tarot cards. The different cards in the tarot have their own meaning and they represent different qualities like wisdom, temperance, love, etc.


There are No entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round.

Career path

By the end of this course you will have an extremely detailed and broad knowledge of the Tarot together with solid personal and professional Tarot reading skills. You will be fully capable of entering the world of the Professional Tarot Reader with confidence and expertise.Becoming a Tarot reader of the highest order is more than just learning the cards, it is a journey of personal development.

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