Supply Chain Management Course

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Level 3 Certificate Supply Chain Management (Certificate of achievement)
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Supply Chain Management Course

Endorsed Certificate of achievement This exclusive Level 3 Certificate in Supply Chain Management provides candidates with an engaging introduction to this rewarding profession. Our innovative digital learning platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with no time restrictions or deadlines to worry about. Explore the importance of supply chain efficiency for the modern business, along with inventory management, transport management and an introduction to procurement, production and delivery. Study the everyday responsibilities of the professional supply chain manager, for the opportunity to earn a recognised Supply Chain Management certificate that could dramatically improve your career prospects!

Supply Chain Management play a vital role in managing ongoing daily operations in organisations, Logistics management and supply chain are about creating efficient systems for the flow of materials, information, manufacturing process and other services from the raw materials right through to the final product as it reaches to the customers.

The Level 3 Certificate in Supply Chain Management course begins with the introduction to the Logistics and supply chain management. The role of the professional logistics manager is also discussed thoroughly. Highlights of the course include; logistics management, key importance of logistics management, procurement, processing and delivery procedures, other main topics include; supply chain metrics, evaluation or analysis of logistics performance.

This self-paced programme is available 24/7 providing you with the flexibility to train at the pace, location and time of your choosing. Accredited certificate from a registered awarding body can be claimed on course completion. College registration, tutor support, course materials and additional supporting material are all included in the course fee.


Level 3 Certificate Supply Chain Management (Certificate of achievement)
Awarded by ABC Awards

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Supply Chain Management Course

As businesses at all levels become increasingly-dependent on outsourcing, supply chains are becoming more complex by the day. To such an extent that even the smallest businesses no longer operate independently, but instead count on third parties to facilitate their everyday operations. Or to put it another way, all businesses are dependent on countless other businesses to function. The more complex the supply chain becomes, the greater the capacity for problems and inefficiencies to creep into the equation. Precisely why organisations worldwide place enormous value on the skills, knowledge and competencies of the qualified supply chain manager.

Supply Chain Management - Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of this Level 3 Certificate in Supply Chain Management course , the learner should be able to;

  • Understand how the supply chain works,
  • Explain why a strong/efficient supply chain is beneficial.
  • Discuss the relationship between supply chain management and logistics
  • List activities involved in logistics,
  • Explain important current trends in logistics and the organisation,
  • Discuss the aims and importance of logistics from a contemporary corporate perspective.
  • Explore strategic decision making and the importance/role of a workable logistics strategy.
  • Understand the concept of aggregate planning along with a series of effective and important methods for accurate forecasting.
  • Explore wide variety of core procurement concepts
  • Understand manufacturing costs and logistical interface requirements.
  • Explore the development of distribution strategies
  • Understand what is inventory management
  • Explore the management of physical transport or logistics
  • Describe various activities involved in warehousing & material handling
  • Discuss the use of Information technology in supply Chain
  • Explore supply chain systems design

Supply Chain Management - Course Syllabus

This Supply Chain Management Level 3 Course Consists of the following units:

  1. Basic Concepts of Supply Chain Management
  2. Supply Chain Operations: Planning and Sourcing
  3. Procurement Strategies
  4. Operations For Manufacturing and Delivery
  5. Supply Chain Management: Inventory Management
  6. Transportation Management System

Supply Chain Management - Course Benefits:

  • Full Tutor Support
  • Self paced, no fixed schedules
  • Available to students anywhere in the world
  • 24/7 Access to the LMS ( Learning Management System )
  • Easy to understand quality e-learning study materials

Supply Chain Management - Course Material

All course materials are included in the course price. All your study material will be available on our learning management system for which you will get access once you are enrolled. The material can be downloaded and printed as well.

Our distance learning course materials are specially written for home study and contain a wealth of knowledge in easy to understand language. We use variety of media to help you learn. Your Supply Chain Management Level 3 course may use any of the following different media which you can use from home or where ever you choose to study:

  • Online course materials
  • Question papers
  • Additional Supporting Material
  • Useful Links

Supply Chain Management - Course assessment

You will be continually assessed throughout the Supply Chain Management Level 3 course. Your assignment will be marked by your tutor and independently moderated. The feedback on your assignment will then be sent to you. On receipt of this, you may wish to contact your tutor to discuss the feedback.

Tutor Support

When you enrol on a Supply Chain Management Level 3 course with CPD courses you are allocated your personal tutor. Tutor’s help and support will be available throughout your studies with the college. He/she will assess your work and will provide you with regular feedback on your progress.

Who is this course for?

Supply Chain Management Course

  • Applicants looking for an accredited certificate
  • Candidates wishing to upgrade their knowledge in supply chain and logistics
  • Candidates interested in a career change
  • Existing supply chain workers seeking promotion
  • Logistics managers looking to expand skills, knowledge and abilities


Supply Chain Management Course

There is no particular entry requirement for Supply Chain Management Level 3. We do not ask for any previous qualification or experience.

Endorsed Certificate of achievement

At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £85 accreditation fee.There are £9 postal charges for the UK students and £15 for the non UK students.

Certificate of Completion from CPD

Certificate of Completion from CPD (soft copy) can be claimed for £10. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25 + postal charges (£9 for UK students, £15 for outside UK)

Career path

Supply Chain Management Course

Various roles in supply chain management include;

  • Purchasing manager,
  • Production assistant,
  • Consultant,
  • Analyst,
  • Materials manager,
  • Warehouse manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Operation manager
  • Inventory specialist
  • Materials planners/analyst
  • Warehouse/facilities manager
  • Transportation coordinator

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