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Our body needs energy simply to carry out the most basic, but vital functions such as breathing, pumping the heart and internal organs to work. As our muscles work more e.g. in order to walk, talk and move, more energy is needed. This energy comes from food and is processed within our body and released or stored for future use. People who do sports, not only need to eat a healthy and balanced diet to account for any extra energy needed, but also to replenish vital nutrients lost in e.g. sweating. An understanding of the principles of good nutrition and how it relates to sport is important for those who exercise and keep fit, want to stay healthy, are interested in training others in sporting activities, from marathons to tennis tournaments, or are training to reach peak levels in their chosen activity. The course will cover a broad variety of topic areas including types of performance enhancers and meal planning to coach young athletes. Learning is enhanced in this course by encouraging learners to test their new knowledge to practise on activities that can then be used for clients.

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Incorporating a scientifically sound diet and a proper nutrition regimen can radically increase the effectiveness of your clients' fitness training objectives-resulting in more lean mass, less body fat, and greater energy levels. Through this Sports Nutrition Certification course you will learn the science behind nutrition and its effects on performance, muscle growth, and fat loss. With this skills learned from the Sports Nutrition course you will amaze your clients with fast results as they apply your integrated approach to nutrition to their personal training routines.
Energy for exercise
Fuelling before, during and after exercise
Protein requirements for sport
Vitamins and minerals
Body fat and dietary fat

Who is this course for?

Sports coaches and personal trainers

From beginner to elite athletes

Team sports athletes – tennis, football, rugby, hockey

Those preparing for marathons, triathlons, cycling, rowing, martial arts events Powerlifters and bodybuilders

Anyone interested in cutting-edge scientific methods


There are No entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round.

Career path

Sports Nutrition diploma course teaches you necessary concepts like: meal frequency, macronutrient ratios, specificity to athletic objectives, and controlling caloric intake. Whether you are a personal trainer, nutritionist, or just new to the fitness industry, this Sports Nutrition course can vastly improve your client's training programs.

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