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Software Engineering Fundamentals – Software Development and Testing



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Software Estimation- Online Software Project Estimation Training

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Software Project Estimation

Project budgets, time, and resources form crucial parts within project management and can surely be the deciding factors for the success or failure of your project. You may have an excellent idea and you may consider yourself an amazing project manager but the truth lies in how your project fares in the long run and how much of that is based on your estimates towards your software projects.

The entire purpose of software development came as a competitive alternative to many hardware utilities and products. With the use of software, costs were always kept at bay as compared to hardware and that brought out a new outlook to the industrial sector. With increasing amounts of software being designed for different systems and computers, it became necessary for software development to adopt the ways of project management, which were restricted to manufacturing and production in the early days. As timelines, scopes, and costs were key components within the entire scope of developing software, soon project managers realized at how inversely proportionate these components were. If there was a tighter timeline associated, the cost of getting this done was incredibly increased and the scope was widened, and all the different permutations and combinations.


Software Project Estimation Training Description

Introduction – Look into what your software project needs and how estimation is the right way to go.

Basic Concepts of Software Estimation – In this section, you will understand the need for software project estimation, the people involved in this process, and the different software estimation techniques used to get software project estimation up and running.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – Learn everything you need to know about WBS and learn how you can put this unique and structured tool into practice to find out the workflow that your tasks and activities are subjected to.

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) – Understand the concepts of Critical Path Method and how we can use the estimation power within numbers to determine the time needed for each task within the project and the amalgamation of these times for tasks into the time needed by your software project.

Effort, Schedule, and Cost Estimation, Project Tracking – Get to know about the different points of estimations and how you are to put to use software estimation techniques for the purpose of estimation. Learn about project tracking and how important is it when the project is on-going.

Who is this course for?

Project managers are always expected to present the best and most accurate estimation of the effort, the schedule, and the cost of their software projects. With project management in play, these concentrated efforts can be made with the help of methods and software estimation techniques to come to the closest estimation possible. For the purpose of this training, you don’t need to have exquisite knowledge or certification in your hand, but all you need are the following two things:

  • Basic computer knowledge – most of the techniques now come as tools and are normally part of a system or are stand-alone systems. Computer knowledge will help you to understand these software estimation techniques and its internal workings better, should you later want to customize them as per your software project requirements.
  • Zeal to learn – As a project manager, it’s essential to know that you can never learn enough. Your learning graph should always continue its momentum and keep getting higher. Within a field like a project management, where there are updates and developments at almost every turn of the way, it’s important to keep yourself refreshed about the different methods and learn how to put the theory into practice. Learning can be your greatest tool in all your software project estimation endeavors.


  • A Project Management Professional – you will need to understand the entire pretext this falls under and how estimations and forecasting, in the most accurate way, can enable your project to set course for success and can enhance your skill set opening many doors and opportunities for you.
  • A Project Manager – you form the backbone of the project and the responsibility of handling the project from end to end lies on you. This training is targeted at you to enable you to be best suited if you’ve not done so well till date with your project estimations and need to crack this egg once and for all.

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