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New Year Special Offer** Sales Training * 19-in-1 Premium bundle*

*FREE PDF Certificates*FREE PDF Transcripts *FREE Student ID Card * FREE E-Book *FREE Enrolment Letter *FREE Lifetime Access *

Be the game-changer in the sales management framework!!!

Master the ultimate sales management skills and boost your product sales to the utmost extent, learning the essentials from our exclusive Sales Training. Here at Skill Up, we are determined to give you the best Sales skills with this Sales bundle.

Sales -This comprehensive Sales course is designed by a sales expert to give you a better understanding of commercial realities, good and bad sales factors, customer care, and so on. We will also have a deep understanding of sales analysis which teaches you how to get new clients and sell products quickly and which platforms and marketing channels produce the best results for sales, which is something that every aspiring sales professional and business owner should know.

So, without further delay, Enrol now and achieve sales success!

This Sales Training Consists of the Following Courses:

  • Sales Course 1: Sales Optimization Skills: Increase Your Sales by 1000%
  • Sales Course 2: Sales & Business Development Masterclass
  • Sales Course 3: Sales Executive Training
  • Sales Course 4: Sales: Reading Body Language As A Sales Tool
  • Sales Course 5: Creative Writing: Content Writing and Copy Writing for SEO and Sales
  • Sales Course 6: Building Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels
  • Sales Course 7: LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Blueprint
  • Sales Course 8: Digital Marketing - Business Tips
  • Sales Course 9: Professional Marketing and Advertising Complete Online Course
  • Sales Course 10: Basic Communication Skills for Business
  • Sales Course 11: Business Intelligence | Basics of Data & Data Mining
  • Sales Course 12: Retargeting Ads Guide - How Retargeting Works
  • Sales Course 13: Business Productivity Training
  • Sales Course 14: Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Course 15: Six Sigma & Lean Process
  • Sales Course 16: SAP Controlling (CO) - Product Costing with S4HANA
  • Sales Course 17: Ecommerce Management Beginner to Advanced
  • Sales Course 18: Affiliate Marketing Masterclass
  • Sales Course 19: Handling Difficult Customers

Sales -CPD accredited Sales Training is the most comprehensive bundle on Sales now available online, offered by Skill up to upskill you with core to advanced Sales ideas for your utmost level sales proficiency and escalate you as a peerless Sales practitioner.

Sales -Being loaded with up-to-date Sales insights, this self-paced Sales Training is truly ideal for all aspiring Sales professionals.
Let your Sales eLearning experience meet the utmost satisfying level by enrolling in our premium Sales Training now!

Learning Outcomes of this Sales Training:

  • Learn the core concept of sales and business development
  • Gain a deep understanding of sales optimization skills
  • Understand the body language as a sales tools
  • Learn content writing and copywriting for SEO and sales
  • Explore sales funnel with click funnel
  • Familiar yourself with digital marketing and advertising for sales
  • Learn basic communication skills for sales and marketing
  • Know about Linkedin marketing and sales
  • Learn supply chain management and business intelligence for sales and marketing

Sales Training Specialities

  • 72 hours of instant video lectures and downloadable resources of Sales
  • With affordable premium-quality Sales eLearning content, you can learn Sales at your own pace.
  • You will receive 19 completion certificates upon completing the Sales Training.
  • Internationally Accepted Certificate of Sales will boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach of Sales adopted by renowned Sales experts.

Sales -Assessment

After completing all the modules of the Sales Training, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the Sales Training completion Final Exam with absolutely no extra cost.

Sales -Certificate

This premium Sales Training comes with FREE PDF & Hardcopy Certificates, PDF Transcripts & Student ID Card, and it makes this Sales Training the perfect value for money.


200 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Quality Standards

Course media


***Curriculum Breakdown***

** Sales Training **

* Sales Optimization Skills: Increase Your Sales by 1000%*

  • Sales -Introduction
  • Sales -Your Value Ladder Buildout
  • Sales -Expert Positioning
  • Sales -My Squeeze Page Example
  • Sales -The Value Ladder for 10X The Profits
  • Sales -5 Why Buy Triggers
  • Sales -Front End Focus
  • Sales -More Squeeze Page Examples & Building with ClickFunnels
  • Sales -100 Clicks a Day Formula
  • Sales -Voice Inflection for 2X Sales
  • Sales -Squeeze Page Secrets
  • Sales -How to Build Your Optin Pages
  • Sales -Why Email Everyday
  • Sales -Attractive Character II
  • Sales -Soap Opera Sequence
  • Sales -Squeezing Extra Money from Emails
  • Sales -The Attractive Character Overview
  • Sales -Seinfeld Email Sequence
  • Sales -Bait Overview
  • Sales -The Bridge Page
  • Sales -Star, Story, Solution Script
  • Sales -TYP Overview
  • Sales -Front-End Overview
  • Sales -OTO Script
  • Sales -The Bridge Hack
  • Sales -WWWH Script

* Sales & Business Development Masterclass*

  • Sales -Business Development Mastery Introduction
  • Sales -Business Development Foundation
  • Sales -Creating Your Lead Generatin System
  • Sales -The Simple 4 Step Seles System
  • Sales -The Art and Science of Cold Calling
  • Sales -Creating Your Direct Mail Strategy

* Sales Executive Training*

  • Sales -Understanding the Tallk
  • Sales -Getting Prepared to Make the Call
  • Sales -Creative Openings
  • Sales -Making Your Pitch
  • Sales -Handling Objections
  • Sales -Sealing the Deal
  • Sales -Following Up
  • Sales -Setting Goals
  • Sales -Managing Your Data
  • Sales -Using a Prospect Board

* Sales: Reading Body Language As A Sales Tool*

  • Sales -Getting Started
  • Sales -What’s Your Face Saying?
  • Sales -What’s Your Body Saying?
  • Sales -Mirroring and Leading
  • Sales -Monitoring Your Posture and Dressing Up
  • Sales -Shaking Hands

*Creative Writing: Content Writing and Copy Writing for SEO and Sales *

  • Sales -Introduction
  • Sales -Free Taster
  • Sales -BASICS: 12 Essential Steps to Great Copy Writing
  • Sales -BASICS: Copywriting Formulation - Understanding Copywriting Building Blocks
  • Sales -BASICS: How to Write Headline
  • Sales -BASICS: Proofreading and Editing - How to Edit Sales Copy
  • Sales -PSYCHOLOGY: The Psychology behind Copywriting
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Blogging - Web Posts
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Landing Pages
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Sales Letters
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Video Sales Letters
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Email
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Advertisements
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Twitter
  • Sales -COPYWRITING FOR Promotional Videos
  • Sales -Conclusion and Course Wrap Up
  • Sales -Additional File

*Building Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels*

  • Sales -Introduction
  • Sales -Working With Templates & Other Features
  • Sales -An Example Fully Built ClickFunnels Sales Funnel
  • Sales -Comparing Other Landing Page Tools

*LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Blueprint*

  • Sales -Linkedin Marketing Blueprint Foundations
  • Sales -LinkedIn Marketing Foundations
  • Sales -Linkedin Profile Optimization Strategy
  • Sales -Linkedin Lead Generation System
  • Sales -Resources

*Digital Marketing - Business Tips*

  • Sales -You are Responsible for the Failure or Success of Your Business
  • Sales -Why Internet Marketing and Social Media are important for Businesses
  • Sales -How Google Search and Display Network Can Increase Your Sales
  • Sales -The More You Learn the More You Earn
  • Sales -Commitment
  • Sales -Telling is not Selling
  • Sales -Your Network is your Net-worth
  • Sales -How to become Digital Marketing and Sales Expert

*Professional Marketing and Advertising Complete Online Course*

  • Sales -Funnel Building For Massive Profits
  • Sales -Lead Generation, Traffic & List Building
  • Sales -LinkedIn Advertising
  • Sales -How To Do Banner Advertising
  • Sales -Twitter Ads For Fun & Profit
  • Sales -Make Profits With Facebook Ads
  • Sales -Search Ads – For Massive Profits

*Basic Communication Skills for Business*

  • Sales -Effective Communication
  • Sales -Planning your Communication Part 1
  • Sales -Planning your Communication Part 2
  • Sales -Planning your Communication Part 3
  • Sales -Exercise: Stakeholder Analysis
  • Sales -Facilitating Business Meetings
  • Sales -Planning your Meeting Agenda
  • Sales -As facilitator, what should I be looking for?
  • Sales -Tools you can use in Facilitation
  • Sales -Facilitation Tools
  • Sales -Exercise: Planning your Agenda
  • Sales -Resource: Tools to help you Communicate and Facilitate

*Retargeting Ads Guide - How Retargeting Works*

  • Sales -Welcome and Introduction
  • Sales -The Digital Advertising Ecosystem: Understanding How Retargeting Works
  • Sales -Developing Your Remarketing and Retargeting Strategies
  • Sales -Planning Your Retargeting Campaigns Like A Pro
  • Sales -Using Google Analytics To Develop and Build Your Audience Segments
  • Sales -Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Using Google Tag Manager as Your Tag Management System
  • Sales -Building Your Remarketing Audiences In Your Google Analytics Account
  • Sales -Introduction To Configuring Your Remarketing Campaigns In Google AdWords
  • Sales -Using The Google AdWords Audience Builder To Build Your Retargeting Audiences

*Business Productivity Training*

  • Sales -Introduction
  • Sales -Productivity Training
  • Sales -Project Management Training
  • Sales -Teamwork Training
  • Sales -Communication Training

*Supply Chain Management*

  • Sales -Why Supply Chain Management?
  • Sales -Key Terms (I)
  • Sales -Key Terms (II)
  • Sales -Three Levels of Supply Chain Management
  • Sales -Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
  • Sales -The Flows of Supply Chain Management
  • Sales -Inventory Management
  • Sales -Supply Chain Groups
  • Sales -Tracking and Monitoring
  • Sales -Supply Chain Event Management

*Six Sigma & Lean Process*

  • Sales -Understanding Lean
  • Sales -Liker’s Toyota Way
  • Sales -The TPS House
  • Sales -The Five Principles of Lean Business
  • Sales -The First Improvement Concept (Value)
  • Sales -The Second Improvement Concept (Waste)
  • Sales -The Third Improvement Concept (Variation)
  • Sales -The Fourth Improvement Concept (Complexity)
  • Sales -The Fifth Improvement Concept (Continuous Improvement)
  • Sales -The Improvement Toolkit

*SAP Controlling (CO) - Product Costing with S4HANA*

  • Sales -Introduction
  • Sales -Material Master Data and Pricing Controls
  • Sales -BoM, Activities and Routing
  • Sales -Overheads in Costing
  • Sales -Costing Sheet
  • Sales -Costing Variant
  • Sales -Routing and Work Centres
  • Sales -Cost Component Structure
  • Sales -Execution of Standard Cost Estimation

*Ecommerce Management Beginner to Advanced*

  • Sales -Introduction to Electronic Commerce
  • Sales -E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation
  • Sales -Customer Service
  • Sales -Products, Brands, and Services
  • Sales -Content Planning and Production
  • Sales -Use of Social Networks
  • Sales -Marketing & Advertising
  • Sales -Creating an Engaging User Experience
  • Sales -Transaction Management
  • Sales -E-Commerce Analytics

*Affiliate Marketing Masterclass*

  • Sales -Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Introduction
  • Sales -Affiliate Marketing Network Platforms
  • Sales -CPA Affiliate Marketing Foundation
  • Sales -How To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers

*Handling Difficult Customers*

  • Sales -Introduction
  • Sales -Difficult Conversations
  • Sales -Why Are Some Conversations Difficult?
  • Sales -Preparation
  • Sales -Set-Up and Room Layout
  • Sales -How to Start the Conversation
  • Sales -Active Listening and Responding
  • Sales -Ask Open and Supportive Questions
  • Sales -Focus on Facts, Not Personalities
  • Sales -Use of Tone and Body Language
  • Sales -Exploring Alternative Solutions
  • Sales -Handling Challenge
  • Sales -How to Close a Difficult Conversation
  • Sales -Conclusions

Who is this course for?

Sales Training

Since this comprehensive Sales Training comprises courses with basic to advanced insights, anyone even with no prior knowledge can enrol as well. This Sales Training will yield a strong foundation for the newbies. Besides, the experienced ones who are looking for updated resources to hone up their Sales-related ideas and skills can certainly take the course to boost their career opportunities and raise the bar of silver lining!
So, anyone from any academic background can take this Sales Training.


Sales Training

The Sales Training is open to anyone above 16 without any formal requirement. There are no specific requirements for enrolling in the Sales Training. All you need is a passion for learning and a smart internet-enabled device to access our premium Sales Training. Don’t worry, our expert tutors and student assistants will be there round the clock.

We won’t ask for any specific prior education or experience against your desire to learn and climb the ladder of success. Enrol now in the Sales Training and start your learning journey.

Career path

Sales Premium Bundle

This Sales Training will enable you to work as the following Sales professionals

  • Sales administrator (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £17,000 to £28,000)
  • Sales assistant (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £13,000 to £26,000)
  • Sales representative (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £20,000 to £52,000)

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Dear Laura, Thank you for your query. No, there is no time limit. You can complete the course at any time you want since you have a lifetime access. Thanks

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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