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What you will learn

State a solid Research Question and/or Research Objective

Write a strong Research Rationale and/or Research Problem

Construct a bulletproof Literature Review

Decide which Research Nature, Design, Approach and Strategy is the right one for your research paper

Choose the right Sampling Technique along with a representative Sample

Choose an unbiased Data Collection Method


Module 1 - Starting With Research

Module 2 - Creating Literature Review

Module 3 - Formulating The Research Design

Module 4 - Sampling

Module 5 - Collecting Primary Data Through Observation


About this Course

Course Description

If you are a university student, you very well know the struggle of writing an academic papers - especially, when it comes to the degree thesis. One has to understand and acknowledge large amount of methodological guidelines while writing.

We are trying to make this process a lot simpler and less painful for you by summarizing all of the concepts that are necessary to understand if one wants to write a solid research paper. Hence we do not only cover these, we will also have strong recommendations for you along the way with some pretty practical tips! Moreover, you will have a chance to get your research paper ideas being reviewed by the instructor!

Opportunity to Receive Feedback on Your Paper

The course contains several assignments, where you can submit questions or thoughts that you have with your research paper. I review these assignments on weekly basis. Thus you can provide me with a question such as "Hey Robert, my research topic is ......, do you think this can be a good idea? I would like to use ..... as a research strategy. Is that appropriate?" I am looking forward to hear from you!

Learn and Master The Most Crucial Parts Of Writing A Research Paper

Stating Research Aim, Questions and Objectives.

Identifying Research Rationale and Research Problem.

Choosing Research Approach, Design, Nature and Strategy.

Understanding Sampling Techniques and Sample Selection.

Choosing Data Collection Technique.

Making The Right Methodological Choices

Research is a long process that starts by identifying a problem and then selecting proper research methodology to analyse this problem. We will go through this process in a step-by-step manner, so you can just follow the videos and alongside write your research paper.

We have really focused on giving an actual and practical recommendations for you, hence not just making an overview of all the choices you can make. For every choice that is there, such as research strategy, you are going to hear a recommendation of which alternative you should go for with your particular research idea.

Lastly, if this is your first strive to write an academic paper, there is a special video in Module 2 where we present to you all the necessary writing tips - such as referencing, searching for academic articles etc.

Course Contents

In over 3 hours of content, this course covers all the necessary Research Methodology concepts. We strongly recommend you to follow the course while you are constructing your research paper alongside. As an extra help for you, each lecture has notes as an attachment while there are worksheets for each module that you can download and print. Finally, we added quizzes so that you can test your knowledge and get ready for exam from this topic.

Who is this course for?

This Research Methodology course is meant for both Bachelor and Master students in Business related fields, who intend to write either Research Thesis or Research Assignments

If you have a Research Methodology course as part of your university studies and you are preparing for an exam, this is the right online course for you!

If you are looking for a more advanced Research Methodology techniques, such as advanced quantitative analysis, this course is probably NOT for you as we are focusing on the basic level


Basic knowledge

There are no requirements of prior knowledge as we start from the very beginning

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