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Level 5 Property Bundle | Property Law, Survey, Marketing, Management & Development Training | No Hidden Fee

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180 CPD hours / points
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*18-in-1 Property Bundle*** Use Discount Code : ONLINE10 for extra 10% off ***

* FREE Certificates (Hardcopy+PDF) * FREE PDF Transcripts & Student ID * FREE Exam * Lifetime Access *

Dealing with property undoubtedly comes with a huge responsibility. It's also the largest investment people make. And it’s the duty of property managers to manage the real estate property and avoid any potential risk. This 18-in-1 Property bundle is the ultimate guideline for the property development sector that you won’t like to miss out on!

To become a skilful property development professional, you will need to gain a good command of Property Law, Property Development and Property Management, Building and Land Survey, Residential Property Sales, and Performance and Quality management. All these courses are included in this Property bundle that will help you to accelerate your career in property management. Here at Skill Up, we are determined to give you the best project management skills possible with this property management bundle.

By completing the Property bundle, you'll develop ultimate property management skills and gain the confidence to run your property business while maintaining a sheerly upward profit margin.

So, sign up for the all-inclusive Property bundle, and experience relentless development of in-demand property knowledge, skills and strategies within your property management career!

This Property Bundle Consists of the Following Courses:

  • Course 1: Estate Agent Diploma
  • Course 2: Project Management Complete Training
  • Course 3: Property Law
  • Course 4: Property Management Training
  • Course 5: Property Development Diploma
  • Course 6: Building Surveyor Training
  • Course 7: Land Surveyor
  • Course 8: Residential Property Sales
  • Course 9: UK Land Management Complete Training
  • Course 10: Negotiation and Agreement Training
  • Course 11: Property Business Training – Level 5
  • Course 12: Contract Management Training UK
  • Course 13: Contracts Law UK 2021
  • Course 14: Sales: Reading Body Language As A Sales Tool
  • Course 15: Mastering the Presentation Skills Course
  • Course 16: Facilities Services Manager – Level 5
  • Course 17: Marketing Masterclass
  • Course 18: Ultimate Persuasion Strategies Course

CPD accredited Property bundle is the most comprehensive bundle on property development now available online, offered by Skill up to upskill you with core to advanced property development ideas and escalate yourself as a peerless property development professional.

Being loaded with up-to-date property resources, this self-paced property bundle is truly ideal for all aspiring property management professionals. Let your property eLearning experience meet the utmost satisfying level by enrolling in our premium Property bundle now!

Learning Outcomes of this Property Bundle:

  • Know about the role of estate agents - starting from listing to selling a property
  • Get a deep understanding of project management in your property
  • Master the methods and techniques of building and property surveying
  • Know everything about property law and UK land management
  • Become a prominent potential in the residential property development and property sales sector
  • Grasp the basic skills of leadership and people management in property development
  • Enhance your knowledge and proficiency in property quality management

Property Bundle Specialities

  • 70 hours of instant video lectures and downloadable property resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality E-learning Property content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive 18 completion certificates upon completing the Property bundle.
  • An internationally recognised Certificate of Property will boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach of property development adopted by renowned Property experts.


After completing all the modules of the Property bundle, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the Property completion Final Exam with absolutely no extra cost.


This premium Property bundle comes with FREE PDF & Hardcopy Certificates, PDF Transcripts & Student ID Card, and it makes this Property bundle the perfect value for money.


180 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Quality Standards

Course media


***Course Curriculum***

** Property **

*Property Business Training - Level 5*

  • Property Business Training
  • Property -Estate Agents
  • Property -Listing Property :Finding the Sellers
  • Property -Valuation Process
  • Property -Negotiating
  • Property -Selling Property :Finding the Buyers
  • Property -Letting Property
  • Property -Technology
  • Property -Regulation
  • Property - Property Management Training
  • Property -Role & Responsibilities
  • Property -Listing Properties & Marketing
  • Property -Listing Process & Tenancy Agreement
  • Property - Property Management Process
  • Property -Keeping Tenants Long Term
  • Property -Regulations
  • Property -Changes in the UK Property Market
  • Property Development Diploma
  • Property -Different Type of Property
  • Property - Property Research
  • Property - Property Law
  • Property -Method of Finance
  • Property -Building Regulation
  • Property -The Planning Process
  • Property -Project Management
  • Property -Marketing Property
  • Property - Property Law & Taxation for Accountants & Lawyers
  • Property -Property Law
  • Property -Ownership
  • Property -Co-Ownership in Property
  • Property -Taxation on Capital Gains
  • Property -VAT
  • Property -Taxation Tips
  • Property -Real Estate Investor Training
  • Property - Property Development
  • Property -Land Law Principles- Rights & Interests
  • Property -Ownership, Co-ownership & Possession of the Property
  • Property -Lease Bailment, License, Mortgage & Insurance Laws
  • Property -Real Estate Investment
  • Property -Strategies for a Real Estate Investor
  • Property -Marketing Your Property
  • Property - Property Management Process
  • Property -Listing Properties & Marketing

*Estate Agent Diploma*

  • Property -Different Types of Estate Agents
  • Property -Getting Started on the Job
  • Property -Listing Property
  • Property -Valuation Process
  • Property -Negotiating
  • Property -Selling Property
  • Property -Letting Property
  • Property -Technology
  • Property -Regulation

*Project Management Complete Training*

  • Property -PMBOK & PMI
  • Property -Global Project Management
  • Property -Project Life Cycle
  • Property -Time Management
  • Property -Quality Management
  • Property -Effective Planning & Scheduling
  • Property -Human Resources
  • Property -Performance Management
  • Property -Talent Management
  • Property -Change Management
  • Property -Conflict Management
  • Property -Stress Management
  • Property -Communication Skills
  • Property -Procurement & Purchasing Management
  • Property -Risk Management

*Property Law*

  • Property - Property Law
  • Property -Land Law Principles
  • Property -Registered & Unregistered Land
  • Property -Ownership & Possession in Property
  • Property -Co-Ownership in Property
  • Property -Leases & Bailment in Property
  • Property - Property Law
  • Property -Mortgage Law in Property
  • Property -Insurance in Property
  • Property -Proprietary Estoppel in Property
  • Property -Security Interests in Property

*Property Training*

  • Property -Introduction to Property
  • Property - Property Training Overview
  • Property -Role & Responsibilities of a Property Manager
  • Property -Listing Properties & Marketing
  • Property -Letting Process & Tenancy Agreement
  • Property -The Property Process
  • Property -Keeping Tenants Long Term
  • Property -Regulations of Property
  • Property -Changes in the UK Property Market

*Property Development Diploma*

  • Property - Property Development
  • Property -Types of Property
  • Property - Property Research
  • Property - Property Laws
  • Property -Method of Finance
  • Property -Building Regulation
  • Property -The Planning Process
  • Property -Project Management
  • Property -Marketing Your Property

*Building Surveyor Training*

  • Property -Principles
  • Property -Requirements
  • Property -Procedures
  • Property -Beginning of Survey
  • Property -In-depth Survey in Walls
  • Property -Ground Level Investigation Floors
  • Property -Inspection through Joinery & Woodwork
  • Property -Finishes & Surfaces of the Building
  • Property -Defects in Other Services
  • Property -Report Writing

*Land Surveyor*

  • Property -Introduction
  • Property -Basics
  • Property -Instrumentation
  • Property -Methods & Techniques
  • Property -Topographic Surveying & Mapping
  • Property -Boundary Surveying
  • Property -Health & Safety

*Residential Property Sales*

  • Property -Residential Property Sales
  • Property -Valuation of Real Estate
  • Property -Law
  • Property -Residential Agency of Property Sales
  • Property -Finances Involved in Buying & Selling Property
  • Property - Property Appraisal & Basic Building Construction & Defects
  • Property -Records & Systems
  • Property -UK Tax on Property

*UK Land Management Complete Training*

  • Property -Introduction
  • Property -Use & Planning
  • Property -Soil Management
  • Property -Degradation & Management
  • Property -Weed Management
  • Property -Watershed Management
  • Property -Irrigation Management
  • Property -Tenure, Administration & Transection
  • Property -Registration & Acquisition
  • Property -Law

*Negotiation & Agreement Training*

  • Property -Giving Structure to Your Negotiation Strategy
  • Property -Preparation
  • Property -Understanding Your Partner's Point of View
  • Property -Discussing
  • Property -Proposing
  • Property -Bargaining
  • Property -Agreeing
  • Property -The Human Operating System
  • Property -Understanding Personality
  • Property -Using the Seven Steps at Home
  • Property -Avoiding Common Gambits

*Contract Management Training UK*

  • Property -The Stages
  • Property -Roles, Responsibilities & Career Opportunities
  • Property -Principles
  • Property -Classification
  • Property -Case Study
  • Property -Plan & Efficiency
  • Property -Risks, Disputes & Supplier Relation
  • Property -Negotiation, Variation & Changes
  • Property -Evaluation & KPI
  • Property -Contract Review, Challenges & Future

*Contracts Law UK 2021*

  • Property -Introduction
  • Property -Ministry of Justice
  • Property -Agreements & Contractual Intention
  • Property -Considerations & Capacities
  • Property -Terms
  • Property -Misinterpretations & Mistakes
  • Property -Consumer Protection
  • Property -Privity of Contract
  • Property -Insurance Contract Laws
  • Property -Contracts for Employees
  • Property -Considerations in International Trade Contracts
  • Property -Laws & Regulations for International Trade

*Sales: Reading Body Language As A Sales Tool*

  • Property -Introduction
  • Property -What’s Your Face & Body Saying?
  • Property -Mirroring & Leading
  • Property -Posture & Dressing Up
  • Property -Shaking Hands

*Mastering the Presentation Skills Course*

  • Property -Preparation
  • Property -Know Your Audience
  • Property -Consider Your Approach
  • Property -Make a Plan
  • Property -Strategies & Techniques
  • Property -Skills
  • Property -Effective Communication
  • Property -Verbal Communication
  • Property -Motivational Language
  • Property -Telling Stories
  • Property -Memorable Content
  • Property -RER Method
  • Property -Using Case Studies
  • Property -Calming the Nerves
  • Property -Practice
  • Property -Contingencies

*Facilities Services Manager - Level 5*

  • Property -Space Management
  • Property -Managing Workplace Services
  • Property -Human Resource & Contract Management
  • Property -Lease Purchase
  • Property -Vendor Management
  • Property -Health & Safety
  • Property -Sustainable Facility Management
  • Property -Maintenance & Repair
  • Property -Project Management
  • Property -Business Development
  • Property -Succession Planning

*Marketing Masterclass*

  • Property -Marketing Types
  • Property -Marketing Mix
  • Property -Communicating the Right Way
  • Property -Marketing Goals
  • Property -The Marketing Funnel

*Ultimate Persuasion Strategies Course*

  • Property -The Power To influence
  • Property -The 6 Master Principles
  • Property -Emotional Reasoning
  • Property -Powerful Tools
  • Property -Rapport Building

The Property bundle modules are more extended than the curriculum appears. Download our free resource to get a brief idea about the bundle syllabus.

Who is this course for?

Property Bundle

Since this comprehensive Property bundle comprises courses with basic to advanced insights, anyone even with no prior knowledge can enrol as well. This Property bundle will yield a strong foundation for the newbies. Besides, the experienced ones who are looking for updated resources to hone up their ideas and Property management

skills can certainly take the Property bundle to boost their career opportunities and raise the bar of silver lining!
So, anyone from any academic background can take this Property bundle.


Property Bundle

The Property bundle is open to anyone above 16 without any formal requirement. There are no specific requirements for enrolling in the Property bundle. All you need is a passion for learning and a smart internet-enabled device to access our premium Property bundle. Don’t worry. Our expert tutors and student assistants will be there round the clock.

We won’t ask for any specific prior education or experience against your desire to learn and climb the ladder of success. Enrol now in the Property bundle and start your learning journey.

Career path

Property Bundle

This Property Bundle will upskill you to build a thriving career in the following professional sector:

  • Accommodation Warden (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £19,000 to £28,000)
  • Construction Manager (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £27,000 to £65,000)
  • Property Manager

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