Project Management : Six Sigma

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Level 5 Diploma Project Management : Six Sigma (Certificate of Achievement)
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Project Management : Six Sigma

Six Sigma Level 5 Diploma of Achievement. Improve and expand your career prospects starting right now, with this exclusive Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma! Study online with Brentwood Open Learning College, for the opportunity to earn an advanced diploma from a recognised awarding body!

Project Management : Six Sigma

The Six Sigma approach to project management is concerned with building a deeper understanding of customer expectations, enhancing the performance of key systems throughout the organisation and ultimately boosting the prosperity and profitability of the business. Effective application of Six Sigma can improve a company’s products, services and core processes at all levels. From product development to manufacturing to administration to sales and marketing, Six Sigma targets improved performance through the careful analysis of underlying processes and the elimination of waste. First introduced in the 1980s by Motorola, the Six Sigma philosophy has helped major brands like Toshiba, Boeing and GE improve almost every aspect of their performance.

Discover what makes Six Sigma a uniquely effective and versatile philosophy in the field of project management! Study in your own time and at your own pace, for the chance to earn an endorsed Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma! Open to current and prospective project managers alike, course content examines the implementation and continuous optimisation of the Six Sigma framework. Key topics discussed include project risk management, the effective use of management tools for generating ideas, a breakdown of the project life cycle and the fundamentals of Six Sigma. No prior knowledge or experience is required, with full tutor support provided by your assigned expert tutor.

With enrolment open 365 days a year, your career as a successful project manager starts today!


Level 5 Diploma Project Management : Six Sigma (Certificate of Achievement)
Awarded by ABC Awards

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Project Management : Six Sigma

Course Benefits

Our exclusive courses are open to proactive candidates worldwide, free from the usual entry-requirements and time-restrictions. Study for an advanced Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma and enjoy the following benefits:

  • High-quality course materials and all learning resources required to successfully complete the course.
  • The feedback and consultancy of your own personally-assigned tutor, every step of the way.
  • No additional fees following the initial course purchase price for unbeatable value for money.
  • Flexible and accessible distance learning, with no deadlines or time-restrictions imposed at any time.
  • The opportunity to boost your long-term prospects with a fully-endorsed Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to help existing and prospective project managers alike fast-track their progression up the career ladder. The Six Sigma DMAIC process (define, measure, analyse, improve, control) can be applied in almost any project management setting, ensuring ongoing processes perform at a consistent level while in pursuit of continuous improvement. Ultimately, the effective application of Six Sigma can have a positive impact on the performance and efficiency of almost any organisational process. In such a competitive job market, project leaders with advanced Six Sigma expertise enjoy a distinct edge over the competition.

Comprising seven fascinating units, this advanced Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma provides a crash-course introduction to this extraordinary theoretical framework. Your assigned tutor will provide all the support you need to successfully complete the course, after which your acquired knowledge and skills can be put to use in the practical setting of your choosing. From newcomers to veteran project managers, this exclusive Six Sigma Diploma could transform your career prospects for life.

Upon completion of this Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma, successful candidates will have explored a series of essential concepts such as:

  • The basics of Six Sigma and its applications
  • The business-wide benefits of the Six Sigma framework
  • How to work with a variety of project management tools
  • Helpful tools and resources for generating ideas
  • A detailed breakdown of the project life cycle
  • The importance of pursuing continuous improvement
  • An overview of project risk management
  • The value of building strong customer relationships
  • The confidence to thrive in a project management setting

Course Outline

Our exclusive distance learning programmes represent the combined works of seasoned academics and experienced industry leaders. This Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma is delivered over the course of seven intensive units, each concluding with an online assessment. Key topics and theory covered are as follows:

Unit 1: Six Sigma Basics

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Basics of Six Sigma
  • Difference between DMAIC and DMADV
  • Project Management: A Challenging Field
  • Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology
  • Six Sigma Challenges
  • Plus more

Unit 2: Project Improvement Tools

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Tools for project Improvement
  • Check Sheets and Flowcharts
  • Scatter Diagrams and Histograms
  • Pareto Analysis, Control Charts and Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
  • Improvement Tool Activity
  • Plus more

Unit 3: Management Tools for Generating Ideas

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Tools for Generating ideas
  • Brainstorming and Affinity Diagrams
  • Other Idea Generating Techniques
  • Plus more

Unit 4: Project Life cycle

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Initiation
  • Strategic Plan
  • Product Description
  • Historical Information
  • Project Selection Criteria
  • Determining the Project Goals
  • Project Deliverables
  • Identifying the Key Stakeholders
  • The Project Overview Document
  • Identifying the Project Constraints
  • Managing Constraints
  • Project Sponsor
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Plus more

Unit 5: Continuous Improvement

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Six Sigma Continuous Improvement project
  • Analyze the process data
  • Improve the performance of the process
  • Control the improved process.
  • DMAIC steps for Carry out a continuous improvement project
  • Plus more

Unit 6: Project Risk Management

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Planning for Risk Management
  • Referring to the Project Charter
  • Relying on Risk Management Policies
  • Considering Roles and Responsibilities
  • Examining Stakeholder Tolerance
  • Using a Risk Management Plan Template
  • Creating the Risk Management Plan
  • Methodology
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Identifying the Project Risks
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Completing Qualitative Analysis
  • Implementing Risk Monitoring and Control
  • Examining the Results of Risk Monitoring and Control
  • Plus more

Unit 7: Customer Relationships

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Obtaining Customer Feedback
  • Reliability
  • Assurance
  • Tangible
  • Empathy
  • Responsiveness
  • Plus more

Who is this course for?

Project Management : Six Sigma

Project management has become an increasingly desirable and competitive specialist field worldwide. This Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma course has been designed for ambitious candidates looking to climb to the very top of the career ladder. A detailed understanding of the mechanics and potential applications of Six Sigma could work wonders for your career prospects in any project management setting. Open to newcomers and existing members of the workforce alike, a fully-endorsed Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma could prove instrumental in helping you achieve your objectives. Business owners and managers at all levels could also find this advanced project management course invaluable.

We work hard to provide open and accessible distance learning programmes for ambitious candidates worldwide. With no time-restrictions, no deadlines and no prior knowledge or experience required, your application for enrolment is guaranteed to be accepted. Best of all, we provide every text and learning resource required to complete the course in the initial purchase price. Affordable online education, with no compromise!

Get started on your Level 5 Six Sigma Project Management Diploma today, or contact our dedicated student support team for more information!


Project Management : Six Sigma

We do not ask for any previous qualification or experience.There is no particular entry requirement.

Endorsed Certificate of Achievement

At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £120 accreditation fee.There are £9 postal charges for the UK students and £15 for the non UK students.

Certificate of Completion from BOLC

Certificate of Completion from BOLC (soft copy) can be claimed for £10. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25 + postal charges (£9 for UK students, £15 for outside UK)

Career path

Project Management : Six Sigma

By studying for a Level 5 Six Sigma Diploma, you stand to benefit from more dynamic career prospects in the field of project management. Typical roles and job titles include the following:

  • Implementation Manager
  • Associate Project Manager
  • Project Management Assistant
  • Project Communications Officer
  • P.Co-ordinator
  • Project Support Officer
  • Programme Office Co-ordinator

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