Programming with ECMAScript 2015 [Video]

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Video Description

Although JavaScript is extremely powerful and flexible, it's often criticized for having unnecessary redundancy. Therefore, JavaScript developers often use abstractions such as CoffeeScript and Typescript, which provide easier syntax, powerful features, and compile to JavaScript. ES6 was introduced to improve JavaScript and ensure that developers no longer needed to use abstractions or other techniques to write quality code, which was becoming a lengthy process.

Style and Approach

To help viewers grasp JavaScript implementation of ECMAscript.


What You Will Learn

  • JavaScript & its history
  • Understanding ECMAScript – its birth & history
  • Advancements in data handling
  • Working with new collections feature
  • Creating modular code
  • Improvements in standard library

Authors: Lohith G. N.

Lohith G. N. hails from Mysore, India and currently resides in Bangalore, India. He has over 15 years of software development experience. He comes from a production engineering background but ended up in software development thanks to the FORTRAN language that he learnt during his graduation days. He is well versed with the .NET platform. He has experience building web applications, Windows applications, and service-oriented architecture.

Lohith has been awarded Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for last 7 years in a row for his contribution to Microsoft .NET Community in India.

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