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Zane Louw

About us


My name is Zane. I was born in Latvia and I speak Latvian, Russian & English. I have work experience in Sales, Tourism, Retail and Translation. I have studied Tourism and took courses about teaching. I have traveled to different countries, and are globally minded.

My course structure is made simplistic and easy to understand. Some lessons are longer, some shorter, and the reason is that it's easier for students to grasp all the information like that. Especially, when they have a load of grammar and vocabulary in each lesson to learn. I also added examples like sentences and dialogues, which I translate by word. 

This is course is for anyone, who:

  • is interested in learning a new language;
  • improve existing Latvian language skills;
  • is interested in Baltic States languages.

After finishing the courses you will:

  • improve your linguistic skills;
  • learn how to spell words with specific characters like ,č, ž'.

Enjoy the learning!

Why choose us

I have more than +1000 students learning from my courses.

And my goal is to help my students to learn a new language as easy as possible, and I teach as understandable as possible.