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University of Sunderland

About us

The University of Sunderland is an internationally recognised University for quality teaching and research, providing higher education since 1901. As one of the first University’s to introduce higher and degree apprenticeships, we are at the forefront of work-based learning and have been providing cost effective, established apprenticeship programmes in collaboration with organisations across all sectors.

The University has helped businesses grow through the development of skills and knowledge relevant to job roles and supported individuals within the workforce to reach personal career goals.

Higher and degree apprenticeships are designed to fit around work commitments covering a range of subject areas to ensure that employees acquire the latest top-level industry relevant education.

For the apprentice, our programmes provide flexibility to obtain a university qualification, whilst earning a salary, free from the worry of debt, as the employer can access levy funding to cover the costs of tuition.

This contemporary approach to work-based learning is proving increasingly popular and further highlights the significant demand for employer led apprenticeships.

The University of Sunderland co design apprenticeships with regional and national organisations, covering areas from digital and technology, to leadership and training, teaching, engineering, healthcare and business. This industry led approach enables apprentices to learn new skills and applying them straight into the business, this is not only a huge positive for the organisation but also enhances the employees’ career and aspirational goals.

Why choose us

Embarking on an apprenticeship with the University of Sunderland allows apprentices to access world-leading academics, research, facilities and more.

The University has developed strong links with employers who consult throughout to guarantee that the programmes are designed and developed to meet industry requirements and to address any knowledge and skills gaps. The engagement ensures that the apprenticeship programmes are current, reflect job roles and help lead the way for the future.

Choosing a higher and degree apprenticeship route will enable you to:

  • Access a university qualification without the worry of tuition fees
  • Complete higher education in work time enabling you to ‘Learn while you earn’
  • Gain deepened specialist knowledge in your chosen subject area and apply this in your role at work
  • Enhance your career prospects and progression opportunities

Apprentices find that higher and degree apprenticeships offer the perfect solution to obtaining a university degree whilst working.

One of our apprentices, ‘Matthew Graham’ turned to a Degree Apprenticeship when he needed to further strengthen his knowledge and experience as a software developer on major health projects for the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). 

Matthew shared his experience, “From the very first module, I’ve been discovering so much, and it’s been so exciting to learn brand new tools. The motivation behind the degree was really understanding software development IT and being able to progress and understand the nuts and bolts and know the answer of have tools to give an answer. 

The apprenticeship has really opened my eyes to applied qualification which are hugely useful in the workplace. I am going to get a Masters degree out of it, but the apprenticeship side is fantastic because it’s applied knowledge I can take back into my work with the NHS.”