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About us

T. Livingston is the author of Trading Within the Box: Early Entry Points for Breakout Traders, Swing Into It: A Simple System for Trading Pullbacks to the 50-Day Moving Average, and The Education of a Trader. He is widely followed on Twitter for both his educational content and market analysis. After struggling for years to make money in the markets, he was able to drastically turn his trading around through a combination of risk management techniques, buying and selling tactics, psychology, and spirituality. You can learn more about him, his trading courses, and his market insights by following him on Twitter, @TLivingstonBlog.

Why choose us

"This course exceeded my expectations. It is well-planned and thought out. The instructor explains the stock market in a fun and easy to understand manner. I would recommend this course to anyone who's a intermediate level in trading. I like to look at the case studies section once and a while for further reference as it is great to see how everything in the course comes together in actual trades."— Michael

"Through Tom's teachings, I was able to learn the benefits of technical analysis and how to use them to better my trading. Fantastic instructor."- George

"Very clear, the course builds upon each topic in an easy to understand way. Tom draws you in with each topic through his enthusiasm. I often refer back to each section for further review and study. I'm really glad I purchased this course."      — Joe

"After following T. Livingston on Twitter and through his blog, I decided to enroll in this course. He is very knowledagle and explains how to trade in an easy to understand way. I have recommended this course to others I know to help them with trading."— Xavier