The National Extension College

About us

Our mission is simple: NEC seeks to widen learning opportunities for learners who want flexible delivery of excellent and innovative courses.

We help our students to open doors to their futures, through life-changing learning. In particular we offer educational opportunities and second-chance learning to people for whom attending regular classes at school or college would not be possible.

The College was founded in 1963 by Michael Young and Brian Jackson as a forerunner for the Open University. Writing at the time, Michael Young said; “We were searching for education without institution, learning while earning, courses which people of all ages could take in their own time, at their own pace.”

Why choose us

For more than 55 years the National Extension College have forged a reputation for the highest quality learning materials and innovation in distance learning, alongside a deep commitment to providing exceptional support to our learners at every stage of their learning experience. Our tried and tested infrastructure, approach and materials fully support the needs of 21st century learners.