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Techway Placements

About us

Techway Placements is an experienced recruitment agency that provides a full range of recruitment services for the IT sector within the UK. At Techway placements we strongly believe that while good products or services as well as high value proposition are essential for IT companies to achieve success, their long term growth can only be driven by the quality of people they hire and keep. This belief is what inspires us to provide strategic recruitment solutions to local companies that will enable them to find talented individuals to join their teams. At Techway Placements we make use of our background and expertise in recruitment to effectively attract, interview, assess, and select candidates, who have the skills and abilities needed to take on specific roles and perform functions according to required standards.

Why choose us

Aside from catering to local IT companies, at Techway Placements we also assist job seekers and returning workers in finding work opportunities within the sector that are a good fit for their experience and qualifications. We help them get their CVs in order and prepare for interviews so they can land the jobs they desire. We also provide mentoring and work experience programs that candidates can use to grow their experience, skills and potentials, which can then contribute in the achievement of their career goals.