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Shaher Yar Hamid

About us

I m a UI/UX Designer at Uixels. My basic expertise is UI/UX Designing and different software like Adobe Technologies for editing. I am also a team member of micro tech X where I work in the specialized field of Web Designing and Mobile App Designing.

I'm a passionate UI/UX designer having professional experience in designing user-friendly interfaces with a unique approach in mind for my students around the globe. I am an expert in the arrangements of pixels within the boundary of international standards in my own creative way.

Whether you are just starting out, or are a grizzled veteran in the field, I will provide you courses to help you take your career to the next level.

Why choose us

Here Are some of my 5-star student reviews:

Scott B. *****

''I really like the overall structure of the course including cro optimization techniques like authenticity, scarcity, etc. which I could not find on any other course. thanks!''

Robt M. *****

''I really enjoyed the course and it has improved my knowledge of software I have used for years and I totally recommend this course for anybody interested in UI/UX design.''

Jose Roberto Bueno M. *****

''Coming from a beginner I believe the course was very useful. I would recommend this to anyone that is new to this field and is interested in a step-by-step introduction to power apps.''