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About us

Sellinstruct is an Inside Sales Training & Job Placement program for college grads & career starters wanting to land a job in tech without coding skills. 

No idea how to break into tech? Don't wait until someone opens the door for you. Sellinstruct will help you create your own pathway and get you to an entry-level tech sales job where you can make £45,000 in the first year. 

Take These Simple Steps to Your Dream Career:

Complete Course

The first step of your transformation to becoming a SalesBeast will be participating in our immersive 5-day long course either online or on-site in Budapest. Learn the fundamentals to rock at your future sales jobs.

Go Through 1on1 Coaching

After completing the intensive course, your transformation is not over. In fact, it has just begun! We’ll have weekly coaching sessions to reinforce your freshly acquired sales knowledge. This way, we make sure you get the support in those areas you need the most.

Finish Assignments

Sounds scary, right? It is not. We’ll rehearse real-life scenarios & test your sales skills with relevant assignments. No essays, no bs… Just real stuff that you will do daily.

Land a Job. Together.

Lastly, we’ll be there next to you when you need us most - applying to jobs. We won’t teach you how to write CVs, OK a little bit maybe. Instead, you’ll get to know the best tricks & hacks to nail your interviews and land your first junior sales (SDR) job.

Why choose us

Our program is designed to prepare you for a successful career based on your individual needs. Sellinstruct knows how sales is done today, we don't teach old-school stuff that has been irrelevant for a decade. We've been, are and always going to be SDRs at heart.  

After completing the intensive training sessions, you'll go through our 2-month long continuous coaching to make sure you get our support in areas you need most - let it be job search, sales skills or using sales tools. You can ping us anytime regarding your questions.

We designed our course to be engaging, interactive, concise and affordable.

In a 5-day long program, you get to know your future career. How does the course look like?

Introduction To Technology

We will lay the foundation around the tech industry and the startup ecosystem. You are going to learn about how fast-growing organizations at different funding stages are in great need of modern sales professionals aka “SalesBeasts”.

You’ll see what the Sales Funnel looks like, what your day job is going to be and how it impacts the entire sales organization.

Sales Development Training Vol.1.

You’ll understand how different sales methodologies can serve you in different use-cases, as well as how sales has changed & what it’s all about.

Sales Development Training Vol.2.

We’ll dig into the ins and outs of different prospecting strategies from old-school to transformative approaches in Sales Development such as Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Social Selling & Branding, Video Prospecting and Corporate Gifting.

And of course, our outbound Silver Bullet which will only be shared with potential SalesBeasts in our program.

Sales Tools Training

We’re putting the foundations into action by learning more about how sales tools can assist you in your day job.

There are certain skills that are required of you to qualify for jobs as an applicant so we will teach you the absolute “must-know” platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, DiscoverOrg, LinkedIn, Outreach and Salesloft.

Jobsearch & Interview Training

The last day, we’ll focus on the most important part. Selling what you’ve learned to employers.

As a top SDR, you cannot be submitting resumes and waiting for answers from Hiring Managers…

That’s old-school and careless. You have to be proactive to stand out from the crowd. We’ll show you how.