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Progressive Property Ventures LLP

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About us

Who are Progressive?

Progressive Property is a UK-based property investment education and property development company founded in January 2007 by Rob Moore and Mark Homer. We are dedicated to helping both new and professional investors build up their property portfolios, via a vast array of multimedia, events and face-to-face strategies. We have books, online courses, an internationally-renowned podcast, local and national property networking events, where attendees hear directly from the UK's leading property investors and entrepreneurs. There is something for everyone at Progressive.

Progressive believe in creating and living a life of freedom, choice and profit. We
believe life is best lived as a continual journey towards knowing, making and
giving more. Empowering the greatness already within everyone. Making money
and making a difference.

The Progressive Values:

- The Progressive values are: Progressive. Innovative. Personal.

- Progressive in that we are always learning, growing, serving and solving.

- Innovative in that we look at embracing and pre-empting change rather
  than being disrupted by it.

- Personal in that we care. We are available and accessible. We build
  communities not machines.

Virtual events & online courses

Online and virtual events: As well as in person events, we have created a new timetable of web classes/webinars and online course for you to learn as much as you like, all from the comfort of your own home.


Why choose us

What do Progressive do?

Progressive exist to Inspire and empower worldwide financial security, freedom and choice by making financial education, investment and asset building accessible to

To bring an expanding community of like minded people together and break
down personal and financial barriers.

To give people belief, tools and support to help change people’s lives.

How can Progressive Help You?

We educate and build communities around property, online business, personal
branding and speaking, and general business and personal development.
Progressive deliver value to you through books, audio and podcasts, online and
physical courses, masterminds, mentorships and retreats. We believe that
traditional education may make you a living, but self-education could make you a

What do Progressive stand for and why are we unique?

We believe that traditional education may make you a living, but self-education
could make you a fortune. We teach AND we do; creating and sharing multiple
streams of income:

Not only do we walk the walk and test strategies on ourselves first, and not
only have we created more success stories to our knowledge than any
other UK training provider, but we have trained many of the trainers and
competitors in the marketplace.

We have created large yet very personal communities and accountability
environments that get results.

- Invest for freedom, choice and profit.

- Make money and a difference.

- Know more, make more and give more.


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