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Polino UK Ltd

About us

Polino (UK) is college/training centre located in Ilford. It has been providing services to the community in the form of information, advice and guidance (IAG), education and training since 2008. 

Our highest priority is to positively change our learners' lives by helping them learn skills and knowledge that will net them a better chance at finding employment and the confidence to reach new heights. We are committed to providing our learners with education that will benefit their personal and professional development.

At the core of our success is our dedicated staff who carries out teaching and administrative duties with care and competence. They are determined to provide the highest standard of education at all times and our policies are aligned to the UK's Quality Code for Higher Education.

Polino provides classroom-based, distance and blended learning for students nationwide. We have a range of courses and NVQ qualifications but we specialise in Employability Skills and Healthcare-related courses.

Last of all, the courses we offer are funded, so if you meet the eligibility criteria, the course is essentially free of cost. 

Why choose us


Courses are fully funded so long as you meet the eligibility requirement. If you do not meet the requirements to be fully funded, we will try to keep the costs to a minimum with flexible payment options. No hidden fees. 


We offer a range of courses from Employability to office-based courses to Healthcare. We also have adult skills in the form of Functional Skills and Digital Skills if you need require Maths, English and IT.


Our online can be accessed by students at any location any time of the day: early morning; late at night. This will allow them to create their own schedule without being tied down by regular learning hours and makes us a great choice for those who need to balance their work and family commitments. 


We have been in the industry since 2009 Veteran college with over 10 years of experience in the Employability and Healthcare sector.


Well-trained staff in carrying out administrative and/or teaching duties with care and competence.