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Nuyew Tech Academy

About us

Welcome to the Nuyew Tech Academy

The Nuyew Tech Academy has been launched to inspire the next generation of Tech talent and provide 1st Class Education and Employment Support to anyone looking to enter the Tech Industry.

With over 20 years’ experience in business, education and recruitment, I developed and launched the Nuyew Tech Academy to provide students with a genuine high-quality educational establishment that delivers 100% on its promises of getting students into work.

Experience has taught me that to enable people to get from zero to a high-quality position within the Tech Industry in a relatively short space of time requires not only excellent education and Industry Recognised Qualifications but also relevant and valuable work experience and an extensive network of leading employers. At the Nuyew Tech Academy we have joined all these vital components together to inspire our students and deliver world class results.

Thank-you for choosing the Nuyew Tech Academy and we look forward to welcoming you soon!


Jonathan Davies

Founder and CEO

Why choose us

The Nuyew Tech Academy was launched by our Founder and CEO Jonathan to inspire the next generation of Tech Talent and is based on a passion to provide the very best education and employment opportunities to people of all backgrounds and ages looking to enter the Tech Industry.

Our reason for being is to ensure that anyone looking to enter the Tech Industry is given the very best advice, guidance, training and support once they have committed to embarking on an exciting new career in the Tech Industry.

Our core expertise lies in delivering Fast Track Career Programmes that take you from wherever you are today into the Tech Career of your dreams. Our hardworking, passionate and supportive team will support you every step of the way until you are fully qualified and into the right role for you. However, we don’t stop there and will continue to support you throughout your new Career.