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About us

About Ishavida:

At Ishavida, we are more than just a service provider – we are your partners in creating meaningful and sustainable changes within the Tech and Finance sectors. Our expertise lies in crafting Tailored Employee Wellness & Sustainability Solutions that address the unique challenges faced by individuals in these industries.

We understand that the fast-paced nature of technology and finance often takes a toll on employee wellbeing. Our core focus is to bring about a positive shift by offering holistic wellbeing solutions. Our approach is rooted in three essential pillars: Ayurveda-inspired personal transformation, biophilic indoor environments consulting services, and an unwavering commitment to wider ecological integrity.

Ayurveda-Inspired Personal Transformation: We believe that true wellbeing begins with self-discovery and personal growth. Our programs draw inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, fostering mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and creating resilience among individuals in your organization. By helping employees embark on a journey of self-awareness, we aim to empower them to navigate their roles with balance and purpose.

Biophilic Indoor Environments Consulting Services: Nature has an innate ability to heal and inspire. Through our consulting services, we seamlessly merge the benefits of nature with your corporate spaces. By incorporating biophilic design principles, we create indoor environments that promote tranquility, creativity, and overall wellbeing. These spaces serve as a reminder of the harmony that nature brings.

Wider Ecological Integrity at Our Core: Beyond the walls of your office, our commitment extends to the health of the planet. We believe that corporate wellbeing is intertwined with environmental sustainability. At Ishavida, we advocate for conscious design choices and sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier ecosystem. Our ethos aligns your corporate values with a greener and more resilient future.

Our goal at Ishavida is to be a catalyst for positive change. We take pride in partnering with organizations to foster a work culture that prioritizes both employee wellness and environmental consciousness. Through Ayurveda-inspired personal growth, biophilic design, and an unwavering dedication to ecological integrity, we aim to shape a brighter and more harmonious future for the Tech and Finance sectors.

Why choose us

Why Choose Ishavida:

At Ishavida, we offer a distinctive blend of expertise and values that set us apart as a partner of choice for your wellness and sustainability needs. Our approach is characterized by a holistic trilogy, guided by the visionary leadership of founder Sonja Breuer, an MSc in Ayurveda with a strong foundation in science. We stand out through our unwavering commitment to Creating Health, with Ayurvedic principles and ecological considerations providing vital support to this overarching objective.

A Unique Holistic Trilogy: Our approach is not just about addressing one aspect of your organization's needs; it's about tending to the interconnected layers that contribute to holistic wellness. We believe in a trilogy of personal transformation, biophilic indoor environments, and wider ecological integrity. This multifaceted approach ensures that we touch upon physical, mental, and environmental aspects, creating a harmonious and sustainable ecosystem within your organization.

Founder Sonja Breuer's Expertise: Our founder, Sonja Breuer, brings a rare blend of academic achievement and profound experience to Ishavida. Holding an MSc in Ayurveda rooted in science, Sonja's deep understanding of both traditional wisdom and modern knowledge forms the bedrock of our services. This unique blend allows us to offer solutions that are both evidence-based and spiritually grounded.

Creating Health as the Cornerstone: Our primary focus revolves around Creating Health – a concept that transcends mere absence of illness. We work tirelessly to help your employees cultivate vitality, resilience, and balance in their lives. Ayurvedic principles, with their time-tested wisdom, play a pivotal role in this journey. By integrating these principles into modern lifestyles, we empower individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional spheres.

Ecological Principles as Enablers: While our central goal is Creating Health, we are acutely aware of the interdependence between individual wellbeing and the health of our planet. This is where our ecological principles come into play. By incorporating eco-conscious design and sustainable practices, we ensure that our solutions not only benefit your employees but also contribute positively to the environment.

Choosing Ishavida means embracing a holistic trilogy approach guided by the expertise of Sonja Breuer, grounded in Ayurveda and science. Our commitment to Creating Health, alongside our attention to ecological principles, reflects our dedication to fostering wellbeing that extends beyond boundaries. We invite you to partner with us for a journey of transformation, harmony, and sustainability within your organization.