Milton Keynes College

About us

Milton Keynes College's sole aim is to be the best general Further Education College in the country and deliver the highest quality education to all learners.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a college, to be the best, it is essential to have a vision of success and at Milton Keynes College we strive to engrain this in all who walk through our doors.

Welcoming those who want to learn and improve. We will seek to meet individual needs where appropriate and possible.

Building the strongest partnerships with our communities, businesses and all with an interest in making Milton Keynes city and its people stronger.

Working to grow the city’s economy and create greater opportunities for all.

Why choose us

We believe these things individually and as a group. They guide our day-to-day decision making. This is how we set out to achieve them

To inspire - where everyone motivates, engages, challenges, and stretches each other
To strive for excellence - where everyone recognises their own potential and becomes the best they can be
To demonstrate integrity - where everyone is committed to being open in all we do and to be honest and do the right thing
To show respect - where we listen, consider the views of others and value everyone
To innovate - where new ideas and thinking are generated around people, products and processes

The College’s 2013-2017 Strategic Plan offers a vibrant vision for the future success of the institution and all its partners, reflecting the aspirations of our students, staff, employers and other key stakeholders across the city.