Live Online Academy

About us

Our online professional training courses cover a wide range of subjects through specialised Live Online Academies including Nutrition, Photography, Web, Marketing, Financial and Personal Development & Vocational. Led by expert tutors with professional experience in their field, courses are suitable for all experience levels, and also include live lectures and interactive experiences.

Each course teaches through practical methods so students can apply their new skills immediately. Above all, students have all-day access to course materials, which allows them to work at their own pace around personal obligations on a variety of digital devices. Each student's learning experience is enhanced by one-to-one interaction with lecturers and students from around the world.

Join us and learn from the very best professionals in their field, from anywhere, at any time, in an affordable, accessible and convenient manner. We constantly refine our courses, in real time, so the webinars you attend today will give you the most up to date, relevant and best learning experience on the planet.

Why choose us

Live’ is a cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for. We focus on live interactive education, where our results speak for themselves, as we have yet to see the alternative work. We o?er an educational experience that is unrivaled due to the fact our content is presented LIVE meaning we can amend our lessons in line with current events a?ecting our topics in real time, whilst truly improving each lesson quite literally by the day.

Our Students can and do:

Truly learn their subject matter and trade, whilst achieving their goals

Watch recordings of live lessons at any time of day in their member login area

Engage with other users, tutors, and educators alike in our own thriving communities

Ask questions to tutors mid-lesson and receive real-time responses

Attend live lessons at convenient times for them

Email and phone with further queries, always receiving prompt responses

Re-attend as often as they see ?t live – students have access to new content within the subject as our live courses are constantly updated in line with new ?ndings 

People want and need to truly learn new skills, it is in our DNA, we evolve, we adapt, we further ourselves, it is part of what makes us human. We do not accept our current circumstances, we aspire, we dream, we achieve.