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Let's Master Courses

About us

Hello, I'm Jade and I create online courses to help you build confidence in business and improve your English language.

I am a native English and have spent 10 years working with various non-native speakers, so I know the pitfalls in pronunciation! My experience has helped me to develop a series of courses full of hints and tips to help making learning English a fun and productive process.

I have also spent the last decade building my own business, and now offer my own independent business coaching for all levels. The courses I have developed focus on the key skills needed in business, whatever your position, in order to be successful. Each course is curated using my own experience and are easily digestible by focusing on the fundamentals.


Why choose us

"Excellent course - I'm already learning a lot of valuable information about developing my customer service skills"
Kieran - Customer Service Excellence

"A really useful course. I've taken a lot of information away from this course which I'm looking forward to implementing. Thank you."
Kathryn - Agile Project Management

"Through this course, I learned the fundamentals of digital marketing deeply. thank you."
Mohammed - Digital Marketing Fundamentals

"Brilliant course. This has really helped me better understand how to improve my sales. The tutor explains everything really well and the course has given me much more confidence in how I approach selling."
Linda - Mastering the Art of Selling
"Loving this course so far; I'm learning so much."
Mark - Excellence in Leadership
"Great course"
Joseph - Customer Service Excellence
"This course was very informative."
Flavia - Excellence in Leadership
"Excellent short term course"
Shared - Agile Project Management 
""Management Speak" & "Emails" - sections of this Course explained well. Thank you"
Kishore - Let's Master Business English
"To be perfectly honest, I loved this course because it was useful and interesting. It also has a lot of ambiguous words that I never come across."
Ahmed - Let's Master Synonyms & Antonyms