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Learning Academy Private Limited

About us

We are an AAT Approved training provider based in Milton Keynes. We provide online distance learning courses for accountancy and bookkeeping qualifications accredited by the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians).

We specialise in working with professionals already working in the accounting/finance industry, professionals looking for a career change, and businesses looking to train their accounts/finance staff. Around 40% of our students are sponsored by their employers.

We also work closely with small business owners and self-employed professionals interested in understanding how to manage their finances.

We were shortlisted by the AAT for their "Best new training provider" and "Best use of e-learning" awards in 2016. 

Why choose us

What our students say about us:

  • Standard of teaching - 9.6/10 
  • Overall support & guidance - 9.7/10
  • Quality of resources provided - 9.7/10
  • 100% would recommend us

(2022 Student Feedback Survey conducted by the AAT)

We support learning for life

Our orientation is towards learning the topics first by understanding them. Memorising just to pass the exams and mastering a few short-cuts is rote-learning and we do not support that. We want you to learn the topics, ask questions, challenge the notions, pass the exams and then take it further to build your career and further studies. A mere 'pass' allows you to claim the qualification in your CV. Learning takes you further – it remains with you and lays foundation for career progression.

Learning is a cognitive process – it happens in your mind. No one but you can make it happen. Our role, therefore, is to facilitate the process and create an environment where you move from known (your current knowledge and skills) to unknown (new frontiers of knowledge).

The more you understand the topic, less you have to remember. That is learning for life.

Our lecturers have industry experience

Our lecturers have experience in trade and industry. We strongly believe that to teach accounting as a subject, one needs to have relevant and practical industrial experience. Our lecturers, therefore, do not deliver lectures just reading from the books. They talk from their experience and share their practical skills.