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Leadapreneur Academy

About us

Today, we live in an "innovate or die" reality; this extreme change is happening because we are shifting from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0. This course was created to help professionals like you discover the opportunities and dangers of this new age and teach you how to navigate them successfully. We teach you how to use cutting-edge tools and techniques to lead digitalization and innovation in your organization. Our clients include Citibank, DBS, UOB, AXA Insurance, OCBC, Axiata, Hong Leong, CIMB, Public Bank, SGX, Great Eastern and more. They trust us to guide their people into Industry 4.0 and we hope you will too.

About Leadapreneur:

We help companies accelerate their people and culture into industry 4.0 by upgrading managers into leadapreneurs. Leadapreneurs are agile digital innovators who can rapidly deliver solutions that grow the business in AVUCAT realities. 

About the course creator:

Jan is a futurist and an expert on helping organizations create innovation at scale by building agile ecosystems that are run by "leadapreneurs" (not managers).

CEO of Leadapreneur, an innovation consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Jan sees first-hand the reality of Industry 4.0 and digital disruption in his daily work with his clients. He consistently sees 2 kinds of incumbent firms; those who are being disrupted and those who don’t know they are being disrupted. In recognition of this, Jan has built his expertise in awakening employees, management, and senior leaders to today’s ‘Innovate or Die’ reality, engaging them to discuss how they need to change and helping them to transform their people, business, and culture to succeed in Industry 4.0

Described as a "bold and visionary disruptor", Jan has spent the last decade researching and developing the most cutting-edge insights into leadership and innovation. Today, his ideas present some of the most powerful and exciting methodologies in the innovation space. His work is grounded in the fundamental principles of systems science and he has published his own research in peer-reviewed papers in this field. He is also one of the first people in the world to have earned an MSc in Systems Science. Jan takes the incredible insights of complexity science and presents them in a crystal-clear manner to corporate audiences backed up with compelling case studies and real-world examples. Jan’s energy, charisma and strength allow him to connect with his audiences and take them on a compelling journey to explore agile innovation in today’s disrupted and digital world.

In his spare time, Jan enjoys rugby, kite-surfing, PC gaming, board games, and a good party.

Why choose us

1. This is a certified and accredited course.

2. The course has over 2200 positive reviews on multiple online platforms.

“Leadapreneur is your sharpest and most succinct resource to understand the complexity of modern disruptive challenges and to marshal your resources to act fast, smart, and bravely. This journey has beautifully coalesced modern corporate chaos into a succinct series of “aha” moments, precise language, and relevant strategies that I am certain to give us an edge to not just survive, but to thrive!”

- John Lin, CEO of Grasshopper Singapore, Global leader in high-frequency trading & cryptocurrencies

"This course is beyond expectation! The way the instructor presents is extremely awesome! It makes the whole course very interesting, and not to mention the beautiful S-curve graph at the end of every session to summarize the session, giving a very clear concept in a simple way. I really do enjoy the course!"
- Wong Wei Ki (March 2021)

3. You will be gaining over 15 years of experience under 3 hours.

4. You will get to study over 15 case studies of key disruptors and their stories.

5. You will receive 16 elegant frameworks that will teach you the principles of the 21st Century innovation.

6. Our courses are equipped with English subtitles as well so that you can easily acquire and absorb the subject matter.

7. This course is trusted by some of the world's biggest companies including Citibank, DBS, UOB, AXA Insurance, OCBC, Axiata, Hong Leong, CIMB, Public Bank, SGX, Great Eastern and more!

8. You will get to use our 80-page workbook to instantly start innovating in your workplace and build your digital mindset.

You will discover:

  1. What Industry 4.0 is
  2. Why disruptive digital innovation is killing traditional companies
  3. How you can succeed in a digital world by learning to lead agile innovation like a leadapreneur

We know that you're busy, that's why we have prepared a clear, compelling, and concise course that elegantly gives you everything you need to know to start leading agile innovation in Industry 4.0.