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Ilbey UCAR

About us


İlbey provided services to socio-economically disadvantaged individuals as a psychologist in state-owned municipalities and semi-private public institutions. He also worked in various non-governmental organizations, either voluntarily or administratively. These studies aimed at the development of social segments that seem to be disadvantaged in society.


İlbey UCAR is the founder of PsyNOMAD company. İlbey, who completed his undergraduate and master's education in the field of Psychology, continues his doctoral education in the field of Sports Psychology for the Disabled. İlbey has served many domestic and foreign clients in Turkey. Regardless of any social class among them, he used the scientific arguments of psychology to the fullest and offered services to clients in various fields. As he became more aware of the value of sharing and accessing knowledge during the pandemic, he began to design and produce courses that students in his field could reach, regardless of economic level.


While he clearly shows his experience in the field and internet-based psychology experience and his researcher identity in the courses, he opens the doors of his capacity and curiosity to the whole world.

Why choose us

I have been serving the online sector since the pandemic. I have given academic advisory services to many students. I am of the opinion that universities are no longer successful enough in educating students and they are drowning in bureaucracy, therefore sufficient attention cannot be shown to students. That's why I strive to give you, my students, a high-quality education.