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About us

ISSPF is a globally recognised federation of sports science & performance coaching experts providing accredited and endorsed online courses.

ISSPF brings together an international team of the most innovative, modern and leading practitioners in the world of football science and performance coaching. Take an ISSPF course and you immediately tap into the finest training from the most sought-after professionals in world football who represent clubs and associations at the highest level.

Our courses include:

  • Football Nutrition
  • Football Psychology
  • Football Training Load Management
  • Injury Prevention in Football
  • Youth Football Coaching
  • Goalkeeping Science

Why choose us

Whether you’re a Coach looking to squeeze the maximum potential from your team, or a Graduate looking to advance your career in football, these hyper focused, certified online football courses help you stay on top of the very latest football science and performance strategies, tactics and coaching methodologies used by the world’s elite coaches.

Inside each of these groundbreaking accredited courses, you’ll find the tools, techniques, and templates you need to keep ahead of the curve and get the maximum performance and longevity from your players.

Enhance your credentials by becoming a certified expert in football specific fields such as: Nutrition, Psychology, Training Load Management, Injury Prevention, Youth football and more.