HB Publications and Training International

About us

HB Publications and Training International (HB), helps managers, staff, and students become more confident, skilful and proactive in the important areas of financial management, budgeting, planning, and fraud awareness.

We assist organisations develop a more efficient and effective workforce, able to meet financial targets and provide value for money services. 

Our services are delivered worldwide through classroom training, books and e-books, online assessments, and self-development materials. Many of our courses and products have CPD accreditation, allowing the awarding of CPD points.

We have a particular expertise in the public and non-profit sectors, delivering training and consultancy services to hundreds of clients including government, local and regional authorities, health, housing, education, and many charitable and not for profit organisations.

HB training courses receive excellent feedback, such as “enjoyable”, which is how we wish our training to be perceived.

Why choose us

We are one of very few specialist training providers of tailored courses and materials for the public and non profit sector.

Our training enhances participants opportunities for promotion or career development.

We offer a wide range of flexible training solutions including classroom based training, one to one sessions, online courses and bespoke development programmes. We are happy to deliver a blended approach to suit participants.

We hold regular open courses in our City based London venue.

Our extensive track record spans over 30 years delivering high quality training and consultancy services.

All our trainers are qualified Chartered Accountants with many years experience.

Course attendees receive, books, materials and certificates some of which are CPD accredited.

Here are some key words from our participant feedback:

"course was excellent and pitched at the right level to reflect my public sector role and experience"

"enabled me to develop clear actions to take forward"

"have been able to bring back recommendations to improve budget monitoring"

"helped to make our programme more transparent and offer greater value for money for the taxpayer"

"far more interesting than you would expect.


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