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Focus with Faigy

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About us

The ADHD woman lives daily with the intense pressure of being expected to excel, and constantly expecting to fail; the crippling shame, and intense guilt and anxiety; feeling frazzled, and being clueless how to explain why your ADHD brain won’t focus to those who need to know is totally draining.

As an ADHD mum, you live daily with the extreme behaviours that are part of the ADHD child makeup. You live daily with the acute worry and anxiety over my ADHD children's future. You live daily with the mistreatment of your ADHD children through those in authority who pay lip service to the neurodiverse accommodations in schools and further education settings...

In the UK, ADHD in women is largely unknown, misdiagnosed, and usually goes untreated.

What we offer:

Focus with Faigy provides ADHD knowledge, and tools so that you can live your life with focus and clarity. We are based in Manchester, and work with clients worldwide. We support our ADHD clients to live their lives with focus and clarity.

When you sign up for one of our courses, you will get a personal welcome email from myself. Please use the ADHD support that you have signed up for, and get in touch with me about any ADHD related course questions you may have.

Focus with Faigy specialises in ADHD Empowerment and ADHD Skills. "Focus and Clarity with Your ADHD."

I look forward to meeting you inside the course.


Founder and Director | Focus with Faigy

Why choose us

You have unique strengths. You need ADHD knowledge to understand how your ADHD brain works. You need specific tools to manage your ADHD life.In these courses you will gain access ADHD knowledge and  tools not found anywhere else.  

Focus with Faigy specialises in:

ADHD self-help tools for the Creative ADHD Business Mum

ADHD parenting tools for ADHD children

Professional ADHD Coach training and mentoring

What Our Course Students Say:

“She is fantastic. One of the best and most practical courses I have watched.” Clyde Fisher

“Finally understand my issues on how and why I am having problems with getting my life organized.” Michelle Lynn Parkovic- Bunting

"Very helpful declutter course!" Geert Greijn

"It is simple to understand and breaks down a lot of myths." Temilade

What Our ADHD Clients Say:

“Before we started working with Faigy, my son was depressed, anxious and had no self-esteem. He felt suicidal at times. He could not engage with his studies, and felt quite hopeless about the future. We had never heard about ADHD coaching, and we were quite sceptical, however when we spoke to Faigy for the first time, she made so much sense and was so practical that we felt instinctively that she could help us. We have learned coping tools to support my son's ADHD. He is less stressed, and more self-reliant. We realised his A level courses did not support his ADHD brain. He is now enrolled in a totally different program that he is very excited about and that we hope will work with his ADHD strengths. Christina Minter.

" I got diagnosed with ADHD. I realised that the meds alone were not enough. I realised that I needed to learn skills as well. Through coaching I learned to have confidence. Before coaching, I had no confidence in getting somewhere with my ADHD. I felt like it was a permanent disability that I couldn't do anything about. I now feel normal, and I don't feel like my life is a mistake. I used to feel broken. Now I have got the skills that I was lacking; time management, and self-awareness being high on the list. I can now reflect on past events in my life, and I can now learn from them. I couldn't do it before. This is a major life skill that has helped me immensely.” Yaniv.

“I met with Faigy once, and in that one session she gave me a practical tool to help me move my coaching business forward. She shared invaluable observations and insights into growing a business in general, and specifically within ADHD coaching. She gave me the confidence that can allow me to take my business to the next level.” DMG Coaching

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