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About us

Emphasis are the UK’s leading provider of business-writing and communication-skills training.

We have built our reputation on providing high-quality, high-impact business-writing courses for companies, for individuals and online. In response to demand from our clients, we also offer a wider portfolio of communications training, such as presentation skills.

Since we started out in 1998, we’ve helped more than 60,000 people from blue-chip companies, government departments, consultancies, law firms, universities, charities, accountancy firms, pharmaceutical companies, construction firms – in fact, anywhere where effective communication plays a key role.

Why choose us

We combine our love of communications and the English language with a passion for the science of learning. We believe in getting to know both the organisations and the individuals we work with in detail so that we can create tailored learning. We back this up with our deep understanding of the latest learning research and techniques.

And just as important is our commitment to analysis and measuring so that we know we are delivering results that match your requirements.

Our approach is unique. It is highly analytical and methodical, which is rare not just in soft-skills training but in learning and development generally.

How do we do it?
We spend time understanding the culture and values of the organisations we work with.

At the same time, we apply our unique diagnostic tools to understand each individual’s current level of communication skills. For example, our analysis tool helps us identify and quantify each delegate’s writing strengths and weaknesses before the course even begins.

A successful learning company is only as good as its people. So we make sure our trainers and business-writing consultants have a strong background in professional writing and communications – just as many of our office staff do.

We’re English language teachers, journalists, publishers, writers and editors.

Our backgrounds give us the depth of knowledge to tackle even the most complex writing and communications challenges.