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About us

IT engineer specialist and enthusiastic about web development and Cybersecurity. I had spent many years on web development. I learned many programming languages such as PHP/MYSQL, HTML/CSS. And By now I'm a backend web developer specializing in PHP language and WordPress Theme development. I'm a WordPress theme creator. For cyber security, I used to use Linux shells, Bash shells, Javascript, Networking, and Python programming language to create the most advanced tools for pen-testing. I assume that I can help you to begin your journey from a script kiddie to a gray hat hacker within months of practice with me. Also, I'm a social engineering specialist and Nmap and Wireshark professional. I own a company called Efrekiadev which is specialized in pen-testing and web development And SEO.  I have a deep understanding of various technologies of web pen-testing such as SQL injection on it is various types and XSS CSRF, RFI, LFI, and many more technologies of the web. I know the entire process of pen-testing from Information gathering to Maintaining access. I'm also a specialist in Defense on windows and Linux, I can hack any system with Metasploit and /or Armitage using the latest technologies and vulnerabilities on the web.

In the final two years, I have explored many courses available on the net and I have gained a very wide experience in SEO Search engine optimization.

Why choose us

We provide high quality courses on several areas like web development, WordPress Theme and plugins special courses .Cybersecurity courses and SEO also as an arsenal of web technologies courses