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Childminding UK

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About us

Childminding UK are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award for ‘ensuring high quality childcare through training and support'

Childminding UK was first formed (as Northamptonshire Childminding Association) in 1991 by a group of working childminders. We are still managed by a team of practising childminders who, as trustees, form the voluntary management committee.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer professional support to all Ofsted registered childminders, promoting high quality home based childcare through education and training. We will support and work in partnership with children and families in every community to ensure that they have access to high quality childcare, enabling children to reach their full potential and keeping them at the heart of all our activities.

Why choose us

Childminding UK are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award for ‘ensuring high quality childcare through training and support'

All our training is Ofsted recognised and CPD Accredited.

We have over 30 years experience of supporting childminders locally and we are now putting all that knowledge having expanded into a national organisation, dedicated to supporting Ofsted registered childminders across the country. We have an excellent understanding of the challenges they face and how the role has changed over the years.

The Staff and Trustees work hard for the organisation because we are passionate about the benefits of childminding for individual children and their families. Our training and resources are all designed to help childminders provide a high quality service to the children in their care and our membership package includes advice and support on a personal level.


'I was hesitating to do the courses online, but I have found out that the instructions are  so easy to follow'

'Childminding UK have given me amazing support and advice in my new venture of becoming a childminder. I opted for their Introductory Training because it was written by childminders for childminders and was great value for money. The online format was great'

'In all honesty I've been completely blown away with my experience of Childminding UK. When I first enquired to my council about becoming a childminder they said they did provide training and told me the price- they then informed me about childminding UK and that it is Ofsted recognised, so you can imagine my delight when I saw its a third of the price! I of course wondered if the quality and detail would be affected by the lower price but as I stated above the course was informative and thorough to just the right level! It wasn't overbearing and stressful. The multiple choice test I found was great as I haven't had to wait for an assessor to mark any coursework and it allowed me to complete the course in a much shorter time span, just from doing an hour or so in my evenings, the flexibility is amazing and I was reassured that I didn't have to complete the knowledge test on the first go- it gives you as many tries as you need!'

'I love your childminding website, super helpful always spot on with all the updates. I try to take a part in every zoom/online training as for me is the best way to learn and remember everything. 
I’m a very happy customer always recommend you guys to everyone!!'

'I always feel the support from ChildmindingUK is excellent. I joined as a pre reg childminder and remain now a member after 2 years as the service and support has always been brilliant'



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