Careers Advice & Learning Centre

About us

Careers Advice & Learning Centre

  • We provide information, advice and guidance in order to help people make informed decisions on learning, training and work.
  • We provide a market-leading portfolio of training courses and work in close partnership with further education professional bodies.

Why choose us

  • We use our unique insight into what people do, where they go and what their motivations are to guide and inspire career choices.
  • We employ a wide range of experts with diverse professional backgrounds in order to help guide people to a bright future.
  • All of our training courses are independently accredited from long-established awarding organisations such as CACHE, NCFE, ABC Awards, and CPD.
  • When you want to improve your employability, we understand that qualifications are vital. And this is the reason why we work with independent awarding bodies to provide you with courses that look great on your CV.