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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner
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This fully accredited PRINCE2 Project Management Online Training will prepare delegates for the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams included on this course.

PRINCE2 is a best practice methodology for formal project management and by taking this course, delegates will learn to effectively structure and run a project from beginning to end.

By the end of the course, students will be able to understand and apply the seven key principles, processes and themes involved in managing a project using the PRINCE2 methodology.

The PRINCE2 Online Foundation and Practitioner Training course allows delegates to take part in distance learning at their own pace, adapting to their busy schedule and allow them to complete their exams when they feel ready.


PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner


Course Duration:

This PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner online training course has a duration of 18 hours, however you will have access to the course for 90 days from the day of booking.

Course Outline:

PRINCE2 Online Foundation and Practitioner Training Course covers the following topics:

  • PRINCE2® Principles: PRINCE2 Project Management follows a set of seven principles that can all be applied to any project. These seven principles create the framework PRINCE2 is based on.
    • Managing by stages
    • Managing by exception
    • How to learn from previous experience
    • Changing to suit the business environment
    • Continual business justification
    • Responsibilities and roles within the project
    • Focusing directly on the products
  • PRINCE2® Processes: The seven PRINCE2 processes outline the tasks that are involved in the management and delivery of a successful project. These processes cover the entire timeline of a project, from pre-project to project closure.
    • Starting a project
    • Initiating a project
    • Controlling a project
    • Directing a project
    • Managing Product Delivery
    • Managing a Stage Boundary
    • Closing a Project
  • PRINCE2® Themes: These seven themes must be addressed and followed continuously for the PRINCE2 project to be carried out effectively and efficiently.
    • Plans
    • Risk
    • Change
    • Organisation
    • Business Case
    • Progress
    • Quality

Topic Background:

PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments, version 2) is a project management methodology that prioritises control, organisation and quality management along with reliability and meeting project objectives. It is derived from a previous method called PROMPT II (Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Techniques), which was the government standard for IT project management. The name later changed to PRINCE which originally stood for “PROMPT II In the CCTA Environment” before changing to the acronym we know it as today.

The PRINCE methodology later became widely used outside the purely IT industry, prompting a general project management methodology to be produced and released as PRINCE2. It has become one of the most popular project management methodologies and is now a standard for project management in multiple departments in UK Government.

Since its release, PRINCE2 has become the world’s most popular project management qualification with over 1 million exams taken, with the UK taking up over half of the world’s total.


As the standard method for project management, PRINCE2 will benefit your organisation in multiple aspects. It provides a flexible approach that is highly adaptable and can suit all projects. It provides a framework that covers all areas within a project. It provides your organisation with:

  • Effective communication channels between the organisation, project management and the project
  • An organised timescale to the project
  • A method of sharing lessons learned
  • An increase in competency of staff and project management skills
  • Progress reviews against the plan and the business case
  • Flexible decision points.


This PRINCE2 Online Foundation and Practitioner course with exams is accredited by AXELOS.


Is this course accredited?

This PRINCE2 Online Foundation and Practitioner course with exams is accredited by AXELOS.

Does this course include exams?

Yes, this course includes both the foundation and practical PRINCE2 exams.

What is the structure of the exams?

The PRINCE2 online foundation exam is multiple choice while the PRINCE2 online practitioner exam is objective testing.

Are there any pre-requisites for the course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course and is open to everyone.

How long until I receive the course confirmation details?

If you purchase the course online, you will receive you welcome pack immediately after making the payment. If you purchase the course through one of our learning advisors on call, your account will be set up within one business working day.

How long do I have access to the materials for?

You will have access to the materials for 90 days from the day of booking.

Who provides this course?

We provide all of our courses, which are created by our dedicated in-house online training team.

What support do you offer?

Our customer service department is available 24 hours a day, answering questions and offering support around the clock

What is online training?

Online training, also known as computer-based training (CBT), eLearning and distance learning is a form of training that takes place solely on the internet, using audio, video and graphics.

What’s Included?

This PRINCE2 course has the following

  • 24/7 access for 90 Days to the online training course enabling you to study anytime, anywhere.
  • Interactive and engaging online training modules designed based on time tested methodologies for effective learning.
  • Easy to use online interface with navigation videos and tools to assist you in every step of your learning experience.
  • Technical, administrative and tutor support through our online Support suite.
  • Discussion Forums to interact with other online students.
  • Personal Performance Dashboard giving you a snapshot of your real time progress.
  • Training Modules/Videos
  • Module Assessments to test your subject knowledge at each stage
  • Mock Examinations - timed and scored like your final certification examination to provide you with a similar experience.
  • *Free Global Live Sessions (GLS) - online live sessions designed to bridge the gap between online self-learning and the benefit of having tutor support in class. GLS are interactive online video conferences conducted for you to get subject related assistance from our experienced trainers.
  • Walk-in Clinic - Face to face sessions to interact with tutors in one of our training centres.
  • Case Study
  • Certification Exam

*Subject to availability of the specific training in the specific city.

Exam Structure

Details of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams:

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam:

  • Emphasis on PRINCE2® knowledge
  • Multiple choice
  • 1 hour duration
  • 75 questions
  • 50% pass mark

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam:

  • Focuses on the ability to apply PRINCE2® principles to scenarios
  • Objective testing, a form of multiple choice
  • 2 and a half hour duration
  • 8 questions with 10 items per question
  • 55% pass mark

    About This Product

    All of our PRINCE2 online courses are created by us, for us and never outsourced, ensuring the highest quality in eLearning courses. Each eLearning course is handmade by our dedicated inhouse team, who spend months researching and constructing each PRINCE2 course they produce. The online courses are written with guidance from our expert trainers with over 5 years of experience in PRINCE2, giving our distance learning courses a professional edge that delivers you the latest knowledge and understanding in a more relaxed and convenient environment.

    Rather than the usual ‘question and answer’ format, our PRINCE2 online training courses are interactive and engaging, allowing you to get the best learning experience possible. This has also been proven to increase memory retention, which is one of the main reasons behind our high exam pass rates in PRINCE2 online training. Our team take extra care to ensure our online courses are as detailed and up to date as possible, resulting in us becoming one of the leading providers of PRINCE2 online training and PRINCE2 eLearning courses.

Who is this course for?

PRINCE2 Online Foundation and Practitioner Training Course is intended for those looking to work as a project management or as part of a project team.

This PRINCE2 Online training course is specifically intended for those with busy schedules that require the flexibility to study in their own time.

This Certification is most suited for:

  • Existing project managers
  • Any professional looking to become a project manager
  • Project Executives or Engineers
  • Associate or Assistant Managers that have a role in working on projects
  • Software Developers
  • Team Leaders or Managers

By choosing online learning instead of a classroom based courses, it eliminates the need for time away from work, saving you valuable time and money. It is also ideal for those with tight schedules as our distance learning gives you 90 days access, meaning it can be picked up whenever you have the time. As all you need for this course is an internet connection, this course can be studied from home, meaning you can study in a more comfortable environment, also saving on travel costs.


This PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner online training course is open to everyone and has no prerequisites.

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