PowerPoint and Camtasia: Produce Video Presentations

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This course includes lifetime access so you can complete the course at your own speed.

This course will teach you exactly how to use PowerPoint + Camtasia to produce high quality videos that look great and get you real results. This course will cover PowerPoint Video Structure, Camtasia Video Editing Walk-through and Ready-Made Promo. By taking this course now, you will have learned how to use PowerPoint with Camtasia.

Benefits of taking this course include:

  • Unlimited and lifetime access to the course
  • Learn the course at your own pace
  • Course can be accessed on any platform
  • 24/7 Customer support

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Learn how to produce HQ video presentations with little financial and time investment with PowerPoint and Camtasia.

Producing videos to promote your products, business or brand seems like an expensive, time-consuming process. After all, corporations flash stunning videos that they spend hundreds of dollars to produce with the help of several people. You might have even seen promo videos that have a tremendous production quality.

But what if you could produce videos that look amazing, you can produce yourself in 1/5 of the time and with minimal financial investment? Better yet, what if they drove you real sales whilst increasing your conversions?

In this course I want to teach you exactly that: how to use PowerPoint + Camtasia to produce high quality videos that look great and get you real results.

After taking this course, you will have learned the following:

  • PowerPoint Video Structure: Learn everything from finding and manipulating objects, to animating them, all the way to the hidden features of PowerPoint
  • Camtasia Video Editing Walkthrough: step-by-step breakdown of your pre-recording settings, the actual filming and post-production
  • Ready-Made Promo: Fuse the two tools to produce your very own promo – everything from how to write your script, create your slides and produce a stunning end product

PowerPoint and Camtasia: Produce Video Presentations will cover the following topics:

Topic 1: Introduction To This Course

  • Welcome To This Course!
  • Outline & Expectations

Topic 2: PowerPoint Design Fundamentals

  • What Do PowerPoints And Apple Have In Common?
  • The 3 Ways To Get Stunning PowerPoint Templates
  • The PowerPoint Ribbon
  • The Basic Aspect You Cannot Overlook
  • Color Your Deck The Right Way
  • The Fundamental Feature You Probably Don’t Know About
  • How To Perfectly Align Your Slides
  • 5 Shortcuts That Will Make You Ultra Efficient Preview
  • PDF – PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts
  • What Nobody Tells You About Fonts
  • Save Time With This Amazing Formatting Tool
  • The Ultimate Guide To Bullet Points
  • Hack: Transform Your Bullet Points And Avoid Monotony

Topic 3: Video Structure Creation

  • Introduction
  • The Very First Step: Choosing The Right Slides
  • Everything You Need To Know About Objects
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Beginners Guide: Animations
  • Advanced Animations & Motions
  • Transitions
  • Giving Your Slides And Audio Twist
  • One Secret Tip About Your Cursor
  • Saving Your Presentation Video

Topic 4: Camtasia Recording & Post Production

  • Installing Camtasia
  • Here’s How You Should Set It Up
  • The Most Important Part Of Your Recording
  • The Details That Will Take Your Video From Good To Great
  • Warning: Always Avoid Clipping
  • The Recording Process
  • The PowerPoint Add-In You Need To Have Installed
  • Post Production #1: Cursor Effects
  • Post Production #2: Make Sure It All Flows
  • Post Production #3: Sound & Imagery
  • Final Checks And Producing

Topic 5: Resources

  • 250 Slide Presentation Deck – Attached

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how to use PowerPoint with Camtasia.


No prior knowledge is required to take this course.

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