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Power BI : Microsoft Power BI

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Power BI : Microsoft Power BI

This Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is designed for professionals who want to thrive in their profession. This Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to become specialised in Power BI. You will learn real life knowledge and expertise from the industry experts and practitioners from this Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course.

The Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course starts with the basic knowledge of Power BI and gradually shares expertise knowledge. In this Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course you will get a complete idea of Power BI with key concepts, strategies regarding use of it and in-depth knowledge. The Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is completely an online course. You can access this Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course from any part of the world with just a smart device and the internet.

By the end of this Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course, you will get complete knowledge and skills in Power BI. The Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course also comes with a certificate, which will add extra value to your resume and help you stand out in the job market. In short, The Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is the perfect course to fast track your career. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol this Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course today!

What you will learn from Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course?

  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Become more PRODUCTIVE at using Power BI which will SAVE YOU HOURS per day & ELIMINATE STRESS at work!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - We teach you how to use Power BI with CONFIDENCE that will lead to greater opportunities like a HIGHER SALARY and PROMOTIONS!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Increase your Excel & Power BI SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE within HOURS which will GET YOU NOTICED by Top Management & prospective Employers!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - One of the most sought after skills in the current market place and one that pays 3x above standard office jobs!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Become a Microsoft Power BI ADVANCED user within HOURS which will get noticed by top management & prospective employers!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Create your own Power BI Dashboard from scratch in just 90 minutes!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - See how Power BI is used with real examples!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Understand how Power Query, Power View, and Power Pivot are used together!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Get answers & insights from your data FAST!
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI - Personal support from a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer!

Why Choose Our Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course?

  • After completing the Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course you will get instant Free e-certificate
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  • No hidden fees with the Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course
  • The Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is designed by professionals.
  • Get 24/7 Instant Learning Assistance and Tutor Support with Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course
  • The Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is developed by highly experienced industry experts.
  • All required course materials to Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course included within the initial fee
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is accessible through smartphone, tablet, and Laptop.
  • Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course is fully online, so you can access this course from anywhere and any part of the world.

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Course Curriculum

*** Power BI : Microsoft Power BI ***

Power BI - Introduction

  • Power BI - Microsoft Power BI Mastery – Overview of the Course
  • Power BI - Power BI Introduction
  • Power BI - Power BI High Level Flow
  • Power BI - Installing and Signing Up for Power BI
  • Power BI - Power Query Introduction
  • Power BI - Power Pivot Introduction
  • Power BI - Power View Introduction

Power BI - Your First Power BI Dashboard!

  • Power BI - The Big Picture
  • Power BI - Get Data
  • Power BI - How to Get More Data.
  • Power BI - Modeling Data.
  • Power BI - Adding Relationships Manually
  • Power BI - Visualization
  • Power BI - Visualization Customization
  • Power BI - More Visualizations
  • Power BI - Visualization Format and Analytics
  • Power BI - Ask a Question in Power BI
  • Power BI - Your First Power BI Dashboard! – Assignment

Power BI - Your Advanced Power BI Dashboard with Real Live Data

  • Power BI - Real World Example
  • Power BI - Get Data
  • Power BI - Modeling Data
  • Power BI - Visualization with Multiple Charts
  • Power BI - Publishing
  • Power BI - Power BI Website

Power BI - Power BI Website

  • Power BI - Course Review

*** Time Management ***

Power BI - Module 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • Power BI - Naming goals to give you direction
  • Power BI - Assigning your time a monetary worth to guide your priorities
  • Power BI - Following a System
  • Power BI - Organizing your surroundings
  • Power BI - Using time-saving technology
  • Power BI - Getting procrastination under control
  • Power BI - Making decisions: Just do it
  • Power BI - Balancing work and time with family and friends
  • Power BI - Keeping your boss on track

Power BI - Module 2: Linking Time Management to Life Goals

  • Power BI - Understanding Why You Need to Put Your Goals on Paper
  • Power BI - Establishing Your Fabulous
  • Power BI - What do you want to have?
  • Power BI - What do you want to see?
  • Power BI - Who do you want to become?
  • Power BI - Assigning a time frame to each goal
  • Power BI - Pinpointing Your Resource Needs
  • Power BI - Expanding your knowledge
  • Power BI - Honing your skill set

Power BI - Module 3: Putting a Value on Your Time

  • Power BI - Getting a Good Grip on the Time-Equals-Money Concept
  • Power BI - Calculating Your Hourly Income
  • Power BI - Boosting Your Hourly Value through Your Work Efforts
  • Power BI - Making Value-Based Time Decisions in Your Personal Life
  • Power BI - Making time-spending decisions: Leisure activities

Power BI - Module 4: Establishing a Good System

  • Power BI - Focusing Your Efforts, Prioritizing Tasks, and Blocking Your Time
  • Power BI - Matching time investment to return
  • Power BI - The vital 20 percent: Figuring out where to focus your energy at work
  • Power BI - Personal essentials: Channeling efforts in your personal life

Power BI - Module 5: Fine-Tuning Organization Skills with Technology

  • Power BI - The calendar-sharing benefits of electronic scheduling tools
  • Power BI - Decluttering Your Computer (and Keeping It That Way)
  • Power BI - Naming files and organizing them with an electronic tree
  • Power BI - How do you usually need to access information?
  • Power BI - How far back must you keep files?
  • Power BI - How do you create new documents?
  • Power BI - Offloading excess by archiving or deleting
  • Power BI - Saving new files strategically

Power BI - Module 6: Managing E-mail Correspondence

  • Power BI - Filtering what comes in
  • Power BI - Employing an e-mail response system

Power BI - Module 7: Time Management for Administrative Staff

  • Power BI - Recognizing Common Pitfalls
  • Power BI - Getting face time with the boss
  • Power BI - Working for a meeting-phile
  • Power BI - Asking the right questions
  • Power BI - Adopting Strategies to Stay on Track
  • Power BI - Starting with a few simple steps
  • Power BI - Getting your priorities in order

Power BI - Module 8: Time Management for Business Owners and Executives

  • Power BI - Increasing Time on Growth Activities
  • Power BI - Crafting clear job descriptions
  • Power BI - Creating room for growth with supplemental task lists
  • Power BI - Devising a management plan
  • Power BI - Empowering your staff

Power BI - Module 9: Ten Time Savers for Your Personal Life

  • Power BI - Hire Out Your Yard Work
  • Power BI - Invite a Personal Chef for Dinner
  • Power BI - Hire a House Cleaner
  • Power BI - Use Pick-up and Delivery Services
  • Power BI - Explore Shopping Alternatives

Power BI - Module 10: Ten Great Time-Saving Technologies

  • Power BI - Handheld Digital Voice Recorders
  • Power BI - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Power BI - Finance Software or Internet Banking
  • Power BI - Phone and Web Conferencing Solutions

*** Communication Skills ***

Power BI - Understanding Communication

  • Power BI - Workplace communication relationships

Power BI - Types of Communication

  • Power BI - Intrapersonal Communication
  • Power BI - Dyadic Communication
  • Power BI - Small Group Communication
  • Power BI - Public Communication or Public Speaking
  • Power BI - Mass Communication

Power BI - Methods of Communication

  • Power BI - Listening
  • Power BI - Speaking
  • Power BI - Reading
  • Power BI - Writing

Power BI - Communication Styles

  • Power BI - Passive Style
  • Power BI - Aggressive Style
  • Power BI - Passive-aggressive Style
  • Power BI - Assertive Style

Power BI - Common Roadblocks to Communication

  • Power BI - The Ways Minds Work
  • Power BI - Sender’s Behavior
  • Power BI - Receiver’s Behavior
  • Power BI - Sending Solutions
  • Power BI - Avoiding the other’s concerns

Power BI - Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Power BI - Questions
  • Power BI - Paraphrasing
  • Power BI - Mirroring feelings
  • Power BI - Reflecting meanings
  • Power BI - Reading, Body Language
  • Power BI - Skill Training

Power BI - Criteria for Assessing Communication Competence

  • Power BI - Adaptability
  • Power BI - Conversational Involvement
  • Power BI - Conversational Management
  • Power BI - Empathy
  • Power BI - Effectiveness

Power BI - The skills of enquiry

  • Power BI - Paying attention
  • Power BI - Interrupting
  • Power BI - Allowing quiet
  • Power BI - Showing that you are paying attention
  • Power BI - Treating the speaker as an equal

Power BI - The skills of persuasion

  • Power BI - Character, logic and passion
  • Power BI - What’s the big idea?
  • Power BI - Situation
  • Power BI - Problem
  • Power BI - Question
  • Power BI - Arranging your ideas
  • Power BI - Arguing deductively
  • Power BI - Arguing inductively
  • Power BI - Examples

Power BI - Interviews: holding a formal conversation

  • Power BI - When is an interview not an interview?
  • Power BI - Preparing for the interview
  • Power BI - What’s my objective?
  • Power BI - What do I need?
  • Power BI - When and where?
  • Power BI - Structuring the interview
  • Power BI - Types of interview

Power BI - Making a presentation

  • Power BI - Putting yourself on show
  • Power BI - Preparing for the presentation
  • Power BI - Managing the material
  • Power BI - Defining your objective

Power BI - Putting it in writing

  • Power BI - Writing for results
  • Power BI - Making reading easier
  • Power BI - Writing step by step
  • Power BI - Designing the document
  • Power BI - Readership analysis

Power BI - Networking: the new conversation

  • Power BI - To network or not to network?
  • Power BI - What makes networking effective
  • Power BI - Preparing to network


By the successful completion of the Power BI course, you will get an instant e-certificate. Our courses are fully updated with industry knowledge and skills that aim at making you an expert in the field. The hard copy of the certificate is also available and can be sent to your address. The delivery charge is applicable which will be £4.99.

Who is this course for?

Power BI

  • People who are in: Accounting, Finance, Management, Auditing, Admin & Support, Sales, IT, Consulting, Banking, Marketing, Business Owners, Engineering, Project Management, Students, Teachers plus MORE!
  • People who want to change career and apply for a new job
  • Beginner Power BI users aiming to make sense of their data
  • If you want to leverage Power BI to stand out from the crowd, save hours each day, eliminate stress & get a promotion or pay-rise, then you are invited to join this course!

Students LOVE our Power BI Course

" Very satisfied with this course! Concepts are explained well. Good course to start learning Power BI " - Kevin Richards

" I strongly recommend Microsoft Power BI online training course. " - Christopher Lees


Power BI

  • No previous Power BI experience necessary!
  • A laptop or desktop to perform the Power BI Exercises & internet connection

Career path

This Power BI course will lead you to many different career opportunities, here are few prospects:

  • Power BI Business Analyst - £40,00 per annum
  • Microsoft Power BI Developer - £41,214 per annum
  • Power BI Consultant - £45,000 per annum

Questions and answers

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Ivy asked:

Are there exercises to practice with when you take this course?


Hello Ivy, Thanks for your question. Exercise files are provided with this Power BI : Microsoft Power BI course.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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