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"The Poetic Body"

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End date: 12/12/2019

Additional info: From 7pm to 10 pm

2 Finsbury Avenue
Finsbury Avenue
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In This Physical Theatre Intermediate Course you will discover and recover a sense of possibility and transformation within your body.

10th of October - 12th of December at Theatre Deli in Liverpool Street

Every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm


We will invite students to “enter into the form”, observing and investigating reality to embody its movement.

Embodiment will enlighten a new dimension of poetical movement where you’ll be finding gestures and movements who are not explanatory or formal but truthful and poetic.

First of all, you will discover unity between your body and realm of reality. An incredible freedom is in observing and understanding dynamic of natural movement, sounds, shapes and gesture. And you will find that all the “movements of the world” are already written in your body. Consequently you are able to start a process of awakening to let poetical possibility to unfold.

It will be certainly essential in this process of learning, to identify what interests you. Hence: Where do you look, what do you see, what are you searching for?

The Physical Theatre Intermediate Course is invitation to be critical and creative, and to build great autonomy in your practice. We will facilitate your process of discovery and recovery, challenging your creativity to find new possibilities.

We will also ask students to challenge their own sense of perceptiveness and response, to invite their body to transform and adapt. Therefore you will be training your body to build symmetry, economy, neutrality and transparency. And finally this will allow you to improve your techniques and movement skills.

The core of this course will be analysis of movements, improvisation, ensemble work and devising theatre.

Breakdown of Physical Theatre Intermediate Course:THEATRE OF GESTURE: “THE 20 MIME MOVEMENTS”.

Action mime provides a basis for analyzing physical actions of humans. It consists in reproducing a physical action as closely as possible, miming the object, the obstacle, the resistance. Rather than creating physiological explanation , we research the economy of a physical action. This work will be essential for performers who want to discover dynamic of movement and theatre of gesture.


We will analyze animal movements and behavior. investigating how they stand, eat, hunt, what drives them, how fast, how slow they move. This work will be essential to build characters and human attitudes. Rather than an encounter between the performer and his character, we will create a relationship which is always triangular: the animal, the character, and the performer.


We will move from silence into sound, rhythm and musicality of motion. You will explore rhythm through the body, and musicality through the voice. Above all you will have the opportunity to deepen your individual access to the world of rhythm and voice. Finally your discoveries will be applied to the process of devising theatre, creating storytelling and exploring dramatic and narrative territories just using your voice, musicality and rhythm.

Learning the generosity of movement and how much of your body is available to open up and transform, it will also reveal new ways and possibilities to move and exist as a performer and human being.


Duration of the Course:

10th of October - 12th of December. 10 weeks consecutive Course.

3 hours weekly class. Every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm. At Theatre Deli in Liverpool Street

Course is lead by Monika Gravagno

Monika Gravagno is a Performing Artist. She has been trained at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) in Jacques Lecoq’s Pedagogy and Devising Techniques. She works as a Teacher and Coach, specifically in devising projects, leading and helping artists during their creative process.

Who is this course for?

This Physical Theatre Intermediate Course is advised for participants who already started to build a movement language in their practice or who have previously attended one of our Courses.

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