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*** Offer Ending Soon: 5 Courses Mini Bundle Only for £25 with 10% off. Use ONLINE10 for the Discount ***

Capture & relieve your favourite moments that are gone forever and impossible to reproduce through photography. Take your photography skills to the next level. Learn about creative photography ideas & techniques to capture incredible photos and master editing skills from this Photography course. This Photography course will shed light on your way of becoming a photographer in future. So, enrol now and start learning skills for a lifetime.

The course contains basic photography knowledge, the basic anatomy of a camera, professional photography tips (i.e. landscape, portrait, night photography etc.) and ultimate photo editing skills using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. In addition, you’ll learn about framing the objects, lighting, shutter, aperture and camera modes to take memorable pictures. As a result, you can perform photography for the wedding ceremony, concerts, wildlife photography and various other events to create earning potential.

Courses included in this Photography & Editing With Adobe Lightroom CC Complete Bundle:

  • Photography Course 01: Basic Photography
  • Photography Course 02: Level-3 Landscape Photography Course
  • Photography Course 03: Portrait Photography Masterclass
  • Photography Course 04: Ultimate Guide to Night Photography
  • Photography Course 05: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass

Whether you are a beginner or want to enhance your photography skills, this Photography course will help you differently. Besides the photography skills, it also covers the basic editing skills required as a photographer to bring perfection into your images like a pro. By completing this Photography course, you’ll have improved your photography skills and are one step closer to becoming a professional photographer.

As one of the top course providers in the UK, we’re committed to providing you with the best educational experience possible. Our industry experts have designed the Photography Course to empower you to learn all at once with accuracy. As a result, you can take the Photography Course at your own pace — anytime, from anywhere. Develop in-demand professional skills by enrolling in our Photography & Editing With Adobe Lightroom CC bundle & get 5 premium courses with a single payment.

After completing the Photography course, you will be able to enrich your knowledge on—

***Basic PhotographySkills***

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of photography
  • Familiarise with camera types, lens, autofocus, shutter control and more
  • Understand tone and colour, white balance and the quality of images
  • Demonstrate appropriate camera mode to take perfect shots
  • Get mobile photography tips and tricks to shoot using your smartphone

***Landscape Photography Skills***

  • Get an introduction to nature photography and available equipment.
  • Perform landscape photography following the tips and techniques
  • Understand filters, exposure, composition and framing of subjects

***Portrait Photography & Night Photography Skills***

  • Master the skills to take portrait photos of persons or any objects
  • Develop a great sense of night photography, i.e. ISO, lighting, capturing and more

***Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing***

  • Enhance your photo editing skills using Adobe Lightroom Classic tools
  • Familiarise with editing tools, i.e. brush, filters, colour pallets etc.
  • Have an eye for editing photos with perfection and quality

What you get from enrolling in this Photography Bundle:

  • Get 5 premium courses at a single price
  • Lifetime access to Photography courses materials
  • Full tutor support is available from Monday to Friday with the Photography courses
  • Learn Photography & Photo Editing skills at your own pace from the comfort of your home
  • Gain a complete understanding of Photography courses
  • Accessible, informative video modules taught by expert instructors
  • Get 24/7 help or advice from our email and live chat teams with the Photography bundle
  • Study Photography in your own time through your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Improve your chance of gaining professional skills and better earning potential by completing the Photography bundle

So enrol today & do your best! As what you plant now, you will harvest later. Become the person who would attract the results you seek. Grab this opportunity and start learning!


Once you have successfully completed the Photography Bundle, you will be given a certificate of completion as evidence of your achievement. The certificate is accepted both nationally and globally by potential employers of relevant industries. You'll get 5 PDF certificates for FREE, and the hard copy certificates are available for £12 each.


27 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD QS

Course media


Curriculum of Photography & Editing With Adobe Lightroom CC Bundle

***Course 01: Basic Photography***

Photography - Section 01

  • Photography - Photography for Beginners
  • Photography - Light and Light
  • Photography - Camera Types

Photography - Section 02

  • Photography - Lighting
  • Photography - The Shutter
  • Photography - The Aperture

Photography - Section 03

  • Photography - Anatomy of a Camera
  • Photography - Pressing the Shutter Button
  • Photography - Autofocus

Photography - Section 04

  • Photography - The Shutter
  • Photography - Shutter Speed
  • Photography - Shutter Control
  • Photography - Stop
  • Photography - Shutter Speed Priority Mode

And many more!

Photography - Section 05

  • Photography - The Aperture
  • Photography - Aperture Steps
  • Photography - Aperture Priority Mode
  • Photography - Lenses
  • Photography - Sharpness Depth, Deep Photography

and more ...

Photography - Section 06

  • Photography - ISO
  • Photography - Determining High ISO
  • Photography - Low Light Photography

Photography - Section 07

  • Photography - White Balance
  • Photography - Manually Adjusting White Balance
  • Photography - RAW

Photography - Section 08

  • Photography - Metering
  • Photography - Varying Light Measurement

Photography - Section 09

  • Photography - Compensating Exposure
  • Photography - The Histogram
  • Photography - Tone And Color
  • Photography - Bracketing

and more ...

Photography - Section 10

  • Photography - Dynamic Range
  • Photography - Bright Lights
  • Photography - The Flash

Photography - Section 11

  • Photography - Manual Priority Mode

***Course 02: Level-3 Landscape Photography Course


Photography - Unit 01: Introduction

  • Photography - Introduction to Nature Photography
  • Photography - What Is Landscape Photography?

Photography - Unit 02: Photography Equipment

  • Photography - Overall
  • Photography - Camera
  • Photography - Sensors
  • Photography - Lenses

And many more!

Photography - Unit 03: Camera Basic

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - ISO
  • Photography - ISO Practical
  • Photography - ISO Practical Night

And many more!

Photography - Unit 04: Advanced Camera Basics

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Histogram
  • Photography - Expose to the Right
  • Photography - Metering Modes

And many more!

Photography - Unit 05: Focusing

  • Photography - Introduction to Focusing
  • Photography - Hyperfocal Distance vs Single Point
  • Photography - Aperture in Focusing
  • Photography - Aperture, Focusing & Lens

and more ...

Photography - Unit 06: Filters

  • Photography - What is a Polarizing Filter?
  • Photography - How a Polarizer Works Near Waterfalls
  • Photography - How a Polarizer Works Reducing Haze
  • Photography - What is Nd Filter?

and more ...

Photography - Unit 07: Exposure

  • Photography - Introduction to Exposure
  • Photography - Dynamic Range & Expose to the Right
  • Photography - The Impact of Light in Photography
  • Photography - Finding the Correct Light

And many more!

Photography - Unit 08: Composition

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Element of Composition
  • Photography - Rules of Third
  • Photography - Farming a Subject
  • Photography - Leading Lines

And many more!

Photography - Unit 09: Advanced Composition

  • Photography - Wide-Angle Photography
  • Photography - Telephoto Photography
  • Photography - Focus Stacking
  • Photography - Panoramic

And many more!

Photography - Unit 10: Photo Editing

  • Photography - Introduction to Photo Editing
  • Photography - Editing in Lightroom
  • Photography - Global Adjustment
  • Photography - Local Adjustment
  • Photography - Histogram (Expose to the Right)

And many more

***Course 03: Portrait Photography Masterclass***

Photography - Portrait Photography Masterclass

  • Photography - Introduction to the Course
  • Photography - Lighting Patterns
  • Photography - Portrait Settings
  • Photography - Window Light- Parallel
  • Photography - Window Light- Behind the Camera

And many more!

***Course 04: Ultimate Guide to Night Photography***

Photography - Unit 1: Introduction to Night Photography

  • Photography - Introduction to the Course
  • Photography - What is Night Photography

Photography - Unit 2: Photography Equipment

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Camera
  • Photography - Sensor Size
  • Photography - Lenses
  • Photography - Prime VS Zoom

and more ...

Photography - Unit 3: Basics

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - What is ISO
  • Photography - ISO Practical
  • Photography - What is Aperture
  • Photography - What is Shutter Speed

and more ...

Photography - Unit 4: Advanced Basics

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Histogram
  • Photography - RAW vs JPEG
  • Photography - What is RAW

and more ...

Photography - Unit 5: How to Plan

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Light Pollution
  • Photography - Weather App
  • Photography - PhotoPills

and more ...

Photography - Unit 6: Capturing Night Photos

  • Photography - How to Focus
  • Photography - Base Settings
  • Photography - Practical Base Setting
  • Photography - Underexposed
  • Photography - Overexposed Part 1

and more ...

Photography - Unit 7: Composition

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Foreground
  • Photography - Scale
  • Photography - Reflection

and more ...

Photography - Unit 8: Advanced Capturing

  • Photography - Light Pollution Filter
  • Photography - Exposure Blending
  • Photography - Artificial Light
  • Photography - Focus Stacking

and more ...

Photography - Unit 9: Editing

  • Photography - Introduction
  • Photography - Basic Overview
  • Photography - Global VS Local Adjustment
  • Photography - Editing Night Photography Images

And many more

***Course 05: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass***

Photography - Module: 01

  • Photography - Lightroom Course Promo
  • Photography - Promo for Lightroom CC Course
  • Photography - Promo Video Lightroom Classic CC Course
  • Photography - Course Introduction

and more ...

Photography - Module: 02

  • Photography - Importing
  • Photography - Organizing with Collections
  • Photography - Face Tagging

Photography - Module: 03

  • Photography - Crop and Rotate in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Photography - Enhancing Eyes
  • Photography - Removing Blemishes with the Heal and Clone Tools in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Photography - Graduated, Radial and Brush Adjustments in Lightroom Classic CC

and more ...

Photography - Module: 04

  • Photography - Full Edit – Car
  • Photography - The Adjustment Brush
  • Photography - Using, Creating, and Importing Presets
  • Photography - Colour Profiles
  • Photography - Full Edit – Starry Sky

and more ...

Photography - Module: 05

  • Photography - Enhance Eyes and Change Eye Color
  • Photography - Exporting Photos from Lightroom
  • Photography - Adding a Watermark Lightroom
  • Photography - Whitening Teeth

and more ...

Photography - Module: 06

  • Photography - Moonscape
  • Photography - Portrait of a Woman
  • Photography - Landscape Editing
  • Photography - Night Edit
  • Photography - Long Exposure
  • Photography - Ocean Flash Portrait

And many more!

Photography - Module: 07

  • Photography - Intro To Lightroom Mobile
  • Photography - The Map Module
  • Photography - Syncing Lightroom Mobile
  • Photography - The Book Module
  • Photography - Edit Lightroom Mobile

and more ...

Photography - Module: 08

  • Photography - Conclusion and Thank You
  • Photography - Using Lightroom Presets
  • Photography - Installing Lightroom Presets

Photography - Module: 09

  • Photography - Calibrate Your Monitor
  • Photography - Colour Checker Passport
  • Photography - Tablets
  • Photography - Catalogues
  • Photography - Brighten and Whiten Teeth and Eyes

and more ...

Photography - Module: 10

  • Photography - Google NIK

Photography - Module: 11

  • Photography - full lightroom session workflow

Photography - Module: 12

  • Photography - Conclusion

Who is this course for?

The Photography Bundle course is primarily for motivated learners looking to add a new skill to their CV and stand head and shoulders above the competition. Anyone of any academic background can enrol on this Photography course. However, this Photography course is preferable for:

  • Photography Enthusiasts who want to take better photos.
  • Beginners aiming to become skilled photographers.
  • Photographers looking to make money with their skills


There are no specific entry requirements for enrolling in our Photography & Editing With Adobe Lightroom CC online programme. You have the privilege of enrolling right away and start learning valuable Photography skills.

Career path

People passionate about taking the art of photography as their profession will find our course immensely valuable. Master your photography skills and explore opportunities in fields like:

  • Professional Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Digital Photographer
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Commercial/Industrial Photographer
  • Studio/Portrait Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer

And much more!

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Tina Mclean asked:

is this course relevant for a beginner with a basic knowledge of photography?


Hi Tina, This is a bundle package and the courses teaches about photography from beginners to advance. Thank you.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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