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Pet First Aid and CPR - CPD Certified

Expert Animal Training | Internationally Accredited | Certificate Included | Lifetime Access

Holly and Hugo


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Could you save an animal from choking? Or deal with cuts or bites? Do you know what to do when a pet’s not breathing? Or doesn’t have a heartbeat?

Unfortunately, the unexpected can and does happen to animals in our care. We need to be prepared for accidents when they do happen.

Every pet owner or professional working with animals should know how to perform first aid. From cut pads, insect stings, and snake bites, to chocolate poisoning, traffic accidents and choking, this comprehensive course equips you with the expertise to handle these and many other situations. In addition, you’ll learn how to assess the patient and prioritise the most life-threatening problems.

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Can you afford not to be confident with First Aid & CPR, when your pet’s life may depend on it?

After taking this Pet First Aid & CPR course, you will be prepared for many accidents involving your pets or animals in your care. Rather than panic and feel helpless, you can take control and be proactive which will help the animals in distress.

You’ll find out:

  • What to have in a first-aid box
  • Types of first aid
  • Conditions you can treat at home
  • Recognising emergencies
  • Stabilising a patient until help arrives
  • Restraining a patient in pain
  • First-aid skills such as bandaging, treating shock and CPR
  • A comprehensive A-Z list of all major first aid eventualities

Your quick actions could save lives and will certainly mean animals are in distress for less time. You could be called on to act in an emergency or accident at any time. Don’t delay, enrol on the animal first-aid course today.

Course Syllabus

MODULE 1: Be Prepared

1.1 First Aid Equipment

1.2 Register with a Vet

1.3 Practical First Aid Experience

1.4 Safe Use of Medications

1.4.1 Speak to a vet

1.4.2 Safe medications for pets

1.4.3 Medications for dogs

1.5 The Safe Way to make a Pet Vomit

MODULE 2: Taking Control in a First-Aid Situation

2.1 Minor problems vs emergencies

2.2 Assessing the patient

2.2.1 Circulation

2.2.2 Heart rate and pulse

2.2.3 Respiratory rate

2.2.4 Dehydration

2.2.5 Temperature

2.2.6 Signs of shock

2.3 Prioritize the most serious problems

2.4 Safe handling of patients in pain

2.5 Move out of harm’s way + stabilization

2.6 Call for help

MODULE 3: First-Aid Techniques

3.1 Treating shock

3.2 Controlling blood loss

3.3 Cleaning wounds

3.4 Basic nursing

3.5 Bandaging

3.5.1 Bandaging materials

3.5.2 Bandaging techniques

3.5.3 Improvised dressings


4.1 CPR flow chart (Emergency summary)

4.2 Respiratory arrest

4.2.1 Check for breathing

4.2.2 Giving artificial respiration

4.3 Cardiac arrest

4.3.1 Check for a heart beat

4.3.2 Give cardiac massage

4.4 Combined CPR

MODULE 5: First Aid A-Z


Allergic reaction

Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)

Asthma attack

Bite wound



Breathing difficulties

Broken bones (see Fractures)

Broken nail or claw


Carbon monoxide poisoning

Cardiac arrest

Chocolate toxicity


Collapse (patient conscious)

Collapse (patient unconscious)


Cuts, lacerations and wounds

CVA – Cerebrovascular accident [see Stroke]


Diabetic coma

Diabetes (unstable)






Eye injury

Fits [see: Seizure]


Food poisoning


Frostbite [see Hypothermia]

GDV – Gastric Dilation and Volvulus [see Bloat]

Giving birth [see Dystocia]

Heat stroke

Hemorrhage [see Bleeding]


Insect sting

Kittening (see Dystocia)

Lacerations [see Cuts]



Skin infections

Smoke inhalation


Snake bite

Straining [see: Urination or Dystocia]


Sudden swelling

Trauma (Road traffic accident)

Urination difficulty


Whelping [see Dystocia]

Wounds [See cuts]

Who is this course for?

Every pet owner, volunteer and professional working with animals should know how to perform first aid

Animal lovers interested in learning more about medicine and exploring the basics of veterinary medicine

Those interested in a career as a vet tech, veterinary doctor, or veterinary support assistant

Anyone interested in working with animals in any of the many jobs in the animal care industry

Be prepared to step in and help animals today. Sign up and start learning Pet First Aid & CPR now.


No previous experience required.

Questions and answers

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Debbie Page asked:

Do you require people who take this course to do physical assessment somewhere or is it all done online ?


Courses are fully online. You will have access to your Virtual Campus account any time, day or night so you will be able to complete the course at your own pace over the generous time of 90 consecutive days. Once you register you will have 12 months to activate your course. At the end of the course you will receive a pdf certificate confirming course completion. This can be used as proof of study for employment.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Heidi asked:

Do you get a certificate on completion of the course?


Yes, included with your Pet First Aid and CPR course is a certificate of completion issued by Holly & Hugo.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Karca asked:

How online exams or assessments looks like please? Thank you.


After each module of your Pet First Aid and CPR course, there is a short exam which includes multiple choice questions. The final grade of your course will be the average of the five modules.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Lucy asked:

Does this course apply to horses? thanks


Although our Pet First Aid and CPR will cover the basics techniques that can be applied to all animals it will focus more on smaller household pets.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Steph asked:

Would I have a online tutor for this course? And can I access it on tablet, smartphone, etc.


Hi Steph, you can access the course from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and if you need assistance during the course you can contact our international student support team via email.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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