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* Payroll *

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Are you a fresh face working in HR? Has payday given you a headache to figure calculations out? That's where our multidisciplinary payroll bundle comes in. The payroll bundle will teach you how to calculate and automate payroll across multiple software and platforms. The Payroll bundle will help you attain a comprehensive understanding of Xero, Sage 50 Payroll, payroll and accounting skills, covering all the Payroll fundamentals and beyond. With these specialised payroll skills under your belt, you will be prepared to expertly handle payroll quandaries across the board, whether you work in a Fortune 500 company or run your own small business. We have specifically curated different payroll toolkits that make this payroll bundle one-size-fits-all, so you can learn something important even if you're a seasoned payroll officer. So, this investment will bring you benefits either way. This way you can automate simple tasks of payroll and focus on more important things. Here at Skill Up, we are determined to give you the best payroll skills to shine bright.

So, sign up for this Payroll bundle and experience relentless development of in-demand payroll knowledge, strategies, and excellence within your human resource career!

This Payroll Bundle Consists of the Following Courses:

  • Payroll Course 1: Sage 50 Payroll
  • Payroll Course 2: HR and Payroll Manager Training
  • Payroll Course 3: Sage 50 Training
  • Payroll Course 4: Xero Advance Bookkeeping 2021 Course Book
  • Payroll Course 5: Xero Accounting Diploma
  • Payroll Course 6: Microsoft Excel Complete Training 2021
  • Payroll Course 7: HR Audit Certification 2021
  • Payroll Course 8: HR Management - Level 3 Training
  • Payroll Course 9: Leadership & People Management
  • Payroll Course 10: Time Management : Step By Step Training

CPD accredited Payroll Bundle is the most comprehensive bundle on payroll management now available online, offered by Skill up to upskill you with core to advanced Payroll insights and escalate you as a peerless payroll management expert.

Being loaded with up-to-date payroll knowledge, this self-paced Payroll Bundle by Skill Up is truly ideal for all aspiring payroll professionals. Let your eLearning experience meet the utmost satisfying level by enrolling in our premium Payroll Bundle now!

Learning Outcomes of this Payroll Bundle:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the foundations of bookkeeping and QuickBooks
  • Get to know extensively about Xero, Payroll & Accounting
  • Learn about different types of ledgers with payroll
  • Become utterly skilful in the Sage 50 payroll functionalities
  • Gain an understanding of payroll management
  • Learn how to evaluate financial forecasts in payroll
  • Upskill yourself in corporate finance regulations in payroll
  • Gain excellence in quick SSP concerning Xero and payroll
  • Identify steps to recognise financial errors in payroll & financial statements

Payroll Bundle Specialities

  • 30 hours of instant video lectures and downloadable payroll resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality Payroll eLearning content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive 10 completion certificates upon completing the Payroll Bundle.
  • An internationally accepted certificate on Payroll management would boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach of payroll adopted by renowned payroll experts.


After completing all the modules of the Payroll Bundle, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the Payroll completion Final Exam with absolutely no extra cost.


This Payroll Bundle comes with PDF Certificates, PDF Transcripts & a Student ID Card, making the Payroll bundle the perfect value for money. You can also claim a Hard Copy certificate for only £10.99.


100 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Quality Standards

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**** Course Curriculum ****

*** Payroll : Payroll ***

Sage 50 Payroll

  • Payroll : Payroll Basics
  • Payroll : Company Settings
  • Payroll : Legislation Settings
  • Payroll : Pension Scheme Basics
  • Payroll : Pay Elements
  • Payroll : The Processing Date
  • Payroll : Adding Existing Employees
  • Payroll : Adding New Employees
  • Payroll : Payroll Processing Basics
  • Payroll : Entering Payments
  • Payroll : Pre-Update Reports
  • Payroll : Updating Records
  • Payroll : e-Submissions Basics
  • Payroll : Process Payroll (November)
  • Payroll : Employee Records and Reports
  • Payroll : Editing Employee Records
  • Payroll : Process Payroll (December)
  • Payroll : Resetting Payments
  • Payroll : Quick SSP
  • Payroll : An Employee Leaves
  • Payroll : Final Payroll Run
  • Payroll : Reports and Historical Data
  • Payroll : Year-End Procedures

HR and Payroll Manager Training

  • Payroll : Human Resource Management
  • Payroll : HR Planning, Recruitment and Selection
  • Payroll : Induction, Training and Development
  • Payroll : HR Department’s Responsibilities
  • Payroll : The UK Recruitment Legislations Guide
  • Payroll : Organizational Culture
  • Payroll : Motivation, Counseling, Resignations and Retirement
  • Payroll : Performance Appraisal & Remuneration Policy
  • Payroll : Records and Statistics
  • Payroll : Industrial Relations
  • Payroll : The UK Recruitment Industry Statistics
  • Payroll : Introduction to Payroll Management
  • Payroll : The UK Payroll System
  • Payroll : Brightpay
  • Payroll : Paye, Tax, NI
  • Payroll : Conclusion and Next Steps

Sage 50 Training

  • Payroll : Sage 50 Training
  • Payroll : Online Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Course
  • Payroll : Getting prepared - access the software and course materials
  • Payroll : Getting started
  • Payroll : Setting up the system
  • Payroll : Nominal ledger
  • Payroll : Customers
  • Payroll : Suppliers
  • Payroll : Sales ledger
  • Payroll : Purchases ledger
  • Payroll : Sundry payments
  • Payroll : Sundry receipts
  • Payroll : Petty cash
  • Payroll : VAT - Value Added Tax
  • Payroll : Bank reconciliation
  • Payroll : Payroll / Wages
  • Payroll : Reports
  • Payroll : Tasks

Xero Advance Bookkeeping 2021 Course Book

  • Payroll : Getting Started
  • Payroll : Setting up of the System
  • Payroll : Customers and Suppliers
  • Payroll : Fixed Assets
  • Payroll : Bank Payments and Receipts
  • Payroll : Petty Cash
  • Payroll : Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll : Business Credit Card Account
  • Payroll : Aged Reports
  • Payroll : Payroll and Journals
  • Payroll : Vat Return
  • Payroll : CIS Return
  • Payroll : Accrual and Prepayment
  • Payroll : Accrued Income and Deferred Income
  • Payroll : Depreciation Journal
  • Payroll : Management Reports
  • Payroll : Preparation of Budget
  • Payroll : Preparing Cash Flow
  • Payroll : Payment Services on Xero
  • Payroll : Bank Rules
  • Payroll : Multicurrency on Xero
  • Payroll : App Marketplace
  • Payroll : Introduction of Resources available during Covid-19
  • Payroll : Correction of Error

Xero Accounting Diploma

  • Payroll : Getting Prepared - Access the software and course materials
  • Payroll : Getting started
  • Payroll : Setting up the system
  • Payroll : Nominal ledger
  • Payroll : Customers & Suppliers
  • Payroll : Sales ledger
  • Payroll : Suppliers
  • Payroll : Purchases ledger
  • Payroll : Sundry payments
  • Payroll : Sundry payments
  • Payroll : Petty Cash
  • Payroll : Bad Debt
  • Payroll : Credit Card
  • Payroll : Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll : Payroll / Wages
  • Payroll : VAT - Value Added Tax
  • Payroll : Reports
  • Payroll : Payroll unit
  • Payroll : Conclude

Microsoft Excel Complete Training 2021

  • Payroll : Excel from A-Z Course Introduction
  • Payroll : Getting Started With Excel
  • Payroll : Values, Referencing and Formulas
  • Payroll : Intro to Excel Functions
  • Payroll : Adjusting Excel Worksheets
  • Payroll : Visually Pleasing Cell Formatting
  • Payroll : How to Insert Images and Shapes!
  • Payroll : Visualize Data with Charts
  • Payroll : Excel’s Printing Options
  • Payroll : Benefits of Using Excel Templates
  • Payroll : Working with Excel Datasets
  • Payroll : Excel Database Functions
  • Payroll : Excel Data Validation
  • Payroll : Excel PivotTables
  • Payroll : Excel’s PowerPivot Add-In
  • Payroll : Excel’s Conditional Functions
  • Payroll : Excel’s Lookup Function
  • Payroll : Text Based Functions in Excel
  • Payroll : Auditing Formulas and Views in Excel
  • Payroll : Excel’s “what If?” Tools
  • Payroll : Welcome to Excel VBA
  • Payroll : The VBA Language
  • Payroll : Writing VBA Code
  • Payroll : Important VBA Tools and Logic
  • Payroll : Excel VBA Lopps
  • Payroll : Triggering Macros
  • Payroll : Excel User Forms
  • Payroll : Starting a Career in Excel

HR Audit Certification 2021

  • Payroll : Introduction to HR Audit
  • Payroll : HR Audit Procedures
  • Payroll : Employee Recruitment and Selection Procedure
  • Payroll : Employee Training and Development Process
  • Payroll : HR Audit Interviews
  • Payroll : Reporting HR Audit Outcome
  • Payroll : UK Internal Audit Standards

HR Management - Level 3 Training

  • Payroll : Introduction
  • Payroll : Core Concepts
  • Payroll : Best Employee Retention Strategies That Actually Work
  • Payroll : Employee Benefits & Retention Strategies Used by World's Top Companies
  • Payroll : Practical Tips to Retain Employees in Your Organisation
  • Payroll : Bonus Section: Building a Strong Relation with Employees
  • Payroll : Conclusion

Leadership & People Management

  • Payroll : The Evolution of Leadership
  • Payroll : Situational Leadership
  • Payroll : A Personal Inventory
  • Payroll : Modeling the Way
  • Payroll : Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Payroll : Challenging the Process
  • Payroll : Enabling Others to Act
  • Payroll : Encouraging the Heart
  • Payroll : Basic Influencing Skills
  • Payroll : Setting Goals

Time Management : Step By Step Training

  • Payroll : Welcome & Getting Started
  • Payroll : Choosing Your Time Tools
  • Payroll : Planning Your Work
  • Payroll : Reducing Distractions
  • Payroll : Creating Focus
  • Payroll : Handling Tasks Effectively
  • Payroll : Delegating Effectively
  • Payroll : Inbox Zero Email Mastery
  • Payroll : Effective Meetings
  • Payroll : Automating Your Work
  • Payroll : Work/Life Balance
  • Payroll : Student Time Tips

The Payroll bundle modules are more extended than the curriculum appears. Download our Payroll free resource to get a brief idea about the Payroll bundle syllabus.

Who is this course for?


Since this comprehensive Payroll Bundle comprises courses with basic to advanced insights, anyone even with no prior knowledge can enrol as well. This Payroll Bundle will yield a strong foundation for the newbies. Besides, the experienced ones who are looking for updated resources to hone up their payroll ideas and skills can certainly take the course to boost their career opportunities and raise the bar of silver lining!
So, anyone from any academic background can take this payroll bundle.



The Payroll Bundle is open to anyone above 16 without any formal requirement. There are no specific requirements for enrolling in the Payroll Bundle. All you need is a passion for learning and a smart internet-enabled device to access our premium Payroll Bundle. Don’t worry. Our expert tutors and student assistants will be there round the clock.

We won’t ask for any specific prior education or experience against your desire to learn and climb the ladder of success. Enrol now in the Payroll Bundle and start your learning journey.

Career path


This Payroll Bundle will open a vast array of career opportunities for you to seize, some of which are listed below:

  • Payroll Manager (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £22,000 to £50,000)
  • Payroll Administrator (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £15,000 to £28,000)
  • Bookkeeper (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £18,000 to £35,000)

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Hello Garry, Thank you for your question. Yes, your name that you will provide during purchasing the course will be mentioned on the certificate. Thanks.

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How many hours do I have to spend on per module?


Hello Nicky, Thank you for your question. This is a bundle of 10 courses. Each course takes 5-12 hours maximum to complete. Thanks.

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