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PA - Personal Assistant (PA)

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45 CPD hours / points
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If you are an aspiring Personal Assistant (PA) or considering a career as a Personal Assistant, this Level 4 Diploma in PA - Personal Assistant (UK Standards) course will equip you with the right skills and understanding to gain the employment that you desire.

Become a confident Personal Assistant (PA) by having a clear understanding of key topics such as telephone etiquette, business writing, time management and so on. The more equipped you are in your skills the more effectively you will work,

Along with this comprehensive Level 4 Diploma in Personal Assistant program you will get 10 additional Career development courses, an original hardcopy certificate, a transcript and a student ID card.

What other courses are included with this PA - Personal Assistant?

  • Course 01: Paralegal Law and Skills
  • Course 02: Payroll (UK Payroll)
  • Course 03: Touch Typing Essential Skills Level 3
  • Course 04: Level 2 Effective Minute Taking Course
  • Course 05: Workplace Professionalism and boundaries - Level 2
  • Course 06: Preventing Workplace Violence and Harassment Level 3
  • Course 07: Performance Management
  • Course 08: Decision Making
  • Course 09: First Aid at Work
  • Course 10: Effective Communication Skills

Increase your employment opportunities with our most advanced PA - Personal Assistant course and become a trusted confidant.

This level 4 PA - Personal Assistant course will provide you with everything you need to know to become a success in a Personal Assistant role, leading to job satisfaction and a successful career.

Working people have a lot on their plates. Managing business deals along with family can become a hassle that demands a personal assistant. After PA - Personal Assistant Training completion, you will have the skills to swiftly organise meetings and appointments, compose business letters, screen phone calls, and perform every task with consistency, maintaining a standard.

Through the learning process, you will be educated in the basics to develop the best multi-tasking skills everyone anticipates in their assistants.

Take this advanced PA - Personal Assistant course anywhere and at any time. Don’t let your lifestyle limit your learning or your potential.

PA - Personal Assistant Training will provide you with the CPD certificate that you’ll need to succeed.

Gain experience online and interact with experts. This can prove to be the perfect way to get noticed by a prospective employer and stand out from the crowd.

PA - Personal Assistant has been rated and reviewed highly by our learners and professionals alike. We have a passion for teaching, and it shows.

The only thing you need to take PA - Personal Assistant course is Wi-Fi and a screen. You’ll never be late for class again.

Experienced tutors and mentors will be there for you whenever you need them, and solve all your queries through email and chat boxes.

Benefits you’ll get choosing Apex Learning for this PA - Personal Assistant (PA):

  • One payment, but lifetime access to 11 CPD courses
  • Certificates, student ID for the title course included in a one-time fee
  • Full tutor support available from Monday to Friday
  • Free up your time — don’t waste time and money travelling for classes
  • Accessible, informative modules taught by expert instructors
  • Learn at your ease — anytime, from anywhere
  • Study the course from your computer, tablet or mobile device
  • CPD accredited course — improve the chance of gaining professional skills
  • Gain valuable and internationally renowned experience without leaving your home

How will I get my Certificate?

After successfully completing the course you will be able to order your CPD Accredited Certificates (PDF + Hard Copy) as proof of your achievement.

  • PDF Certificate: Free (Previously it was £10 * 11 = £110)
  • Hard Copy Certificate: Free (For The Title Course)

If you want to get hardcopy certificates for other courses, generally you have to pay £20 for each. But this Fall, Apex Learning is offering a Flat 50% discount on hard copy certificates, and you can get each for just £10!

P.S. The delivery charge inside the U.K. is £3.99 and the international students have to pay £9.99.


45 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD QS

Course media


Course Curriculum of PA - Personal Assistant Bundle

***PA - Personal Assistant***

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 1: Introduction to Personal Assistant

  • PA: Role and Responsibilities of PA / Secretary
  • PA: Job Functions and Required Skills
  • PA: Planning Work Details
  • PA: Difference between Secretary and PA

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 2: Business Telephone Skills

  • PA: Telephone Etiquette
  • PA: Telephone Skills
  • PA: Telephone Courtesy Tips
  • PA: Domestic and International Calls

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 3: Representing Your Boss and Company

  • PA: Competence
  • PA: Professionalism
  • PA: Reflecting Brand Values
  • PA: Working Toward Company Objectives

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 4: Mail Services and Shipping

  • PA: The Office Mail
  • PA: Mailing and Shipping Details
  • PA: Royal Mail Services
  • PA: Alternatives to Royal Mail

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 5: Travel Arrangements

  • PA: Business Travel
  • PA: Hotel Reservations
  • PA: Transportation Reservations
  • PA: Itinerary and Trip Checklist

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 6: Organising Meeting and Conferences

  • PA: Meeting Arrangements
  • PA: Types of Meeting
  • PA: Scheduling Meetings
  • PA: Meeting Minutes

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 7: Time Management

  • PA: Introduction to Time Management
  • PA: Aspects of Time Management
  • PA: Prioritising the Workload
  • PA: Overcoming Procrastination

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 8: Record Keeping and Filing Systems

  • PA: Keeping Accurate Records
  • PA: Filing Systems
  • PA: How to Alphabetise for Filing and Indexing
  • PA: Handling Confidential Documents

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 9: Business Writing Skills

  • PA: Structures of Business Documents
  • PA: Structures of Other Official Documents
  • PA: Editing and Proofreading

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 10: Organisational Skills

  • PA: Organising Daily Work
  • PA: Organising Workplace
  • PA: Organising Resources
  • PA: Organising Tools

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 11: Communication Skills

  • PA: Effective Listening Skills
  • PA: Verbal Communication
  • PA: Non-Verbal Communication
  • PA: Communication Strategies

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 12: Customer Service

  • PA: Introduction To Customer Service
  • PA: The Power of Positive Thinking in Customer Service
  • PA: Types of Difficult Customers and How to Help them

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 13: Effective Planning and Scheduling

  • PA: Work Breakdown Structure
  • PA: Estimation Process and Resources Alignment
  • PA: Project Planning
  • PA: Risk Management

PA - Personal Assistant - Module 14: Invoicing/Petty Cash

  • PA: Financial Record Keeping
  • PA: Invoice
  • PA: Petty Cash
  • PA: Budgeting

Course 02: Paralegal

  • PA: Paralegal Law and Skills
  • PA: Understanding the Concept of Paralegal
  • PA: Key Legal Terminology
  • PA: Effective Communication Skills for Paralegals
  • PA: The Legal Workplace & Professionals
  • PA: Law & Legal Systems
  • PA: Contract & Business Law
  • PA: Property Law
  • PA: Wills, Probate, Estate Law
  • PA: Criminal Law
  • PA: Common Paralegal Legal Matters
  • PA: Human Rights
  • PA: Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • PA: Professional Conduct and Ethics of Paralegals
  • PA: Mandatory Knowledge Fields and Survival Tips for Paralegals

Course 03: Payroll (UK Payroll)

Payroll: UK Payroll 1: Introduction

  • PA: Introduction to Payroll Management 22
  • PA: An Overview of Payroll

Payroll: UK Payroll 2: The UK Payroll System

  • PA: Running the payroll – Part 1
  • PA: Running the payroll – Part 2
  • PA: Manual payroll
  • PA: Benefits in kind
  • PA: Computerised systems
  • PA: Total Photo scenario explained

Payroll: UK Payroll 3: Brightpay

  • PA: Brightpay conclude
  • PA: Find software per HMRC Brightpay
  • PA: Add a new employee
  • PA: Add 2 more employees
  • PA: Payroll settings
  • PA: Monthly schedule – 1 Sara
  • PA: Monthly schedule – Lana
  • PA: Monthly schedule – James
  • PA: Directors NI
  • PA: Reports
  • PA: Paying HMRC
  • PA: Paying Pensions
  • PA: RTI Submission
  • PA: Coding Notices
  • PA: Journal entries
  • PA: 102 Schedule
  • PA: AEO
  • PA: Payroll run for Jan & Feb 2018
  • PA: Leavers – p45
  • PA: End of Year p60
  • PA: Installing Brightpay

Payroll: UK Payroll 4: Paye, Tax, NI

  • PA: NI
  • PA: Pensions
  • PA: Online calculators
  • PA: Payslips
  • PA: Journal entries

Payroll: UK Payroll 5: Conclusion and Next Steps

    • Conclusion and Next Steps

Course 04: Touch Typing Essential Skills Level 3

  • PA: Getting Started
  • PA: DRILL 1 The home keys
  • PA: DRILL 2 e and i, g and h
  • PA: DRILL 3 o and n, shift keys and t
  • PA: DRILL 4 extra practice . and y
  • PA: DRILL 5 , and w
  • PA: DRILL 6 m and u
  • PA: DRILL 7 v and x
  • PA: DRILL 8 sentence drills
  • PA: DRILL 9 figures
  • PA: DRILL 10 alphabetical paragraphs
  • PA: Recap

Course 05: Level 2 Effective Minute Taking Course

  • PA: Introduction to Minute Writing
  • PA: Preparation for Minute Taking
  • PA: The Meeting Structure
  • PA: Minute Meeting, Decision and Action
  • PA: Roles and Responsibility of Minute Taker
  • PA: Tips for Minute Taking
  • PA: Technology in Minute Taking
  • PA: Building Confidence

Course 06: Workplace Professionalism and boundaries - Level 2

  • PA: Positioning Yourself as a Professional
  • PA: Enhancing Your Professional Image
  • PA: Expanding Your Skills
  • PA: Communicating for Results
  • PA: Building Relationships and Networks

Course 07:Preventing Workplace Violence and Harassment Level 3

Section 1: Workplace Management: Violence

  • PA: What Is Workplace Harassment?
  • PA: Identifying the Bully
  • PA: How to Handle Workplace Violence
  • PA: Risk Assessment (I)
  • PA: Risk Assessment (II)
  • PA: Being the Victim
  • PA: Checklist for Employers
  • PA: Interview Process
  • PA: Investigation Process
  • PA: Developing a Workplace Harassment Policy

Section 2: Workplace Management: Harassment

  • PA: The Background
  • PA: Developing an Anti-Harassment Policy
  • PA: Policies in the Workplace
  • PA: Proper Procedures in the Workplace
  • PA: False Allegations
  • PA: Other Options
  • PA: Sexual Harassment
  • PA: Mediation
  • PA: Conflict Resolution
  • PA: The Aftermath

Course 08:Performance Management

  • PA: Performance Management
  • PA: Section 01: Introduction
  • PA: Section 02: Performance
  • PA: Section 03: Key Performance Indicators
  • PA: Section 04: Reporting
  • PA: Section 05: Rewarding
  • PA: Conclusion

Course 09: Decision Making

  • PA: What is Decision Making?
  • PA: Stress and Its Impact
  • PA: Time Stress and Decision Making
  • PA: Personal Level Decision making Under Stress
  • PA: Organisational Level Decision making Under Stress
  • PA: Decision Making for Conflict Management

Course 10: First Aid at Work

  • PA: Introduction to Workplace First Aid
  • PA: Legal Framework for Workplace First Aid
  • PA: Incident Management at Work
  • PA: Primary Survey
  • PA: Secondary Survey
  • PA: Basic First-Aid Techniques
  • PA: Dealing With Fractures and Dislocations
  • PA: Secondary Illness Loss of Responsiveness and CPR
  • PA: Secondary Illness Breathing Problems
  • PA: Secondary Illnesses and Injuries
  • PA: Dealing with Minor Injuries at the Workplace
  • PA: Call for an Emergency

Course 11: Effective Communication Skills

  • PA: Business Communication
  • PA: Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • PA: Written Communication
  • PA: Electronic Communication
  • PA: Communicating with Graphic
  • PA: Effectively Working for Your Boss

Who is this course for?

PA - Personal Assistant

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment in this PA -Personal Assistant. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.


PA - Personal Assistant

Our Personal Assistant Training is fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices. This course has been designed to be fully compatible on tablets and smartphones so you can access your course on wifi, 3G or 4G.

There is no time limit for completing this PA - Personal Assistant course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.

Career path

PA - Personal Assistant - after successful completion, you can explore opportunities such as:

  • Personal Assistant (PA)
  • PA - Personal Assistant - Receptionist
  • PA - Personal Assistant - Office Assistant
  • Support Secretary
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Personal Concierge
  • Executive Assistant

And many more!

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What does study method mean?

Study method describes the format in which the course will be delivered. At Reed Courses, courses are delivered in a number of ways, including online courses, where the course content can be accessed online remotely, and classroom courses, where courses are delivered in person at a classroom venue.

What are CPD hours/points?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. If you work in certain professions or for certain companies, your employer may require you to complete a number of CPD hours or points, per year. You can find a range of CPD courses on Reed Courses, many of which can be completed online.

What is a ‘regulated qualification’?

A regulated qualification is delivered by a learning institution which is regulated by a government body. In England, the government body which regulates courses is Ofqual. Ofqual regulated qualifications sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which can help students understand how different qualifications in different fields compare to each other. The framework also helps students to understand what qualifications they need to progress towards a higher learning goal, such as a university degree or equivalent higher education award.

What is an ‘endorsed’ course?

An endorsed course is a skills based course which has been checked over and approved by an independent awarding body. Endorsed courses are not regulated so do not result in a qualification - however, the student can usually purchase a certificate showing the awarding body’s logo if they wish. Certain awarding bodies - such as Quality Licence Scheme and TQUK - have developed endorsement schemes as a way to help students select the best skills based courses for them.