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Level 3 Certificate Nutrition (Certificate of Achievement)
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Nutrition Course

Certificate in Nutrition Level 3, endorsed Certificate of Achievement. Capitalise on the world’s growing interest in the relationship between nutrition and human health with this exclusive Nutrition Course Level 3. Discover what it takes to build an extraordinary career for life in a dynamic and rewarding global sector, with a little help from Oxford Home Study College!

As the world continues to take a deeper interest in the importance of dietary balance and nutrition, the services of qualified nutritionists have never been in greater demand. Now more than ever, the public in general is taking a proactive attitude to the maintenance of dietary balance as a means by which to enjoy better health for life. On a global basis, nutritionists are called upon to provide specialist advice on every aspect of human nutrition for all types of people. Whether it’s helping treat eating disorders, assisting with weight loss or creating specialist diets for those with acute or chronic health conditions, nutritionists dedicate their careers to changing lives for the better.

This premium-quality Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition has been designed for anyone looking to transform an interest in human health and nutrition into a rewarding career for life. Designed for newcomers with no prior experience or qualifications, candidates are gradually guided through the fundamentals of human nutrition and its connections with health.

If ready to take that all-important first step into a truly extraordinary field, this exclusive Certificate in Nutrition could be just the ticket!


Level 3 Certificate Nutrition (Certificate of Achievement)
Endorsed by ABC Awards

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Nutrition Course

Course Benefits

When studying for this Certificate in Nutrition with Oxford Home Study College, every learner benefits from:

  1. All learning materials and supporting documentation required to complete the course provided as standard – no additional expenses or purchases required.
  2. The opportunity to study in your own time and at your own pace for fully-accredited certificate from a leading awarding body.
  3. Complete flexibility with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about – ideal for those with active lifestyles and busy schedules.
  4. 24/7 access to our exclusive online learning platform, allowing you to study from any location and any device with an Internet connection.
  5. The complete commitment of our exclusive tutors and the wider Oxford Home Study College student support team throughout your studies.

Learning Objectives

Building on candidates’ existing interest in human nutrition, this mid-level Certificate in Dietetics & Nutrition has been designed to pave the way for incredible careers in the field. As a profession based around complex science and intensive research, targeted study of key nutritional issues is essential for anyone looking to work as a nutritionist. This course was designed by a team of leading academics in conjunction with seasoned industry veterans, to ensure unbeatable quality and contemporary relevance.

Both for industry newcomers and existing members of the workforce in pursuit of promotion, our fully-accredited Certificate in Dietetics & Nutrition could make all the difference. Over the course of seven insightful modules, learners are provided with a comprehensive overview of human nutrition, along with the importance of dietary balance and its direct connections with human health. A variety of eating disorders are introduced and discussed, along with individual dietary requirements for different people and an in-depth exploration of weight management.

Upon successful completion of this course, candidates benefit from a variety of essential skills, talents and knowledge including:

  • A solid understanding of the basics of human nutrition
  • The ability to handle the primary responsibilities of the professional nutritionist
  • The confidence to help and advise those with common eating disorders
  • A comprehensive grasp of dietary balance and its important to human health
  • How to offer help and support to people with different dietary requirements
  • An understanding of the direct connection between diet and disease
  • A variety of essential weight loss and weight management concepts

Course Outline

Our mid-level Certificate in Dietetics & Nutrition is delivered over the course of seven insightful modules - each concluding with an online assessment to verify your acquired knowledge and competencies. Your assigned tutor will provide you with comprehensive support at all times, in order to assist with your successful completion of each unit.

Module 1 - An Overview of Nutrition

This module covers the following topics:

  • What is Nutrition?
  • What Are Nutrients?
  • Units of Energy
  • Daily Energy Requirements
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • The Whole Food Nutrition
  • Specifics of a whole Food Diet
  • Plus more

Module 2 - Dietary Nutrition

This module covers the following topics:

  • Macro-Nutrients
  • Types of Carbs
  • Protein Intake in the Diet
  • Antioxidants and Preservatives
  • Terms used on Food Labels
  • Checking the Label for Saturated Fat
  • Plus more

Module 3 - The Balanced Diet

This module covers the following topics:

  • Background for a Balanced Diet
  • Balanced Diet
  • How to Count Calories in Food
  • Well-Balanced Die
  • Maintaining a Healthy, Balanced Diet
  • Plus more

Unit 4 Nutrition Requirements for Different Peoples

This module covers the following topics:

  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Stages of Weaning
  • Low-Fat, low-Calorie and high-Fibre
  • Nutrition for Children
  • Key Nutrients and Dietary Sources
  • Importance of a Healthy Diet
  • Nutrition Issues
  • Nutrition for Generally Fit and Healthy Older Adults
  • Factors that Affect Nutrition
  • Problems Associated with Nutrition
  • Food Sources of Important Nutrients
  • Plus more

Module 5 - Eating Disorders

This module covers the following topics:

  • Dietary Intakes for a Healthy Balanced Diet
  • Choosing the Right Food
  • Sources of Protein
  • Caffeinated Drinks
  • Water/ Fluid
  • Different Cooking Methods
  • Plus more

Module 6 - Weight Loss

This module covers the following topics:

  • Benefits of Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss Motivation
  • Psychological Factors
  • Developing Weight Loss Motivation
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • How does the Human Metabolism Work?
  • Factors that Affect the Speed of Metabolism
  • Weight Gain
  • Other Causes
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Weight Loss Diet
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Plus more

Module 7 - Weight Control

This module covers the following topics:

  • Healthy Weight
  • Energy Balance
  • Counting Calories
  • Balanced Diet and Weight Control
  • Adopting Active Lifestyles
  • Benefits of Exercise in a Weight Control Programme
  • Calorie Requirement
  • Plus more

Who is this course for?

Nutrition Course

This highly-popular Certificate in Nutrition is perfect for ambitious candidates looking to dedicate their careers to improving the lives of others. If you already have a vested interest in diet and human health, you’re halfway there! Comprehensively accessible for all knowledge and skill levels, both newcomers and existing members of the workforce could find this course exceptionally beneficial for their ongoing careers. Likewise, those already working in any area of diet or nutrition who lack formal education/qualifications may find this course invaluable.

Oxford Home Study College takes pride in offering the most flexible, affordable and enjoyable alternative to traditional classroom learning. Study in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere in the world, with round-the-clock access to our innovative online learning platform.

Study with Oxford Home Study College today and the career you’ve always dreamed of could be right around the corner!


Nutrition Course

  • A strong working knowledge of the English language
  • Access to a reliable computer and Internet connection

Endorsed Certificate of Achievement

At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £85 accreditation fee.There are £9 postal charges for the UK students and £15 for the non UK students.

Certificate of Completion from OHSC

Certificate of Completion from OHSC (soft copy) can be claimed for £10. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25 + postal charges (£9 for UK students, £15 for outside UK)

Career path

Nutrition Course

Upon successful completion of our Certificate in Nutrition, candidates may choose to pursue an extensive range of careers including:

  • Professional Nutritionist
  • Public Health Nutritionist
  • Administrative Nutritionist
  • Community Nutritionist
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Researcher
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Research Nutritionist
  • Therapeutic Nutritionist

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