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Many people study NLP to help them become more effective in their chosen
field, for their own personal development, or for becoming more confident and motivated.
NLP patterns can be employed across a wide range of applications, from fields
as diverse as business, sports, education, team building, sales, marketing, personal
development, leadership, and coaching. NLP techniques provide people with the
opportunity to grow and develop, helping them to fulfil their potential and be the best
they can be. NLP can be used to develop and enhance performance.

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Course Syllabus:

The 2 days of seminars will cover the following areas

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Discover how the mind processes information.
  • The guiding principles of NLP.
  • NLP applications to Sport.
  • Goal-Setting
  • Learn how to set a positive outcome.
  • Discover how to form goals to make them consistently achievable.
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and emotions to enable you to achieve your goals.
  • Building Relationships with Sports Performers
  • Learn how to read people.
  • Become skilled at establishing rapport to gain immediate trust and influence with clients, team-mates and coaches.
  • Learn how to give effective feedback.
  • Thinking Styles
  • Discover how we create our unique models of the world.
  • Learn how to establish a sports performer's thinking style and how to use it to enhance performance.
  • Learn how we structure our experience and how we can change the structure for a more positive outcome.
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Learn how to use mental rehearsal effectively to enhance sports performance.
  • Learn how to tailor mental rehearsal to the thinking style of the individual sports performer.
  • Learn how to improve the imagination to enhance performance.
  • Controlling Emotions
  • Learn how to tap into positive emotions.
  • Discover how to eradicate fears.
  • Learn how to let go of negative emotions.
  • Master the ability to access the 'Zone' consistentl

This helps you improve your mindset by implementing techniques
and strategies, such as:
• being able to create excellent states of mind at will, regardless of
• learning how to instil confidence and motivation in yourself and others,
• communicating more powerfully and effectively,
• using positive language and positive instructions when coaching or
teaching, or when giving a halftime team talk,
• anchoring, or focusing, on past positive experiences in a sensory manner
so as to recreate future success,
• developing a cue which will enable you or an athlete to tap into a state of
mind; i.e., confidence, relaxation, motivation,
• developing outcome setting so that aims are planned and agreed on that
maintain and increase motivation, and
• learning “reframing” so that all experiences and performances are
viewed from a positive perspective with success being internalised to the
performer or team.

Head trainer Jimmy Petruzzi:

Jimmy Petruzzi a World Renowned High Performance coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, TV Presenter, award winning speaker, developer of cognitive reprocessing Radio Broadcaster, Musician, Committee member for Manchester, North West U.K. BPS British Psychological Society

“I have been co-delivering workshops and doing interviews with Jim and had an amazing time during it. Jim has such a deep knowledge of the human behaviour and expertise on how to help people change it. Our interviews and workshops have mainly been around human mind as I am a neuroscientist and I was genuinely impressed with Jim's knowledge about the human brain and deep interest in this area. I have no doubt that with his profound understanding behaviour and the root causes of it and enormous experience in NLP, hypnotherapy and other techniques Jim can handle any case of changing human behaviour and pioneer new techniques of how to do it. I also believe Jim is a great researcher and can achieve lots in this area too. It is always a real joy and bunch of insight working with him so would highly recommend it to anyone!”

Gabija Toleikyte, Ph.D

"Having studied with Jimmy I went on to create my own successful coaching business. Jimmy has been a great mentor and support to me over the years and is always encouraging me to achieve more. Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable in his field and he is passionate and creating positive change in the world. I would highly recommend Jimmy."

Anne-Marie Mayers Clapp

Who is this course for?

whether you are a player aspiring to fulfil your physical potential, a
coach, trainer, or teacher who wants to get the best out of your team, or whether you’re involved with an amateur or pro team.

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